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Two years past since the Battle of Koshi Castle. All leaders re- builded their kingdoms and healed their wounds. After some conflicts they ceased fire and a peaceful land built. With trade routes , castles , cities and farms Orochi's world has been a land better than Japan or China.

Lu bu and Diao Chan were living in a small house ahead of a lone forest. Diao was very delighted and happy with this peaceful times. She was having great time with Lu Bu. But Lu Bu was not so satisfied. He always wanted that all humanity hear his name and become a legend. One day he was sitting on a rock . Diao Chan came up with a joying face.

" My love, let's take a walk in the forest"
"Diao...I don't want this!!"
"What's going on with you?! Last few days you are not OK!"

Diao became serious and asked again.

"Please! Is it about me! Tell me!"
"NO ! Of course not! You are my beloved wife. It is about peace."
"Yes...Are you not satisfied about peaceful era ?"
"Oh no!...I thought you were happy with me.."

Diao Chan began to cry and go to the house. And shut the door hardly. With a great anger Lu Bu stood up and took up his halberd. Hit the rock i and shattered into pieces. "DAMN!!! Others do great things while i live here with doing nothing!!!" And suddenly an idea came up to his mind. There are thousands of Orochi's blue skinned men around Koshi castle. They were ruled by Patchnose . One of the Highest ranked retiners of Orochi." If i go and kill some blue man perhaps i will feed my bloodthirst" thought Lu Bu. Without waiting or preparing he jumped on his horse "Red Hare" and got on to way to Koshi Castle.

Meanwhile up on the peek of Fuji Mountain. Kotaro F�ma was standing. Like Lu Bu he missed the chaotic times. " I will dive into chaos again" said to himself nad jumped down the mountain. His plan was to find someone who listens him and has army so that he convince him to declare war to others.

Kojiro Sasaki and Masamune date , both of them were penniless ronins.Searching for thier fortune for months. They came across at a travelers inn. Kojiro was drinking and Masamune came and sat down his near. " Hi White face "
"Hi one eyed"
"What's up buddy?"
"Hey! i do not know you who you are and why are you speaking with me!?"
"I saw your beatiful sword, and i thought that you are a samurai."
"Yes I'am or i was"
"And i was a general under the command of Orochi"
"It does not interests me!. Now leave me alone!"

Masamune was needing a fight. To ease his boredom. So he drew up his sword and hit the cupboard of Kojiro. Kojiro Stood up with a great reflex and said "Now you Die!" they began to fight. Chairs were broken and tables were shattered. Inn keeper was a coward man so he could not stop them. After a series of blows Masamune got out of the inn. Kojiro followed him. Both swordmasters were hopeless, desperate and needed sometihng to take off their stress. As they Fought , the angered Lu Bu and his energetic Horse Red Hare came to the inn. Lu Bu saw that fight and he could not take himself from joining. He shouted " HEY YOU TWO!!! Come and fight me !!! Masamune looked and remembered him. " Ahh LU BU! , Orochi's finest man!.." He stepped back and left Kojiro alone. Kojiro smiled and said " Hah! you coward!" Lu Bu without giving a chance striked. With a powerful blow he crashed the katana of Kojiro. Kojiro stepped back too. " OK OK ! You won! " . Lu Bu was very delighted. " Ohh!.... For a long time i was needing such a fight. But i need MORE ! MORE!!!" . While Lu Bu saying these words , Kotaro came and stand a few meters far from them. He gazed Masamune.And Masamune Spoke "Hey Lu Bu . I think a tough challange is waiting for you." He pointed Kotaro with his finger. Lu Bu turned around and saw him " HAH! I saw him . He served Orochi for a short period." Kotaro came a little closer to them and began to talk.

"Like you i'm searching for war and chaos. And if you listen me " wind of chaos" we will control great power." Lu Bu's eyes shined and he asked

"HOW! Tell me how!"
"I was making some investigations around the Koshi Castle . The blue people is not happy with their current ruler Patchnose. You can replace him with yourself Lu Bu" Masamune smiled and said" And with us you will rule haven and earth!" Lu Bu dreamed these in his mind. A kingdom under his service, great glory , tough challanges. After a little dreaming he jumped on his horse and confidently said " Then what are we waiting for!?" Then Kojiro said " I'm with you too". So these 4 fighters got on to way to Koshi Castle .

