03-27-2008, 03:25 PM
I hope I wrote it right >.<
Except from this publiicity thingy which I have to do after New Game +, I really need help with this Machina Quest.
I have done it so many times, and it just don't work, they say every time that nobody had been found and so on and so on.
I'm tired of watching the screens and nothing happens. I found many things, butt nothing at the front side of the shop and at the place where two men are sitting at the end of the street. I think, this is it what is missing, but I really are not able to find anything...
Would someone be so kind and help me? I don't want to start a new game with the knowledge that it will not work again...
And then, another problem, with Macalania. There should be a quest to do in chapter 5, but I already got a "Episode completed" from O'Aka and Wantz and I can't find the quest I should do, the description is something like the forest is disappearing and if I could do anything... But what? The only thing I found was this sweet little jelly monster from these little musicians.
Then I really would need help with this weird blitzball. I don't understand anything, there are only such colourfull triangles moving around the screen, this little Shinra guy isn't able to catch anything and all of the players are just to stupid to make a goal or even get the ball... What is this training? I do it again and again, but the stats really don't change.
Then I wanted to make sure that no dress sphere is missing, except that Mogry dress. There is one free space without it, right?
And a last thing, about the chocobos...
I have only one kind of, sorry, I don't really know the word, hmm, the stuff to level up, you know =O
My chocobos are all on level 2, but I can't make them reach level 3 because the (hmm, grasses?) are missing... How can I get them from Clasko?
I know, it's much, I have nearly 75% in chapter 5 (I missed some things, I know...) and I know that I'm not able to get 100% this time, but I'll restart as soon as I beat Vegnagun (I'm still in training, I'm only level 35) ^^
Then, okay, the really very last thing... What is this gamesfaq thingy? Can someone please give me the adress?

I thank all the users who read my questions for their patience and I would be really thankfull if someone could help me...

03-27-2008, 11:02 PM
OK, I will try to answer a few questions, but I'm not sure of everything (it's been a long time since I played this game):

1. I assume by the "Machina Quest" you mean the Commsphere thing where you have to help Rin - all you have to do is watch until something strange appears. If after a couple of minutes nothing happens, move on. Everytime Rin says "it's seems we are getting closer to the heart of the matter" you can find new clues in the areas.

2. With Macalania, try visiting the spring where Yuna and Tidus kissed in FFX. (It's one of the areas on the way to Bevelle, opposite where you found O'aka in Chapter 1). A cutscene should start, and you will then receive Episode Complete.

3. For blitzball, you can't really do a lot, just keep training them - you'll need to play matches to earn Command Points for this - or scout new players. Check the Tutorial for stat names, how to scout, etc...

4. As for the Greens, Clasko should give them you - if not, try sending out chocobos for items. I never really paid much attention to this, so I can't really help here.

As for Gamefaqs, just Google it if you can't find the address.

03-28-2008, 11:41 AM
Thank you ^^
At this Gamefaqs (I finally found it) someone describes this machina quest, but I'm absolutely sure that Rin didn't say something like gettig closer and I found most of this clues in different areas, but then nothing happens and nobody else came. Maybe I'm just too stupid ^^
And then I guess I found my misstake at the chocobo ranch. I told Clasko at the beginning to give me 100% the level 2 greens, so now I'm sure I know what the problem was >.<
And the blitzball... I'm sure you can guess what my problem is - the names -.-
I really hate this crap, why did they have to change the names of the players? I'm not able to find the players I want because I don't know what they look like. It's nearly the same like in Final Fantasy X, but it's even worse... Who is Sulla?

03-29-2008, 04:24 AM
Forget FFX-2 blitzball, it's crappy. The game has other, better sidequests and minigames to occupy your time --- X-2 blitzball isn't worth your time, and it doesn't give you any unique items either.

03-29-2008, 12:10 PM
Okay, this blitzball really is boring...
I'll do a little training, when I'm level 60, I'm going to kill Vegnagun and then I'll start a new game.
And of course, Macalania worked. I can remember I was at this place a hundred times and nothing happened, but when I tried to go there, I got Episode Completed =D
Thank you all ^^