07-30-2008, 12:21 PM
Can someone who has NOT gotten the Wyrmhero Blade, but has defeated Yiazmat or Omega, clarify something for me.

Okay, so I have the Wyrmhero Blade. Though, I remember earlier, after I beat Gilgamesh, noticing a little sword sticking into the ground in the place where I fought him (site 7), and based on pictures, figured it's the Wyrmhero Blade, which makes sense, considering his connection to the Lu Shang Badge and all.

Shame that I didn't bother checking this before, but after beating Omega Mark XII, or Yiazmat, and zoning out and in, does anyone know or remember if the sword appears in the middle of the Colloseum or platform? I would imagine it does. Though I did go to check just now (after I already have it) and it wasn't in those places, but then I went to site 7 and it was gone. I guess it disappeared after I got it, so, does anyone remember or know if it appears in the other "lair"s, since they represent the other two badges?

If any of you have a save file with dead Omega or dead Yiazmat but have not obtained the sword yet, it should be easy to check...

07-30-2008, 10:20 PM
Well, as for it not being in site 7, that is because when you leave after defeating Gilgamesh, he pops back in real sneaky like and grabs the sword. It is a scene that you can't miss unless you don't pay attention (like I did the first time), because it automatically plays it when you leave the room. As for the others I don't know why it would be there, since they don't use the sword, but I have yet to beat them to prove my theory.