07-24-2008, 10:53 AM
Didn't see a Yiazmat thread on the first or second page so I thought I'd post one.

So, my party is currently level 75 (all six of them). Done everything possible in the game besides beat Yiazmat, and collect the four rare equipment drops from the rare game. Other than that the Bestiary is only missing Yiazmat and have completed every loot recipe except that of the Wyrmhero Blade, obviously.


Just about every Youtube I've seen of Yiazmat involves being in the 90s or having a Yagyu Darkblade or two. But I imagine there's gotta be something I can do besides level up or go for the Yagyu Darkblade(s).

Any help? Because I can barely hit him, even with the Masamune/Genji Gloves idea, because although it combos a lot, it does practically nothing. I'm aware he's level 73 or 74 or something, but I feel like I've heard of people beating him around level 75 or earlier, and without any Yagyu Darkblade. I know the "beating him in one hour" challenge does involve that, but fuck that, I have time.

So, what's the kryptonite here, guys?

07-24-2008, 02:21 PM
I am currently taking him on with 3 level 68 people now (Vaan, Basch, and Ashe). I have been doing fine with them. I would suggest using the Fomalhaut with Dark Shot. Just put that on one person and beserk/haste them. It can't combo, but it should do 9999 with every shot and with beserk/haste they should be attacking at a normal speed. This also leaves 2 people as healers. I would say on those 2 just equip your strongest non-holy element weapons so they can slash at him when they get a free moment from healing. Whenever they get low on health just give them the gun and let them be the tank--that will build their MP back up. Just make sure that you don't have more than 1 person beserked at a time. I would also suggest using shell(ga) at least, since it halves the chance of Deathstrike hitting.

Using this strategy I have managed to knock off about 7 of his health bars in about an hour. With your characters being a higher level than mine, and with all of your reserves also high, you should be able to do even better than that. Just don't forget that you can leave and save/heal/resupply at any time. The only consequence is that after he uses the initial "Growing Threat" he will use it again each time you come back in. It should only add on a few hundred damage to his attacks each time though. Just dispel him and get back to it once you have returned. Also, watch out for the Reflectga he uses on you once he gets down to about 5 bars left, you can heal him a whole lot if you don't dispel it.

07-25-2008, 03:42 AM
Thanks... the Dark Shot/Fomalhaut combo is a great success, though it's only doing 9999 with Bravery, otherwise it does 7000 but that's enough. Didn't Berserk them, forgot about that, but that sounds like a plan. I'm using one of the others with Orochi/Genji Gloves since that's the best Ninja Sword with Dark damage after Yagyu.

About Growing Threat... he doubles again and again each time you enter and exit? You sure... I heard he can't grow higher than 148.

Tell me though... I heard there are do's and don'ts during the leaving the fight. Sure you can save and reload, but can you leave Ridorana and buy items? Or better yet, if I leave the battle to go to the Lhusu Mines and hunt for a Yagyu Darkblade, would the battle stay where I left it?

07-26-2008, 01:11 AM
I haven't had much of a chance to play against him because I loaned my game to a friend, but, the Growing Threat is what the guide I am using says. I also haven't had a chance to check up on leaving Ridorana. If it helps, here is what I have been using. All of the other info on the hunts is correct (at least for the 3-4 I used it for).

07-27-2008, 10:24 PM
He only ever does growing threat once. Every time you re-enter the arena, his stats go back to normal, so he casts it again to go double again, but he cant have an infinite level.

I beat him with three 99s backups were 30s and only useful for running away lol.

I used two as mages with one with decoy, and i had a third in berserk mode and let her do the attacking while my mages healed and healed some more. I didn't waste time with raise or araise and found it much quicker to use phoenix downs. Also, i put the battle speed to 1 to help with things.

Took me ages.



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