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06-25-2008, 10:03 PM
I wrote this a while back too. I would finish it, but I have writer's block, and I'm not sure if I am not interested, or what anymore. Here you go. Comment if you wish but PLEASE, stop all the dumbass commenting.

Chapter One

The boy dressed in green was camouflaged high up in in the tree. He smiled as he watched the small group of bullies search around behind bushes and such for him. "Where'd that little no-good loser go?" a big burly kid said, as he looked around, scowling. "Hey Moj," another said, "maybe he's up there." The kid pointed to a tree, and the small troupe looked upwards in his direction, but still didn't see him. "Come on out, Jax... We swear to the Gods we will not hurtcha!" Several of the boys snickered. Jax rolled his eyes, and pulled his small slingshot out of his pocket. He loaded it with a small round pellet, and aimed it at the lead bully. "Right between the eyes.." he whispered. It struck the kid, knocking him backwards, and his chums started laughing at him. He started crying and holding his nose. "I'll get you for this, Jax you just wait!"
He leaped to his feet and ran off towards their village, and his friends followed. Jax stood up in the tree, laughing. He jumped down onto the ground, and brushed himself off. "Perhaps I should keep my slingshot ready incase they're hiding behind a bush." Or under a rock, his mind told him. He snickered and walked back to the village.
He entered the run-down building he slept in and heard what sounded like a footstep. Drawing a dagger from his belt, he melted into the shadows of the room. There it was again. It was coming from the room over to his left. He crept silently towards the light footfalls. Peeking inside the room, he saw his friend Starr sitting on the floor in front of the fireplace, trying unsuccessfully to start one. Jax smiled and silently snuck towards her. He reached out and grabbed her neck. She screamed and spun around, swinging her left fist towards his head. Bam. She smacked him on the ear. "Jax! I'm so sorry!! You scared me!!" Rubbing his ear, he said, "Ah don't worry about it, I was just playing with you anyway, and I suppose I deserved it." He shrugged.
She looked over at the fireplace. "I can't get the damn thing lit. Can I use your tinderbox?" "Sure", he said as he tossed her the box and sat against the wall. He watched her start the fire, and she sat back on her knees. She had gold-colored hair which shone in the firelight, and the tips of her elvish ears stuck out. Her eyes were green. Her lips were pinkish and when she smiled, small dimples appeared at the corners of her mouth. She was dressed in a soft deerskin-leather tunic, which reached to mid thigh. Her pants were greyish cloth, with patched knees. She wore deerskin boots too. Hidden behind her in the safety of her cloak, was a dagger, and at her belt was a sling and a small pouch of stones.
Jax had known her his whole life. She was his best friend. "Say Starr, you have any deer jerky left-" She shook her head. "No? Geez, pig." They laughed together, and she threw a small pebble at his head. "I was joking. Hell, you're skinnier then I am." She nodded. "True. But gosh I wish we had some food." He stood up and stretched. "Wanna go see if we can snatch some from that jerk Moj and his vermin?" Starr hopped up. "Sure. I'd like to kick him in a certain place as well as steal some food from him." She looked sad a minute. "Look what he did." She pointed to the other side of the fireplace. Jax walked over and saw the doll her mother had given her on her fifth birthday. It's head was almost ripped off and the stuffing was coming out of it's body. And the brown shock of hair was gone. "It was the only thing I have left from momma and he had to go and do that!" She sniffled, and Jax squeezed her shoulder and told her "We'll get him back, Starr. Don't worry." Jax stomped out the fire, and put his tinderbox back inside his pocket. "C'mon. Oh, and keep to the shadows, quiet as a mouse okay?" She nodded. "Yup."
Jax and Starr crept along the back alleyways 'til they reached Moj's crummy house. It was more run-down then theirs, but bigger. The windows were open and loud noises and laughter was coming out from the inside. Jax and Starr crept up to a window and peaked inside. The young boys sat around an oval-shaped table on wooden stools and a few chairs. One kid, a swarthy lad with an eyepatch, said, "I think we should go to the cemetery and just dig up the bodies and steal the rings and necklaces right offa them. Then we'll make some real money by sellin' them at the town to the west of here." Jax and Starr looked at each other, wide-eyed, and mouthed the word "cemetery". They watched as Moj, sitting at the head of the table, downed his mead. "Yeah, I think so too, Sam. Alright boys, we'll all go to the cemetery tonight �cause the moon is full, and steal us some gold." Jax took Starr's hand and crept back to their hovel.
"Oh Gods. They're gonna dig up the bodies Jax," she said, looking into his eyes. "Calm thyself, elf. I'll think of something. Say, you still have those black cloaks?" She nodded. "I have 'em in the chest." She had a small locked wooden chest hidden in the floorboards. "Okay, get them out. We're gonna put them on and scare the stuff outta those creeps." Jax went outside to the back of their hovel, where two gnarled oak trees were. He cut off two huge pieces of bark, and carved two grotesque faces in them, with holes cut out for eyes. He took the bark-masks inside and grabbed a coal from the fireplace. Using the outlines on the mask, he blackened the mouth and a little around the eyes.
