04-22-2008, 05:48 AM
This was written a while ago as an assignment for a creative writing class. The assignment was to write a 500 words story. Hope you enjoy!

Final Seconds

The cell phone rang loudly, echoing on the dark, cold road. The ringing bounced off the concrete, the pieces of metal, and the dismal woods that frame the road on either side. Debris was scattered all over the road, shed from the tangled mess of twisted metal that was the result of two cars smashing into each other.

The cell phone continued ringing, bringing me to consciousness. The ring was from her cell phone, I could tell. It was an eerie, digitized version of the classic ring. I finally was reminded of my passenger.

�Kate!� I screamed, attempting to look to the right where she was sitting. A sharp pain shot through me, starting at my neck. I had suffered many injuries of this sort. My forehead felt wet with blood, possibly from the sharp pain near my hairline. My lower torso ached horribly, possibly a broken rib or two. My right leg was stuck between the middle console and the dashboard which was caved in from the accident. As soon as I started moving, the pain from this surged through my leg. I winced in pain, but my only concern was Kate.

I had finally turned my head toward Kate after enduring the pain. I noticed at first that I must have involuntarily extended my arm to maybe stop Kate from lurching forward. She was passed out. I made out in the dark car that she had a small injury on her forehead. �Kate!� I screamed again. �Wake up, Kate!� I grabbed her arm with my free hand and shook her. Her eyes opened slowly. She jumped back into her seat when she noticed what situation she was in.

�Josh!� Her voice was a pleasant break from the situation. �What happened?� She looked around with a confused and disgusted look on her face.

�I don�t know.� This response was all I could muster. I was just so happy she wasn�t dead.

�What about the other car?� she asked. I hadn�t even thought of that. �We need to check!� she said hysterically.

I attempted to move, but my leg that was stuck stopped me from doing so. I screamed in pain. I pushed the dashboard as hard as I could to help myself, Kate helping out as much as she could. I finally got free. I pried the door open. My leg still ached. I stepped out of the car, only to find that my leg wasn�t strong enough yet. I fell to the ground. I looked up at the mangled chaos before me. I started to crawl towards the other car. As I passed the midpoint, I noticed a fire near the two engines. It was growing bigger by the second. I had to do something.

�Kate! Get out of the car, now!� I started to move away from the cars. It was too late. The engines caught as I crawled away. I was done for, but the last image in my mind was that of Kate. At least the final seconds of my life were spent in happiness.

J. Peterman
05-30-2008, 05:52 PM
wtf are you some stalker kaiyure?

Marshall Lee
05-30-2008, 05:57 PM
Garamond do you wanna stalk my imaginary friend, "Francis"?

J. Peterman
05-30-2008, 06:02 PM
no i don't like francis

05-31-2008, 12:57 AM
Your story needs a ninja.