After a month later at Tian Shui.........

Mitsunari and Cao Cao was talking about something..
"Lord Cao Cao i think there is something happening. That boresome bandit Lord Geamon Ishikawa and his men went to the black lands, to Koshi Castle. And also as our scouts reported, the great storms began above Koshi Castle. Did Orochi return? My lord?"
"Perhaps... And he must gathering troops. Summoning from across the land . Like Geamon..."
Just as they speaks a scout entered to castle in a great worry. "The forces of Koshi Castle have marched , to here!." Cao Cao's eyes were opened " And who is leading them .. Orochi is'nt he.??"
"NO My lord! It's LU BU!!"
"LU BU!!! I have never thought he could do such things. He was a fooll!." Mitsunari stepped forward and a desperate voice said " Lu Bu . I saw him fighting for Orochi before.. He maybe a fool but too much powerful!."
"I can beat him and his puny forces Mitsunari . Don't worry. You only focus on the strategy we must use."
"Yes my lord.."
And by the recommendation of Mitsunari , Wei forces marched against to marching forces of Lu Bu. So two armies met at Wu Zhang Plains.

WEI -------- LU BU

Cao Cao ---- Lu Bu
Cao Pi ---- Kotaro Fuma
Mitsunari Ishida --- Masamune Date
Dian Wei ---- Kojiro Sasaki
Xiahou Dun --- Geamon Ishikawa
Xiahou Yuan --- Kunoichi
Zhang He --- 5 officers
Zhen Ji --- 18.000 Troops
Sakon Shima ---
16 Officers ---
7000 Troops ---

