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The Mischief Knights Main Story:
Mischief Knights is about a young Mischievous Vampire Phantom cat girl named Sarina Phantom whose father “Volin Phantom” decides that it is about time Sarina went out and did something with her life, get a job, and stop asking him for money. With no known skills with anything out side of magic and witchcraft, Sarina decides start a guild in Midnight Town (a medium sized town that resides in the realm of magic known as Alterra) to help all those who need some one skilled in magic to defeat evil ghost, ghouls, and rabid Werewolves for a nice size buck. Sarina enlist the help of her long time rival Queeny Aroma to help her with her guild because she is the only one Sarina’s able to contact and to get away from her clinging boyfriend “Dash Stellar” for a while. As She and Queeny travel around Alterra, Sarina will learn secrets about her Family, make interesting allies and enemies, and prank a couple unsuspected victims along the way. I have personal plans to turn this and every other story in the Dash series and Advent series (more on them later) into Video games. So the success of this story wills determine rather or not my dream(s) will become a reality.

(Here is an old incomplete poster for Mischief knights. Sarina is shown on the left and Queeny is shown on the right.) (

(Note: You can find artwork of the characters in this story on my Deviant art page. Also I would like to state that the art style of the characters in this story is not permanent at the moment, although outfit designs may remain the same. I would also like to state that if you study my art closely you’d notice the proportions of the characters and the way they are drawn changes from pic to pic. This is because I'm getting better with each sketch/CG piece, and that I'm playing around with my art style in an attempt to find a suitable design for my characters.)

Mischief Knights Episode Guide:
ep0. “The Adventure begins, Fredrick’s revenge game!”
ep1. “Our first quest, Sarina & the werewolf gang!”
ep2. “Return of The Master Prankster, Witty Phantom!”
ep3. “A night of horror, Sarina and Queeny V.S The Creature!”
ep4. “The Desert curse and the legendary bounty hunters!”
ep5. “The Dumbest thing ever! Fur ball’s one and only fear!”
ep6. ?
ep7. ?
ep8. ?
ep9. ?
ep10. ?
ep11. ?
ep12. ?
ep13. ?
ep14. ?
ep15. ?
ep16. ?
Final ep. ?

The Main Cast: 2
Sarina Phantom
Queeny Aroma

The Supporting Cast: 20
Volin Phantom
Zeck and Bech
All 8 clients
Costa Aroma
Nicole Aroma
Britney Aroma
Silvia Phantom
Xaniras Vandalia
Jetta Rogers
Dexter Branny

The Villain Cast: 12
Count Fredrick Vandalia
Wolf man
The Witty phantom
Dr. Frankenstein and the Creature
The Mummy
Android X
Dr. Jackal
The Victoria Twins
Count Dracula

The Main Cast:
Here are the main characters of both the main story and comic.

Sarina Phantom
AGE: 17
GENDER: Female
RACE: Ani human – Phantom cat/Vampire
Likes: Dash, Dancing, and Mischief
Dislikes: Studying
Description: The daughter of the powerful vampire Silvia
Phantom, and the legendary magician Volin Phantom. Despite
the fact that Sarina can be mischievous at times, she is
amazingly skilled with magic and always knows when to take
things seriously... sometimes. She loves to toy with her
opponent(s) and uses all kinds of tricks and spells to
humiliate her foes. Sarina loves Lightning, light, and Ice
based spells and attacks, and uses mostly spells built
around those three elements.

Queeny Aroma
AGE: 19
GENDER: Female
RACE: Ani human – bee
Likes: Dash, her CEO job
Dislikes: Corrupted Businesses, Sarina (a little)
Description: The heir to a multi billion dollar
corporation. Queeny is dash’s child hood friend and head
CEO of the Sleeping Island branch of Aroma Corp. Unlike
Sarina who jokes around a lot Queeny takes things more
seriously and almost never fools around. She gets straight
to the point with out wasting any time and has an IQ of over
300. Queeny uses a metal bow staff as a weapon and has the
power to metamorph into different forms as well as the
ability to change size.

Supporting Cast:
Here are the characters that support Sarina & Queeny during their adventures. I’ll will add more of there bios as they are introduced.

RACE: Familiar - pumpkin
Likes: Girls, Silvia, Women, bikinis, the beach
Dislikes: Anything that keeps him from looking at girls
Description: A perverted pumpkin familiar who was created by Silvia when she was 13 years old. Jack loves women and girls, and always tries his best to look cute an adorable to get their attention. Although Sarina and Queeny always stop him with death threats every time he gets out of hand. Jack is no ordinary talking pumpkin. He has the power to grow up to 10x his size, form spikes around his body, turn his body into solid steel, and spit out heavy weights and bombs from his mouth. Despite his perverted nature; jack is does have a heart of gold.

Volin Phantom
AGE: 39
RACE: Ani Human - Phantom cat
Likes: His wife, Dash for being a good match for his daughter
Dislikes: Sarina’s mischievous ways
Description: The Legendary magician of the Void. Volin is Sarina’s father and mentor who tout her everything he knows about magic. A very intelligent man with wealth, fateful butlers & maids, and a reputation through out Alterra, Volin spends most of his time in his private study preparing him self to one day reaches sage status. After the death of his beloved wife Silvia Phantom, Volin spend almost all of his time in his private study and has made it his job to make sure that her last wishes are met “Take good care of Sarina and keep her safe until she’s old enough to inherit my Witch’s Garment.” Volin usually uses Void based spells, but on an occasion he does use a Paladin sword every now and then.

