05-23-2009, 11:06 PM
O.k. X would win hands down in a fight. But this isn't about that.

I just watched Casshan: Robot Hunter again. I haven't seen that anime in 14 years. It's still a great anime mind you. But as i watched the final fight between the Black King and Casshan i immediately noticed something. The Black King looks and sounds a lot like Sigma, the main villain in the X series of games. In one scene during the fight Casshan cuts off the Black King's arm with one swipe. I was immediately reminded of the flashback fight scene between Zero and Sigma in Mega Man X4. The moment in both scenes is identical, with Casshan and BK charging each other and BK losing his arm. the same thing happens in the battle with Zero and Sigma.

Next is the hero Casshan himself. He's dressed in white, and has a helmet that has a sort of V shaped fan across the front. Just like you see with some of the special armors that X wears in the game. In fact the color scheme is nearly identical. Casshan also has a robot dog called Frienda, who looks a lot like Sigma's pet in the first X game.

Then there are the release dates. The OVA of Casshan: Robot Hunter came out in August 21, 1993, and the first Mega Man X game comes out in Japan that same year in December. Also in the anime the enemy robots are artificially intelligent machines called NEOROIDS. In Mega Man X the enemy robots are called REPLOIDS. Both Sigma and the Black King believe that humanity is worthless and corrupt so they must be destroyed and/or enslaved for the good of the planet as a whole.

I recently discovered that in 1973 a Casshan series was produced. It had 35 episodes and basically ran for a year. The designs for the 1993 OVA and the 1973 anime are practically identical. One other thing that is also similar is that Casshan's enemy, the Black King was actually created by Casshan's father. In Megaman X all the reploids are created from X's designs, which was created by Doctor Light. Interesting isn't it.

And finally Casshan and X are both tragic heroes in a way of sorts, both of them were swept up in a terrible war and now see themselves as having no choice but to fight. Both finally die in a way, after defeating their enemy. And interestingly enough the Black King has a ultimate plan in mind called Project Sigma. The project was twisted by BK to create a utopia of eco-friendly solar powered NEOROIDS, with all humanity eliminated from the planet. Sigma basically has the exact same plan.

In closing I think Keiji Inafune borrowed heavily from the Casshan series when he created the X series. I hate to say it but the MegaMan X game series seems to almost be a complete rip off of the original Casshan series and OVA. Kinda sad and scary. I'll still probably play the next X game when it comes out though and the next MegaMan game as well.

P.S. I attached some pics of Casshan and Megaman X in his first armor in the series so you can see the similarities.

For some reason all of my pics are too big. Damn limits!!