04-09-2008, 05:34 AM
This thread is for anyone with a question about anything in Crises Core, need some tips? Stuck on a boss? Dont know were too go? Wondering just how much SquareEnix cement it takes for for FF7's cast too keep there hair eternally Spiky? Postem here. ( wow that was lame, eh I tryed lol)
Let me start with mine.

I'v finished this freaken awsome audition too the Final Fantasy compilation, and I waited through the creds, watched the so called "Secret ending -.- (danm youtube)" and saved my New game+, only too find my missions wont carry over. Now I read in Gamefaqs that if you save your New game + data on another file you can keep your mission Progress, so far its not working for me.
Now as fun as going from Point A too point B over and over again is, I'd rather not have too do it 2 times over ( well im only 50% done but you get the idea) Only thing I can think of is that by file, he means a whole new memory stick alltogether.. which would suck

So if anyone knows how too carry over your mission Progress with you through your Newgame+ it would save me alot of repetive replays -.-.

Edit* Bah.. I leave for a sec too get a drink then come back finish thread, post, for some reason get loged off, log back on and I got 2 thread -.- eh plz delete this extra one plz