AGE: Unknown
RAcE: Elf
Likes: Unknown
Dislikes: Seeing Sarina and her friends in danger
Description: Dantz is a mysterious Elf who always seems to help and give advice to Sarina & Queeny when ever they get into trouble. Not much is known about him other then the fact that he can uses Void magic very well. Though Sarina trust him, Queeny does not, and wonders who he is and why does he know so much about them.

Zech and Bech
AGE: 27 (both)
RAcE: Human (Light skin)
Likes: working for Queeny
Dislikes: Sarina's mutiple successful breakins
Description: Zech and Beck are twin body Guards that work for Queeny who are always by her side unless command not to be. They are willing to do anything for her no matter what the task and are amoung some of the most loyal agents of Aroma corp.

Silvia Phantom
AGE: 24 (at death)
GENDER: Female
RACE:Ani human Phantom cat/Vampire
Likes: Volin, Sarina, Partying and having a good time
Dislikes: causeing harm to others
Silvia is Sarina's mother and the elegent Legendary Queeny of the Night. Although she posses amazing power (Equal to that of Dracula's) and is the strongest of the Vandalia Family. Silvia doesn't like to fight unless she really has to. It's rumored that Silvia had a wild streck and often went to parties on her free time. Silvia was working on a way to remove her acursed Vampire DNA in and attemp the sever all ties with the evil Vandalia family and the infamous Count Dracula. However the experiment back fired causeing her to lose contorl of her powers and mind. In the end Silvia told Volin to take her life chooseing death over the thought of harming those she cared about. Her last words where to keep Sarina safe from harm. Silvia is also known as the Chain Alchemist and is able to transmute living chains out of any type of metal or rock. She can even form chains out of the plams of her gloves and virtually any part of her body that's clothed (thanks to the iron threads hidden within her cloths). Silvia is also a master of earth and void based spells and attacks.

Xaniras Vandalia
AGE: 17
GENDER: Female
RACE: Ani human – Phantom cat/Vampire
Likes: n/a
Dislikes: n/a
The famed Crimson Assassin. Only a small few have ever faced her in combat and live to tell about it. It’s rumored that she specializes in Fire based Spells and attacks.

Villian Cast:
These are the Villians, baddies, and good guys? That Sarina & Queeny will face during the story. I will add more of them as they are introduced.

Enemy bio [01]

The Wolf Man
Sex: male
Race: ware wolf
Wolf man is the leader of a rag tag gang of werewolves. Although he is very fast and porwerful thanks to is massive buffed body and powerful arms and legs, Wolf man isn't very smart and is often easy to fool/beat If you use your wits (like Sarina did). He uses mostly melee and sound attacks, and his weakness is silver.

Enemy bio [02]

The Witty Phantom
Age: unknown
Sex: male
Race: Elf
A legendary prankster and Sarina’s # 1 Idol. Witty Phantom is a brilliant magician who turned rogue after he grew “bored” of his duties as an entertainer. Although he spends most of his time pranking other, Witty likes to challenge some of his worthy victims to a game of wits to see if they are truly geniuses. Out of all of his opponents, only a small few have ever bested him at his own game. Among those very people are Queeny Aroma and Silvia Phantom. Witty Phantom specializes in illusion and void-based spells and attacks.

Enemy bio [08]

Dr. Jackal
Age: Unknown
Sex: male
Race: Demon
A Demonic Mad Scientist who served Dracula for hundreds of years as Dracula’s right hand man and expert in science, alchemy, and genetics along with other forbidden arts. Jackal spends most of his time tinkering with the DNA of rare and powerful creatures. He was also the one behind Dracula’s seemingly endless army of monsters back when the Dark Count ruled over all of Transylvania 19 years ago. However Jackal seems to be working on something that even the Dark Count himself may not be aware of. As to what it is, only time will tell… Jackal has never actually been seen in battle, so it’s unclear as to what types of spells and attacks he specializes in at the moment.

Enemy bio [09]

Fredrick Vandalia
Age: 16
Sex: male
Race: Ani human- Phantom cat/Vampire
Sarina’s cousin who yarns to take revenge on Sarina and her father for slaying his father the late count Dominic Vandalia. Fredrick is a rather annoying vampire who is always seen with his two personal servants the Victoria Twins. Though Fredrick sees him self as a major threat to Sarina, Sarina sees him as nothing more then a minor pain in the butt.
Fredrick wields a sword called “Envy’s Rapier” one the 7 Vandalia weapons, and uses mostly Dark based attacks.

Enemy bio [12]

Count Dracula
Age: Unknown
Sex: Male
Race: Vampire
Origin: Unknown
The Infamous Dark Count and is said to be the “Original” Vampire. Count Dracula is an evil Vampire rules over all monsters as the “King of The Night Sky”. It’s said that he once ruled over Midnight Town and all of Transylvania with an iron fist for many years up in till his defeat by the hands of Silvia Phantom of the Vandalia Family (A wealthy family of Phantom Cats that where willingly turned into Vampires by the Dark Count himself hundreds of years ago. It’s said that they serve him as his personal knights). Since his defeat 19 years ago, Dracula has been too injured to regain his control over the country and has gone into hiding. No one really knows much about Dracula’s past nor do they know his current whereabouts. However it is known that Dracula is a master of dark, fire, earth, and void based spells and attacks.

And now here is episode 0 enjoy. If atleast 1 person sees an interest in it. I will post more of it on here.

Mischief Knights Episode 0 “The Adventure Begins, Fredrick’s Revenge Game!”

Format: pilot/proluge

Sarina Phantom
Queeny Aroma
Volin Phantom
Random servents
Fredrick Vandalia
Zeck and Beck
The Victoria twins

Sarina receives a challenge from her cousin Fredrick Vandalia who wants to get revenge on her for the death of his father.