Just before the beginning of the war Cao Pi went to his fathers tent.
"Father this battle is desperate.. We have a little man ..They will overrun us!"
"If you be desperate, things will be desperate. But if you be hopeful, things will be good.Never forget this my son!.."
"At least you could request help from Shu kingdom .. Closest Kingdom to us!..."
"No Cao Cao never need that so called " Man of Virtue " ."
"Because of your pride your man will fall!..."
"Enough! If you fear you may leave that War!"
"I will fight....But not for you...I will fight for Wei Kingdom..."
Then Cao Pi leaved the tent with hatred. Everyones mood was disgusting upon the forces of Wei. However the morale among the forces of Lu Bu was wonderful.They all thought that they are going to conquer all of the land. Lu Bu was so enjoying that he was always smiling and laughing. He has never seen so happy. Then after the sunrise two armies came face to face. Blue men were shouting victory cries and the soldiers of Wei were trembling. Without waiting Lu Bu gave the command to attack.Then two forces clashed! Forces of Lu Bu were taking an easy victory. Lu Bu Commanded Kotaro to assasinate the important officers. Kotaro took the heads of Zhang He, Xiahou Yuan, Zhen Ji and Dian Wei.
Upon the death of Zhen Ji , Cao Pi gone insane and cut into the forces of Lu Bu without thinking. And he killed Geamon Ishikawa. But then Lu Bu came and stroke him with a great speed. Then Cao Pi lost his conscious and fell. After seeing this forces of Wei began to retreat even the Cao Cao' s NEVER RETREAT COMMAND .
With great losses forces of Wei retreated. And Lu Bu did'nt follow them. Masamune ran to Lu Bu and shouted " MY Lord Why not Following ! We could destroy them all!.." Lu Bu smiled and Hop off from his horse. " I don't want to finish the fun so quickly...HAHAHAHAHAAAA " Masamune was'nt glad about this decision. But he could'nt do anything but smiling to his lord.
After this defeat forces of Wei retreated to Tian Shui Castle. At last Cao Cao beat his pride and sent a messenger to Shu. Lu Bu then captured little towns and farms which Wei deserted.
At Lu Bu's tent..Cao Pi was sitting.. His hands were bound. Then Lu Bu came in.
"Hi Cao Pi ... The boy that always disappears under the shadow of his father..."
"Kill me now !...I will not listen your foolish speakings"
"Why not join us Cao Pi??"
"I prefer to die than joining you!"
"Ah HAhahah!..You are so funny..."
"Don't be so happy.. Soon all of the kingdoms will come together to defeat.. Just as we did to Orochi..Your endings shall be same..."
"Oh yess... Anyway.. i will let you live for more one day... At that time you must thing about your future.."
Then Lu Bu leaved the tent. Went to Kotaro. "Hey Kotaro ... We must find someone who can speak good. I can never convince Cao Pi to join us.."
"Heh...then i will bring someone...Wait till morning ..He will be here..."
"You will see ..."
At Tian Shui , Mitsunari was thinking whereabouts of CAo Pi. Till night he thought in his room. Just as he stood up and went to look from the window Kotaro holded his arms and spoke " Mitsunari...Lu Bu needs a good speaking man"
"So! It does not matter me!"
"But i think you are well fitted for this job. Will you continue to follow that stupid Cao Cao.?"
"I will never join . Unless you say whereabouts of Cao Pi."
"He is with us . As a prisoner."
"Then i will come with you!"
Then two of them left the castle without being noticed. In morning Lu Bu was impatiently waiting for his good speaking man. But he saw someone he has never expected to see. It was Diao Chan. She entered to Lu Bu's tent. Lu Bu was shocked and quickly hugged her. "Diao ... I'm sorry for leaving you without saying a thing. But i thought you would follow me. I don't want something happens to you my love."
"I know Lu Bu . As i see you are ruling a kingdom."
"No!.. I will rule it with you. You are my queen.."
"But ... This kingdom...You're ruling bandits and blue people."
"Soon ... soon my love.. we will rule everyone . Consider this period as the construction of our kingdom.."
"Yes king..."
Again Lu Bu hugged her. But Lu Bu could not feel the old heat of their love. He understood that her looking to him is changed. Then Diao Chan left Lu Bu's tent to rest. Lu Bu's mind was crippled. He could not think a thing but Diao Chan. Even he forgot about good speaking man.
In afternoon Lu Bu was training with his halberd. Crashing the rocks like crashing eggs. His training interrupted by Kotaro ..
"Lu Bu!... I brang him.."
"Is that funny looking guy?"
Mitsunari got angry and said " Not funny as your hair!" Lu Bu began to laugh "HAHAHA ! Yes you were right Kotaro, he is a well speaking person of course..." Mitsunari impatiently asked " Where is Cao Pi?" Lu Bu then became serious and came close to Mitsunari " Look!.. You have one day to convince him. If you convince him you and Cao Pi will live and serve me.. But if you fail or try to do something traitorius you two will go to hell!!"
Mitsunari gulped and said " Then bring me to him." So Kotaro took him to CAo Pi's tent and left them alone. Cao Pi was exhausted and bounded. Mitsunari bended near to him and whispired " I'm here my lord .. Cao Pi.."
"Mit..Sunari could you come here?... Without bounding...Did you betray Wei kingdom..??"
"NO!! I'm here to see you alive!"
"I'm dying Mitsunari.. I have lost everything.."
"No ! I have a plan .. We must join him..If we want to live..."
"NOO! They killed my beloved wife Zhen Ji!!"
"I know bot it's not a real joining ..."
Mitsunari checked around him. And with a very low voice "Yes ... But we will gain trust and in a very important moment we will change our sides."
"Ohh.. It seems we don't have other choice.."
Kotaro was sitting and listening their conversation with his sharp ears ahead of the tent. After the end of the conversation he went to Lu Bu and told everything they spoke. Then Lu Bu looked Kotaro confidently. And spoke "Then after this time your mission is not assasinating enemy officers... You will keep an eye on these two..."
"Why we don't kill them.."
"I will use them to gain support from Wei armies...."
"Hehe.. I see... Lu Bu..."
"When will you began to call me "MY KING" "
"Never...Because without me you could not do such great things..."
Lu Bu got angry but did not say a thing. Then he left his tent and went to Diao Chan's tent...He was so tired and stressed that he needed a relaxing night........

END OF PART 1...............

Sorry for broken language...

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First reply in what should be a legendary thread!

And to think I almost didn't click this! I can't even describe how hard I laughed. Thank you for providing me with such excellent amusement.

Please be sure to post more.

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First reply in what should be a legendary thread!

And to think I almost didn't click this! I can't even describe how hard I laughed. Thank you for providing me with such excellent amusement.

Please be sure to post more.

thanks .i m very happy for your reply...more is coming just in a few days. if i can finish=)

EDIT: and i know you are kidding..