05-23-2009, 02:06 AM
Well, I was skimming through some of the FF fan works and I noticed how some of those fan fictions would be good and suitable for it to be a fan game, whether it uses rips or straight up original graphics and other similar content... correct me if I'm wrong, but I haven't really notice that many of you know of programs that can make you achieve your goal of one day of being able to make a final fantasy fangame... I know that this might be characterized as some sort of advertising and hot linking, but I'm doing this at the very least cause I want you to know that it is possible, and it is a lot less difficult than you ever thought it would be... to the point that you don't need to learn any programming at all (as in programming languages like C++ and all that crap).

I have knowledge and experience with the Rpg maker series (since I develop rpgs games for fun using them), but I also know some basic concepts of Mugen (program to create fighting games) and 2D fighter Maker 2002 (another fighting game maker program)...

Well let's start with the links for downloading the programs and a short description.

*NOTE* All hotlinks come from my home game making community: RPG RPG REVOLUTION and some other sites. For tutorials, help, and everything in overall just drop by the community, RRR has a lot of tutorials for each one of these programs.

-Programs to make all types of RPGs-

RPGMAKER 2003 1.08 English version (free): (tutorials of rm2k3)

RPGMAKER XP 1.02a ENG Trial (it lasts 30 days, you must buy license afterwards) (tutorials of rmxp)

RPGMAKER VX 1.02a ENG Trial (it lasts 30 days, you must buy license afterwards) (tutorials of rmvx)

-Programs to make all types of Fighting games-

WinMugen last version (free):

2D Fighter Maker ENG version (free):

-Programs to make platform games, FPS and other type of games-

Game Maker (requires GML scripting knowledge, freeware here): (GM support forum)

For those interested in creating sprites for the games, or downloading the rips of CV games and any other thing that apply, here are some links:

-Pixel Art basic tutorials-

-Free programs you can use to make sprites-
Graphics Gale (
Charamaker1999 ( (essential for making sprites for rpgmaker 2003)

-Websites that contain commercial videogame sprites-
Spriter's Resource (
Sprite Database (

-Websites that contain Video Game Music- (mp3s) (mp3s) (midi files)

-Sample videos of people making sprites on youtube- (Card sagas wars)

Some sample videos of games made in rpgmaker:

...a game made in rpgmaker 2003:

...a game made in rpgmaker XP:

...videos of games in rpgmaker vx: of games made in Mugen:

Well hope this helps, and I don't get banned haha... I'm trying to let you guys know and be helpful.
You can ask me anything about the programs, where to learn certain things, etc...
if any of the links don't work for the programs, or you need extra resources and whatever stuff needed for the programs, visit:
I'm not using this site nor any specific site as a favorite, it's just that there is a lot of stuff there to be found, also threads with links to resources for mostly creators and related...



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