Scene 1

“*sigh* Some birthday this has been.” Said Sarina, with a disappointed tone. “Dashypoo went with Tsunadai and Yakumaru on some secret mission, the Servants are on vacation, and Daddy’s to worked up with his study to buy some presents. Even Queeny won’t say anything to me. Not even a “happy birthday furball” *sigh*.” [As Sarina finishes her piece of cake, a bat careering a letter flies down to her window. The Bat gives the letter to Sarina who notices her grandparent’s family seal on the back. As the Bat perches on to the ledge of the window, Sarina opens the letter and begins to read it.]

[I]Dear Traitor,

Many moons ago on a night much like this you took something from us. Something that can never be replaced. That something was my father and our lord and master “Count Dominic Vandalia”. A great man whose lose has left us in a sea of endless sorrow for what has been a long 12 months. But on this night, Brightly let by the ominous full moon. We shed our tears of sorrow and bear our hearts with anger and bitterness. On this night retribution will be made and the blood thou who has taken what was rightfully ours shell stain the cold lifeless ground a sinful crimson red. Sarina Phantom, Daughter of the scumbag known as Volin Phantom! ON THIS NIGHT!! YOUR DAYS ON THIS MORTAL PLAIN HAVE COME TO AN END!!! Come to Castle Dominic 1 hour before mid night and we shell settle the score once and for all!

Your Cousin,

Count Fredrick Vandalia

“~Oh~ now this could be fun!” Sarina said happily. “But *sigh* I guess I better tell daddy…” [Sarina walks out of her room and down through the castle hallways. Heading towards her father’s private study to tell him about the challenge she got from her cousin.]

Scene 2

[Sarina finally reaches her father’s private study. As she opens the twin doors, she notices that her father is not there. As she examines the room, Sarina finds a note from her father. Sarina “curious about her father’s sudden leave” opens the note and begins to read it.]

Dear Sarina

I have just received an urgent call from the Sage Counsel in Mel dine, Alterra. Something has came up and I most leave earth for a moment. Be a good girl and please stay out of trouble Sarina. I have enough things to deal with as it is.



“~YES~!!! Daddy’s left me all by my self to do what ever I want!!” Sarina screams happily as she dances around the study. “But I still have a cousin beat up. So I better raid Mommy’s Lab for weapons and potions to use”.

[And with that Sarina makes her way to her mother’s Laboratory to stock up with supplies. After finding ever thing she needed, Stacks, Sun bombs, crosses, Holy water, Fresh Garlic, etc. Sarina tries to carrier everything out the lab but alas her bag of supplies was too big to carrier. So she decides to check around the lab for some spell books or items that she could use to carrier or shrink every thing down enough to fit in her bag. As she searched through her mother’s things Sarina finds an old present addressed to her. Curious and excited, Sarina opens the box to find another note and a strange looking witch outfit. Sarina reads the note and discovers that it was wrote by her mother!]

To my Darling Sarina,

If you are reading this then you must be 17 years old now. Happy birthday my precious, I hope you enjoy what I’ve made for you. It’s a special outfit that I once whore during my younger days. I’ve modified it with alchemy so it should be able to fit you perfectly. Though it may appear normal I have given each part of it a unique property. The Mage Hat increases your consecration allowing you to cast your strongest spells quicker. The Body suit admits an aura that increases your resistance to magic based attacks. The Gloves increases the power of your spells. The Stockings increase your speed and the shoes allow you to perform alchemy with out having to use your hands. And last but not least, the Cloak of Infinity allows you to store an infinite amount of items. All you have to do is picture the item you want to pull out in your mind, reach into the cloak, and you should be able to pull that item out if it’s in there. But be warned you can only put an item in side the cloak that’s smaller then the cloak it’s self. If it’s too big you won’t be able to get it in there. The same goes for pulling large items out of the cloak. If the item is too big you may not be able to get it out! I wish you luck on your journey to adult hood. I love you my precious and no matter what happens, I’ll always be proud of you.


Silvia Phantom

[Sarina smiles happily at the gift her mother left behind. After wiping the tears from her eyes, Sarina changes out of her cloths and into the outfit her mother left for her. Just as promise the Outfit fits. Sarina then begins to stuff her supplies into the Cloak of Infinity. Not only does every thing fit, but also the cloak doesn’t baulk out or increase in weight! After stuffing every thing needs into her cloak, Sarina leaves the castle. She looks at her pocket watch. The time is now 9:30 pm, only an hour and a half before the challenge. As she walks out side the castle gates, the bat that gave Sarina the note flies up into one of the trees. It meets up with another bat and they both follow Sarina.]

Scene 3

[Sarina arrives at Neon City (A large city located on the coast of sleeping island and one of the few cities on the island that has a large number of humans) At 10:00 pm.)

(note: Ani Humans or anthros as some people call them are a race of humanoid animals that bare personality traits similar to humans. Though ani humans are seen as sentient beings by most humans, (Others may date or even marry them.). Some see them only as talking animals.)

She walks towards the central parts of the city, then down a block before arriving at one of Aroma corp.’s Office buildings. As Sarina enters the building, Queeny’s personal body guards Zech and Beck block her path.]

“We’re sorry Sarina but Ms. Queeny has given us orders not let you in.” Said Zech and Beck in perfect sync. “SPOT LIGHT!!” Yelled Sarina. At that moment, multiple small spell circles appear above Zech & Beck and began to fire lasers of pure light down at them. As Zech and Beck are dodging the lasers, Sarina makes her to the elevator on the other side of the lobby. “~STOP~!” Yelled Zech, as he and his brother sprint towards Sarina as she waits for the elevator. “~Bye~.” Said Sarina smiling at the two guards as they make there way towards her. Just before the Guards are able to grab Sarina, a large cage bursts out of the ground and traps the two guards. Zech and Beck watch helplessly as Sarina enters the elevator, simile and wave at them as the elevator doors close, then makes her to the top floor of the building where Queeny’s office is.

