07-13-2008, 08:31 AM
So we all know about the easter egg secret about officially "acquiring" the Nalbina Fortress map and Royal Palace map... or one of those places you only get to visit once, I forget off top of head (seeing as every map is acquirable in an official way, from a moogle or an urn or some other way like the Necrohol) but anyway, to the point.

I realized this a while ago, but didn't think about it again until recently when replying to the Omega topic. So, you know of ? I use it a lot. But anyway, for those of you not familiar, if you notice, the images they use are the in-game maps, with the names of the screens when you hover over them, treasure locations and everything. But anyway, if you look at the map of the Great Crystal (I don't know how to link to it directly with that site's weird Java system, but just select it from the list), it looks like it came directly from the game, minus the words (but adding them is convenient anyway). Lines, and even the standard symbols for Way Stones and weird devices are on there. And let's not forget the background, though that's easy.

So, did some guy just have a lot of time on his hands to make it look authentic with the exact same color pattern scheme when he could have just made a map of his own, or does this map actually exist in the game? Or does it exist in hacking the game's data, like those OST tracks you never hear?

If an outsider FAQ guy did that, it's kinda scary how much time some people have on their hands...