Darth Revan
03-27-2009, 10:34 AM
Square Enix has updated the FFXI site with new info on the first of the three new 'mini-expansions' that they're releasing - 'A Crystalline Prophecy':

[i]Originally posted by PlayOnline[i]
Originally Posted by PlayOnline
The first installment of three new add-on scenarios—"A Crystalline Prophecy – Ode of Life Bestowing"—is now available for advance purchase through PlayOnline! Access the order page from the "A Crystalline Prophecy" banner located on the main FINAL FANTASY XI page to purchase your registration code.

(*Players purchasing the scenario will receive access to the in-game content upon the release of the upcoming FINAL FANTASY XI version update scheduled for early April.)
(*As with all forms of expanded content, the purchase of a single registration code for a given account will allow you to enjoy the add-on scenario with all characters created on that account.)

To commemorate the occasion, the official "A Crystalline Prophecy" site has been updated with the latest on the customizable equipment that awaits you as a reward for completing the scenario!

Go here [http://www.playonline.com/ff11eu/addon/] for the full story.

Also, the new expansion introduces three new armor pieces. Here's the base stats for the new pieces of armor and a list of the augments which can be added to them once you are able to acquire them. They are only available upon completion of 'A Crystalline Prophecy'. Note, only one character on any one account can get one of these armors, and unfortunately, only one piece of armor per account.

Royal Redingote
Body All Races
Def40 MP+20 INT+5 MND+5 CHR+5

Nuevo coselete
Body All Races
DEF49 HP+20 STR+5 DEX+5 VIT+5

Mirke Wardecors
Body All Races
Def42 HP+10 MP+10 STR+5 DEX+5 AGI+5

List of Augments
* ACC+10
* ATTK+10
* RATTK+10
* RACC+10
* EVA+10
* Magic ACC+4
* Magic ATTK+4
* Double Attack+2%
* Critical Hit Rate+3%
* StoreTP+4 Subtle Blow+4
* Enmity+5
* Enmity-5
* Enhance Fast Cast Ability +5%
* Call Beast delay-15
* Snapshot+5%
* Enhances Dual Wield +3%
* Blood Pact Ability delay-4
* Avatar Perpetuation -2
* Quick Draw-5
* Pet Acc+15 RACC+15
* Pet ATTK+15 RACC+15
* Pet Magic ACC+7 Magic ATTK+7
* Pet Double Attack+2% Critical hit+2%

Upon completion of the mini expansion, you are able to acquire only one of the above armor, and at that time you can choose to add two 'extras' to the armor, to 'personalise' the armor to your particular fighting style. Only two though...

Unfortunately not much there for mages... the Redingote can be equipped with the bloodpact ability delay and avatar perpetuation down to turn it into a 'poormans' Yinyang robe.

Still, with two more mini expansions on the way, there is the possibility of six new armor being brought out with them (three per expansion). Let's just hope there's something more for mages in them.