Scene 4

[The time is now 10:13 pm. Sarina Arrives at the top floor of the office building. She walks down the hallway towards the end where Queeny’s office is located. She opens the door in walks into her office. As she enters, Queeny looks up from her desk and sees Sarina walking in. She stares at Sarina with an annoyed look before responding.]

“Since you’re standing right in front of me, and I told the guards not to let you in no matter what. I’m going to just assume that you forced your way in.” said Queeny annoyed to see that her guards failed to stop Sarina again. “I need your help Queeny. I got this letter from my cousin saying that he wants me to come to his castle and pound him into dust, but I probably shouldn’t go alone so I was hoping you come with me since Dashy poo is busy?” said Sarina. “Wait you want me to help YOU! After all the hell you put me through?!” Asked Queeny, with an even more annoyed look. “I wouldn’t help you even if you paid me!” Yelled Queeny. “Aww come on Queeny. It is my birthday after all.” Begged Sarina with a disappointed frown. “No…” Said Queeny returning to her paper work. “~Please~.” Said Sarina while giving Queeny the puppy dog eyes treatment. “NO NOW LEAVE I’M VERY BUSY AND I DON’T HAVE TIME TO PLAY GAMES WITH YOU!!” Yelled Queeny as she pushed Sarina out of the office and slammed the door. “Fine I’ll go by my self then. All alone…. To face unknown dangers at the mercy of my-.” Before Sarina can finish her sentence Queeny whips open the door and Screams “GET OUT!!!” And with that Sarina leaves the office building and makes her way to Castle Dominic. Still being followed, by the same two bats that gave her that letter.

Scene 5

[The time is now 10:45 pm. Sarina walks out of the forest and down a stone path before reaching the mountains. The 2 bats that where following her fly in front of her and turn in to vampires. The 2 vampire women introduce them selves to Sarina.]

“I am Viola Victoria. Faithful servant of Count Fredrick Vandalia.” Said the woman on the right. “And I am Violet Victoria. Faithful servant of Count Fredrick Vandalia.” Said the woman on the left. “We are the Victoria twins and we shell be your guides to the castle, and to your eternal grave.” Said Viola and Violet together. Sarina yawned at their introductions as if she was bored of them already. The 2 sisters turned to face the mountains behind them. Then they both hold up a strange amulet towards the path in front of them. After chanting a spell a portal appears. The 2 sisters then turn to face Sarina who had fallen asleep from boredom. Insulted by her attitude, the Victoria twins cast a water spell on Sarina who wakes up and dashes to the right, avoiding the attack. “When you’re down with this foolishness we and our beloved master will be waiting for you in the castle on the other side.” Said Viola and Violet with an irritated tone of voice. The twins walk through the portal. As she prepares to follow them, Sarina hears something rustling in the bushes. She turns to face the bushes and sees Queeny come out from behind them wearing casual clothing with a metal bow staff on her back. In complete shock and happiness, Sarina runs towards Queeny and hugs, her kissing her cheeks. Queeny disgusted by her actions, pushes Sarina off of her. “Don’t think I’m helping you because I want to! I’m only doing this because if something happens to you, Dash will never let me hear the end of it!” Said Queeny. “ Admit it you ~LOVE~ me don’t you.” Said Sarina with a slightly perverted smile. “ eww! Shut up furball! Said Queeny disgusted by what Sarina just said. “Now come on! I don’t have all night! Let just get this over with so I can go home and sleep.” Said Queeny.

[Sarina and Queeny walk through the portal. They arrive at a large and gloomy castle. As they walk through the gates, a herd of zombie warriors rise from the ground and attack them. As Sarina and Queeny prepare to fight off the army of zombie warriors, an evil laugh echoes through the courtyard. Sarina and Queeny look towards the castle to see Fredrick standing in the balcony of the throne room starring down at them with a dark grin on his face, both his hands in the pockets of his long dark brown overlord coat, and Viola & Violet standing on each side of him hugging his arms. The Zombie warriors turn to face Fredrick. They all kneel before him as if to honor him. Fredrick chuckles before speaking to Sarina.]

“Welcome traitor to our humble castle and your future burial ground!” Said Fredrick with an over confident grin. “I see that that you brought a lowly bug with you instead of the scum you call a father!” Said Fredrick as he glares at Queeny laughing at her. “ WHAT DID YOU JU-!!!” Before Queeny could finish what she was about to say, Sarina interrupts her yelling “ LESS TALKY!! MORE VIOLENCE!!” Sarina raises her right hand into the air and yells “SPOT LIGHT DISCO BALL!!” and creates a large sphere of light above her hand. The sphere rises in to the air. “~DIE~!!!!” yells Sarina as the sphere begins to spin rapidly firing multiple lasers each one a different color down at the Zombie warriors killing most them! The ones that survived stand up and attack the girls! Queeny uses her bow staff and 5th degree black belt skills to beat down the remaining zombie warriors! Fredrick and the Victoria sisters walk back into the castle. After defeating the zombie warriors, Sarina and Queeny make their way into the castle.

Scene 6

[As Sarina and Queeny sprint through the castle corridor. Five Guards appear from around the corner and attack them. Sarina flys through them using her natural phantom cat abilities.

