Zhang Qi
11-23-2008, 02:45 PM
For anyone who has watched Gundam Seed, has anyone noticed that the characters tend to be over-reactive to various situations? Take Kira Yamato for example, in the episode where the Archangel is about to descend into the Earth, there is a fight sequence where the ZAFT forces attack the Earth alliance and in a scene where Kira fights Yzak's gundam, Yzak shoots a shuttle craft full of civilians killing them instantly. In the next episode we see Kira crying hysterically in the corridors of the Archangel because of his inability to defend the shuttle craft. Do you not all agree that such behavior is irrational for a person of his supposed intelligence?

Kira also broke down when he was called a traitor by the Earth Alliance Forces for boarding the Archangel and going into the Artemis asteroid base and of course for failing to save the people in the shuttle craft. He did not even know those people but he was so scarred by what happened in those two instances. Wouldn't a more intelligent person take a more pragmatic perspective on the situation? I believe that a person of such intelligence should not waste a single Joule of their electrochemical bodily energy to such an unproductive action. For example, after he was branded a traitor to PLANT by the EAF, instead of going to his room and crying, he could have continued his studies by surfing the internet (if indeed the archangel had internet access) or he could have toured the engine room to study the engine specs. That would surely interest a scientifically minded intellectual. In my opinion his moping over nothing is a waste of time for a highly intellectual individual who could make better use of his time engaged in studying. He could use some exercise as well. I hear that staying in zero gravity for too long can weaken one's muscles so a good workout will keep one in shape.

Take Sai Argyle as another example, after the fight with Kira over Flay, he goes ballistic and tries to steal the gundam out of spite though he ends up having a nervous break down and pounds the launch bay with the gundam's fists. All that trouble for a girl? It is a waste of the person's bodily electrochemical energy. After all, the human body is an organic machine that runs on organic materials, oxygen and water and it should be harnessed efficiently to produce the maximum electrical, computing, muscular, and thermodynamic output.

Lastly, in the fight scene where Muu's gundam is destroyed, Captain Ramius cries hysterically. That's a little inappropriate when you have to stay focused on the battle at hand in order to win.

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11-24-2008, 06:02 PM

This is not worth discussing.

Also, your threads are shit, but they're elaborate enough that you're either the most creative and ambitious troll I've ever seen or you're a madman.