Jax held up Starr's mask when she walked over. "Whatcha think?" She grimaced. "It looks like a devil. Oh this will be good." They both laughed evilly out loud. Jax pulled on the black cloak, then pulled up the hood and put his mask on. "Boo." Starr put hers on too. "Spooky."
They left and snuck to the cemetery. Hiding behind separate gravestones, they waited 'til Moj and his ruffians came to the cemetary. Moj stopped at the grave of an old man named Oryn. "Over here boys. Be quiet now. We don't want the constable on us do we?" They sat their lanterns down, and started to dig. Soon a shovel struck wood. "And there he is! Sammie, my lad, let's open up the coffin."
They were right in the middle of shoving their tools into the lid, when all of a sudden they heard a low moan. A boy named Cor looked around and saw something move by a grave stone to his left. "Who's there?!"
Jax stood and slowly walked towards the group. He saw all the boys� hair stand up on end and thought, damn, I made these masks really well. A softer moan issued forth from another grave. The boys all dropped their shovels, and drew out their swords and daggers with shaking hands. Starr crept up behind a small kid and brushed her cold and clammy hands on the back of his neck, and he ran screaming out of the cemetary. Jax smiled under his mask and grabbed another kid by the throat. The boy dropped his blade and ran after the other boy.
Moj and company all ran out of the cemetary, without looking back. Jax and Starr laughed so hard they fell on the ground and Starr almost fell into the open grave. "C'mon, we gotta rebury this," said Jax. They started to put some dirt back in, and Starr stopped. "Hey... I got a great idea..."
"Yes?�, said Jax, as he glanced up. "Well, how bout we go tell the Constable that we were passing by the cemetary, and saw Moj and his gang digging up a body in here? We can get them back for always picking on us!" Jax stuck his shovel into the earth and leaned on it. "Ya know.. You have a good idea. Let's go to the authorities now."
They left the graveyard, and walked to the jailhouse. Jax knocked on the door. A guard opened the door. "What you want boy?" Jax looked frightened, as did Starr. "Sir, we s-saw several boys digging up some corpses in the graveyard!"
"Are you fooling me, kid? 'Cause if you are, I'll tan yer hide." Jax and Starr shook their heads. "We swear on our mothers� graves we are telling you the truth sir," said Starr, "and we know who was digging in the graves too." The guard ushered them inside, and spoke to a sleeping guard. "Shamus! Wake up ya Heathen! We got trouble. Get some of the men ready." The man jumped to his feet, saluted, and ran off. "You two are sure about this?" -nods- "And who's the culprit?" Jax spoke up. "Well sir, it's that miscreant Moj and his boys.... They were all in on it." Starr nodded. "It's true sir. We were walking along minding our own buisness, when I glanced into the cemetary, and saw Moj and his troupe digging up a grave. Well sir, Jax and I, we went back to our house, and we put these on," -here she held up her mask- "we had made them a few days ago for the festival," -here she was talking about a fest that is sort of like Holloween- "and we just put them on. Well, we crept into the cemetary and scared Moj and all so bad they ran off." Jax nodded. "Then we ran here to get help. We don't want those guys desecrating anything again. A few graves away was my mother�s! And Starr had her mother�s grave a few yards away!" Starr nodded, looking sad.
The other guards, there were five, other then the head guard, entered the room and saluted. "We have a job to do men. These two found culprits in the graveyard, pilfering the graves." Jax spoke up. "We over heard them, saying they were gonna rob the graves of a few more rich folk."
"Alright. You two return to your homes. We'll handle this," said the leader. Jax and Starr left and returned to their little hovel. A few days later, after going to town to steal some food, Starr came back. She held Moj�s wanted poster in her hands. Jax told her, "I can't belive it... They must be hiding out somewhere." Jax tacked the poster up on the wall. "But where?" Starr walked over to the window. "I have an idea." Jax walked over to the window and looked out. A huge mountain stood there, almost covered with trees. Only the top was bare, and a light shone from a cave.
"I say we go up there and see what that is," he said. She nodded. They got their meager stash of food and some extra clothing, and Jax sharpened his daggers. Starr had no weapons. She was a magic-user and thief in one.

Chapter Two

They stood at the foot of the mountain. Starr asked, "Ya really wanna do this?" Jax looked over at her. "Well, since no one else in town had the sense to look here we may as well." About half-way up the mountain, they came upon a huge chasm, with a large tree trunk that had fallen across it. At the bottom, were a couple of skeletons, some human, elf, dwarf, and animal. Jax said, "Maybe it's slippery?" Starr shrugged. "Well... We can try and find another way around it if you want," said Jax. Starr took a step back from the edge. "Um yeah sure okay."
They walked up and down the ravine, finding no other way to cross. "Great..." said Starr. Jax pulled a dagger out of his belt, and a rope out of his pack. He tied the end of it to the dagger, then threw it with such force, that it stuck steadfast into a tree on the other side of the ravine. He tied off the rope, then he and Starr grabbed tight to the rope and made their way across, hand over hand, �til they reached the other side. They jumped down. �Ah heck, I can�t get the knife out,� said Jax. �Leave it. We�ll need a way back, unless we find another way down,� Starr replied, waving her hand at the dagger.
They made their way slowly up the side of the mountain, stopping to rest for a few minutes before they reached the cave at the top.


Yeah I hate suspense too.