(Small note: Phantom cats – A special breed of ani human cats that are usually found in Alterra. They posses ghost like powers and abilities. These abilities include fazing through solid objects, flight, invisibility, and the power to posses and control anyone or thing with a weak mind. Phantom cats are able to make them selves almost completely immune to physical attacks and are natural born masters of magic. They can learn spells at a much faster rate then most normal mages. Phantom cats are weak against energy and elemental based attacks.)

She places a hook with a string attached to it on the back of each the guard’s pants. Before the guards are able to remove the string, Sarina tugs on the string giving all of the guards major wedgies. While tugging on the string Sarina then uses her vampire strength to swing the guards around and around by their underwear before throwing them through a wall. She lands back on the ground rubbing her hands to together smiling after a prank well done. Queeny stares at her before responding.]

“Was all of that really necessary furball? You could of just beat them up instead of giving them the most painful ride of their lives.” Said Queeny feeling sorry for the guards. “Yes, Yes it was, and it was worth.” Said Sarina smiling. “What ever…. Lets see what’s on the other side of that hole that you made in the wall using the bodies of those poor guards.” Said Queeny as she and Sarina head towards the hole. As they enter the hole Sarina and Queeny look to their left to see a staircase going into the upper parts of the castle. As the girls run up the steps the guards across from the hole are moaning in pain. “uuuuggghh..” moaned guard #1 griping his pants in pain. “M-my p-p-pride.” Moaned guard # 3. “Why, why, WHY DIDN’T I WEAR THAT CUP MY WIFE BOUGHT ME TODAY!!!!” sobbed guard #5. As the Girls are running up the staircase, Sarina sees a waiter walking down the stairs holding a tray full of food. Sarina knocks the tray into his face then kicks him down the stairs. “Furball that was a waiter! There’s no way he could have possibly been a threat to us!” yelled Queeny wondering if the waiter is okay. “So.. I just wanted to push him down the stairs is there something wrong with that?” Said Sarina. “Yes, yes there is something wrong with that furball you may of killed him!” Yelled Queeny worried about the waiter. “Relax Queeny he was a demon I’m sure he’s perfectly… well may be not perfectly but I’m sure he’s fine.” Said Sarina. “Look the next time we run into a servant or something that isn’t a threat just leave them be and keep moving okay?” Said Queeny as she continued up the stairs. “Fine I’ll leave them alone.” Said Sarina with a disappointed tone as she followed Queeny up the stairs.

Scene 7

[The Girls finally reach the throne room of the castle after Sarina breaks her promise by pranking every single servant, cook, waiter, waitress, maid, butler, guard, and monster she ran into. Everything from wedgies and electric buzzers to icy floors and whirlwind can food bombs. There sitting on the throne being fanned by servants and the lovely Viola and Violet, was Fredrick grinning evilly at Sarina and Queeny.]

“It seems you where able to reach me after all. What a shame I thought my guards where better then that.” Said Fredrick with a disappointed tone. “Even worse you managed to shame every last one of my best guards and monsters. A feet almost impossible to do.” Said Fredrick still disappointed with his servants. “But this is where it all ends Sarina. You and your insect friend will die by my hands!” Fredrick signals his servants to leave him. Viola and Violet leave as well. Fredrick stands up from his throne and draws his sword. He dashes towards Sarina and Queeny who dive out of the way avoiding the attack. Sarina then uses alchemy to forge a sword from the ground and she begins to battle Fredrick. Their swords clash back and forth baring sparks with each collusion. “I have you now traitor!” Said Fredrick as he slashs horizontally at Sarina who blocks it then fires an energy orb at him blowing him back. Fredrick catches his ground then continues the assault. Sarina jabs at him with a forward thrust but he dodges her then rushes behind her. He stabs Sarina In the back with a needle. “AHH HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA!!! I’ve got you now!! It’s over!! The poison in this needle will kill you instantly!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAAAA I’VE DONE IT I’VE AVENGED MY FATHER!!!!!! ~YES~!!” yelled Fredrick as Sarina look worried about what he said. A hush fills the room…. and………. nothing happens. Sarina seems perfectly fine, as Fredrick stands there confused. “But how? How are you still alive?! ~HOW~!!! THE POISON SHOULD HAVE WORKED!! I DID EVER THING THAT HUDDIT LADY SAID CORRECTLY!!! ~WHY~!!!!!!” Scream Fredrick as he throws the needle on to the floor. “Guess it was a dud.” Said Sarina as she laughed at him. Even Queeny chuckled a little. “Looks like you’ve been ripped off Fredrick!” Said Queeny. Fredrick looks up at Sarina to notice her right hand pointing at him. “Bye, bye Fredrick! SPOT LIGHT FLASH!!” a large flash of energy burst from Sarina’s hand and knocks Fredrick out in one hit. Sarina lowers her hand then turns to Queeny. “Well that’s that. Time to go home.” Said Sarina as the sun began to rise up. “Great … I’ve been up all night. And I have to go to work too! Ah what heck I’ll just take day off. See ya Furball!” Said Queeny. Before they could leave the room Fredrick begins to speak to them. “ This…isn’t…. over yet! S-s-some day I will defeat you, you hear me SARINA!!! THIS IS ONLY THE BE-!” Before he could finish his sentence, Sarina hurls a custard pie at his face. “Geeze what a swore loser!! Come on Queeny lets go home.” Said Sarina as they both leave the castle.

Mean while in a hidden temple deep in a different Dimension. Kage is sitting on her throne. One of her spies walks in and reports to her.]

“My lady everything went as planed. Fredrick injected Sarina with your special potion just as you wanted him to.” Said the spy kneeling before her. “Perfect everything is going just the way I wanted it.” Said Kage. “As a reward I will let you live a little longer.” She said grateful for her spy’s accomplishment. “Thank you my lady! Thank you very much!” Said the Spy as he leaves the throne room. “Dash my pupil, my student, my successor. Rather you like it or not, rather you know or not, you are doing everything I wanted you to do. Some day you’ll see that it is your destiny to stand by my side as my faithful student. Even if I have to drag your girlfriend into my plan. For through your love for her I will attain everything I need to over throw the 6 Sages and the 7 Gods and rule over not only Earth but Alterra as well. Then the universe will be the next thing on my conquest for absolute divinity!” Said Kage laughing evilly as she watches Dash return to the neon village from that secret mission (which turned out to be a distraction to get him away from Sarina) on her crystal ball.

Scene 8

“Sarina we need to talk.” Said Volin putting down his book. “Huh what is it daddy?” Said Sarina as she walked into the study. “Now listen you’re 17 now and there comes a time where a teenager starts to become an adult.” Said Volin. “(please don’t let this be what I think this is..)” thought Sarina. “A time when that teen, starts to take responsibility for his/her actions, A Time when there goals in life are set. A time, when they must leave the nest to make something of them selves, Sarina I feel it’s about time for you to.” Said Volin as Sarina began to cover her ears in fear. “ No, NO, DON’T SAY IT! DON’T SAY IT!!” Yells Sarina. “Go out and get a job.” Said Volin as he returned to his reading. “~NO~!!!!!!” Scream Sarina as she ran out the room crying.

[I][The Story is now set… Little does Sarina know that those very words will sit her on a journey that will change her life forever… or not …which seems a bit more believable? ^_^; what will happen on this quest? What secrets will she learn about her life? And just what the hell is kage up too!! Tell you what I’ll give you all a hint to one discovery that she will make. Sarina will soon discover that she isn’t Volin & Silvia’s only Daughter. A painful secret full of sorrow that will bring tears to your eyes. Unless you’re a heartless bastard then that’s a different story. Either way you have to keep reading if you ever want to find that out and much more. The mini movie prologue is over and it’s time to begin the REAL story. Stay tuned for the next Episode of Mischief Knights!!

Episode 0____Fin…

Kyanbu The Legend
02-08-2010, 09:19 AM
Forgot I had an account here. I'll probably post the edited, easy to read episode 0 later. In the mean time...

Mischief Knights Episode 1 "Our first quest, Sarina & the werewolf gang!"


Sarina Phantom
Queeny Aroma
Were wolf gang members
Wolf man

Episode summary:
Its Lumina Guild's first day open and business is not going well. It seems that every one is more interested in the other larger guilds to really care about a small guild with only 2 members. Just as Sarina and Queeny are about to close up shop, a strange client appears who requests that Sarina and Queeny take care of a gang of werewolves causing trouble at the park.

Scene 1

"Ms Queeny has given us order not to bother trying to stop you. So fill free to come in." Said Zech.

"Ms Queeny is actually expecting you so why don't you go see her?" Said Beck. Sarina walks to the elevator accompanied by Zech and Beck. After reaching the top floor Sarina and the guards walk to Queeny's office. As they enter, Queeny looks up from her paper work and greets Sarina.

"Good morning furball. What brings you here?" Said Queeny politely.

Sarina stares at her in complete shock before responding. " All right who are you and what have you done with Queeny!!" Queeny's good mood turns sour after hearing that comment.

"I was being polite furball! Anyway what do you want now!?" Said Queeny now in a bad mood.

"Wanna help me start a guild over in Alterra?" Asked Sarina smiling.

"~Why~?" Asked Queeny.

"My Daddy said I needed to get out and find a job. But magic is the only thing I'm really good at and since I can't do to much magic out side of this island on earth I though I'd go to Alterra and start a guild." Said Sarina.

"That's nice furball but that doesn't answer my question as to why you want me and not Dash! He is your boy friend, as hard as that is to me to believe. Said Queeny.

"I didn't want him to come because he just clangs onto me too much. He'll try to protect me every time we go into battle, and he's so bent on exploring that he'll try to lead the mission else where." Sarina explained.

"That does sound like stuff Dash would do." Said Queeny thinking back to the days when her and Dash where kids. "Sure furball I'll join your little guild." She continued. Her guards shocked to see her say yes.

"Yay! Thanks Queeny !! Meet me at my castle at 5:00 pm don't be late or I might leave ya!" Said Sarina as she hugged Queeny then ran off to get ready.

The Guards turn to Queeny wondering why she would help Sarina after everything She's done to her. "Ms Queeny If you don't mind us asking, why do you want to help a prankster who just may be trying to fool you?" Asked Zech curies about her strange decision.

" The world of Alterra is a realm of magic and alchemy. If it's possible to create a cloak that holds an infinite number of items imagine what other things the Alterrans can make. I'm going to go along with furball's little idea so that I can learn the secrets of Alterran technology and use it to complete Aroma corp.'s paradise project." Said Queeny.

"I see Ms Queeny but how do we know this place exists?" Asked Beck.

"Volin confirmed its existence to me several months ago. Plus I went there my self a few days ago when I helped furball with her family issues. So it's real and so is the magic that can be found there." Said Queeny.

"However. I need you both to take care of things here while I'm away. Understood?" She continued, glancing at the picture of her mother. The Owner of Aroma Corporation, Elizabeth Aroma.

"Yes maim!" Said Zech and beck as they salute Queeny.

"But with all do respect Ms Queeny. Ms Elizabeth will not be happy with us if she finds out you went to such a dangerous and unknown place instead just sending us. She will surely see to it that we get you back immediately or get fired for not stopping you!" Said Zech worried about his and his brother's job.

"I know. Which is why she won't find out correct?" Said Queeny as she glanced at him. Zech looked at her confused. "How are we going to do that Ms Queeny? Ms Elizabeth inspects all the facilities her self on random dates. So we don't know when she's coming or if she's here or not." Said Beck wondering what Queeny has in mind.

"She won't be able to find out because I'll tell her myself before I leave. This includes telling her about my powers that I attained from that incident with kage 6 years ago. The ones that I kept a secret from every one but you two, Dash, Tsunadai, Yakumaru, and Furball." Said Queeny with a cunning smile.

"W-Wh-WHAT!" Said Zech & Beck scared at Queeny daring plan.

"Relax I'm kidding. I'll use the Queeny bots that I built in secret a few months ago for anti assassination prepossesses and personal reasons. They look exactly like me and can be charged all my memories. She won't know the difference!" Said Queeny as she smiled and winked at Zech & Beck.

"... Why yes that plan is guarantied to work!" Said Zech.

"You're a genius just as always Ms Queeny!" Said Beck.

"Good now if you two excuse me I must go and prepare for my business trip." Said Queeny as she used her morph ability to shrink down to the size of a grain of rice and fly out the window.

Scene 2

[It is now 5:00 pm. Sarina is standing outside her castle when Queeny arrives. The 2 girls walk into the castle and down into the portal chamber. Queeny looks around studying the markings, runes, and spell circles covering the chamber from floor to ceiling. Before getting started Queeny asks Sarina a question.]

"So where is everyone Furball?" Asked Queeny.

"Daddy's in Alterra attending some magicians meeting." Replied Sarina. "And the Maids, butlers, and cooks are still away for the week. So we are ~all~ alone in the cold, dark Chambers of this quite castle. So deep no body can hear our scre-." As Sarina continues to walk slowly towards Queeny, still talking in a spooky tone. Queeny interrupts her calmly saying "Shut up furball. Now hurry up time is money."

"Fine... Jeeze you just don't have a sense of humor do you!" Replied Sarina as she made her way to the center of the room. She places her hands on to the center of the large spell circle in the middle of the chamber and begins to chant a spell. "Oh great Sages of the 7 elements, I beg thee. Reveal to mortal eyes, the door to untold power, the land of mystic beauty, and the birth mother of magic. Show us the door to Alterra and let us escape from this harsh plain to the home of all that is magic." At that moment the chamber begins to glow brightly as the spell circles and magic runes began to pulse gently. Queeny looked around with amazement as she sees the entire chamber light up a gorgeous emerald green. "Ready?" She Asked with her hands still touching the circle.

"Yes, I'm ready. Just don't screw up okay? I really don't want to die by your hands." Said Queeny as she walked into the circle. The light from the Spell circle intensifies as a strong wind enters the room. Queeny closes her eyes, nervous about rather or not Sarina knows what she's doing. After a Bright flash of light, Queeny opens her eyes to find herself standing on a large platform in the middle of a town.

"Welcome to Midnight town." Said Sarina as she stands up and walks next to Queeny. Queeny looks around at her surroundings.

"This place doesn't look that much different from earth. Said Queeny as she and Sarina walk down the street.

"Come on! My Guild shop is just around the corner!" Said Sarina as she ran past the shops. Sarina and Queeny arrive at Sarina's Guild (an old 2 store town House) on 13th street. Queeny looks at the building with disappointment.

"Furball this is the saddest place I've ever seen. You can't possibly be serious about using this house as a base? It's a wreak! No one in his or her right mind would even come near this place, let alone post requests!" Said Queeny as she pointed at the large holes in the walls, the boarded up windows, the broken down door, and the warped wood on the front of the house.

"Give me a minute you'll really love it when I'm done with it." Said Sarina as she walked towards the house. Sarina bends down on her knees and plants her hands onto the ground. The Town house began to glow a bright blue color. Queeny watched in awe as Sarina restored the town house before her very eyes in mere seconds. The bright light finally dimmed as Sarina stood up from the ground and looked at the masterpiece she created. The once run down town house had been restored to its former glory.

"Well done Furball I'm impressed!" Said Queeny clapping her hands as she walked towards the finished house.

" See I told you you'd like!" Said Sarina as she smiled at Queeny before walking inside the house.

Sarina walks to the front desk at the end of the small lobby. As Queeny follows her in, a cheesecake falls from the ceiling and lands on top of Queeny's head. As she brushes the cake off of her head Sarina is laughing hysterically at her.

"Ha, ha, ha, ha!! ~Ah~ classic" Said Sarina as she sighed with accomplishment.

"Oh very funny furball! That has got to be THE MOST ORIGINAL PRANK YOU'VE EVER DONE!!! Like no one has ever dropped a pie on someone before!!!" Said Queeny with a sarcastic tone.

Sarina turns to face the front desk. She notices a present sitting on the desk next to the bell. As Queeny walks out of the small lobby and in to the main house to wash up, Sarina opens the present to find a box. Inside it was a note from her mother and what looked like a sleeping jack o lantern. Sarina picks up the note and begins to read it.

Dear Sarina,

If you found this present then you must be 17 now. You also may have found my other present for you that I hid in my lab. If not then head back to the castle and retrieve it, as you will need it if you wish to start your own guild. I assume that you where able to restore this guild house to it's former glory. I'm very impressed with your progress my precious. As I had hoped, your father has taught you well. In this box is an old friend of mind who uses to keep me company back before I met your father. He's a living jack o lantern that created through alchemy when I was only 13 years old. His name is Jack and he will help you with your guild. To reawaken Jack simply touch his forehead. I set the seal up so that he would wake up after you have made physical contact with him. .... I was hoping you wouldn't come to alterra.... but still I respect your decision Sarina. Be a good girl and make mommy proud.

Your loving mother,
Silvia Phantom

"Hey furball what ever happened to your mother? I never see at your father's castle." Asked Queeny as she walked into the lobby. She had over heard Sarina reading the note.

"She died along time ago...I really don't want to talk about it right now..." Said Sarina with a depressed tone.

"Sorry furball I didn't mean to ask..." Said Queeny feeling bad about asking Sarina such a question.

"It's okay. ~anyway~ let's wake up Jack and see what he's like." Said Sarina cheering herself up before picking up Jack from the box and setting him gently on to the table. Sarina then touches Jack's forehead. His body begins to glow brightly. The glow then dims and he wakes up in a rather odd way.

"mmmm huh! NO SILVIA FOR THE LAST TIME I'M NOT DOING IT EVEN IF YOU PROMISE TO BELLY DANCE FOR ME NAKED!!" Yelled Jack as he regained conciseness. Sarina and Queeny stared at him confused and shocked.

"..... Wow... I didn't know my mom was.... Like that..." Said Sarina still confused.

"Huh hey you're not Silvia! Great so she did it anyway... Darn I better get that bikini belly dance she promised me!" Said Jack as he checked out Sarina. "Hmm not bad, not bad. I guess you must be her daughter Sarina right? Well what are you waiting for change your cloths and get dancing! If you don't I won't help you." He continued with a perverted look. Sarina glanced at Queeny.

"Hey don't look at me! He's yours remember so don't try to pin this on me!" Yelled Queeny.

"Hey If you don't want to do it then fine! Where's your mother anyway? She still owes me a belly dance! (Plus she's hotter then you anyway so it's a plus for me)" Said Jack as he turn away from Sarina. Sarina and Queeny looked away sad. "? well where is she? And what happened? Come on kid tell me!" He continued demanding to know what happened to Silvia.

"... So... I guess I have to tell you what happened huh?" Said Sarina in a depressed tone.

[Sarina tells Queeny and Jack about how her mother was working on a way to remove her Vampire DNA. And how the experiment caused Silvia to lose control of her mind and powers. And how Silvia begged Volin to take her life before it's to late. And how Volin was forced to kill her in the end. Queeny was surprised to hear about that. Jack was angry after finding out what she was up to the whole time.]

"Damn! Sorry to hear that kid. If I had known sooner I would've talked her out of it!" Said Jack as her closed his eyes in grief.

"Wow... I don't know if I will ever look at you the same again furball.." Said Queeny.

"Hey...~HEY!! ~ Look there no reason for us to cry about it now! It's not going to bring her back! Besides I want to hurry up and start my Guild!" Said Sarina returning to her happy care free self.

"Well first we need name. Something that will grab every ones attention." Said Jack.

"How about "The Mischief Knights" Sounds pretty cool huh!" Said Sarina a bright smile.

Furball you just use the ti- I mean If we called are selves that. We won't gain a single customer." Said Queeny barely dodging the 4th wall.

"Why?" Asked Sarina disappointed.

"Because who in their right mind would ask a bunch the delinquents to assist them with private matters!" Replied Queeny.

"Ok how about SarinaVania!" Asked Sarina, confident that Queeny will like the name.

"No because 1 putting Vania at the end of your name has already been done (Readers Example: Castlevania), 2 I'll be damned If I ever let you run this place! (As of right now this place is the only thing enabling me to stay here, and 3 again you can't use that name because... well ... you should already know the OTHER reason why." Replied Queeny once again dodging the 4th wall.

" Fine! How about Pow-." Jack interrupts Sarina by screaming "Super Bikini babes!". Sarina and Queeny stare at him.

"Yeah ... Jack... It got old. You your random pervy comments... there not funny anymore..." Said Sarina as she stared daggers into him.

"Fine then! Why don't we call it Lumina Guild? Since it's the name your mother picked out before she sealed me up." Said Jack, angry at Sarina for shooting his idea down.

"I Guess It'll have to do for now. Next comes advertisement, we need to tell the citizens about us, and get them to post requests here." Said Queeny.

"Oh I have an idea." Said Jack eyeing the girls down.

"Unless you want to be the main ingredient of my famous Honey Pumpkin pie. You'll keep it to your self." threaten Queeny. "Come on Furball let's go out and get to work." She continued as she and Sarina walked out side the guild.

"Famous Honey Pumpkin pie?" Said Sarina looking at Queeny confused.

"Back when I was the image girl for my company. I had this cooking gig with some of Earth's best chefs." Replied Queeny As she and Sarina walked out side.

Scene 3

[Sarina and Queeny tried all kinds of advertisement. Signs, promise of free stuff, they even tried Jack's bikini belly dance idea. Yet they still didn't gain a single customer. It's 10:00 pm Sarina and Queeny have closed lumina guild for the day. Both of them and Jack are sitting in the din next to the fireplace.]

"What a terrible day! Not a single customer!" Exclaimed Queeny aggravated.

"Hey it wasn't all bad there some good memorable moments" Said Jack happy to finally get what he wanted.

"I can't believe I resorted to degrading my self in public just to promote this place!" Said Queeny disgusted by her earlier actions.

"I can't believe it's not butter!" Said Sarina enjoying a grilled cheese sandwich.

"Furball this is serious! We haven't got a single request! The only thing we've managed to accomplish was making a fool of our selves!" Yelled Queeny upset about Sarina's attitude.

"Cheer up Queeny! I'm sure we'll do better tomorrow!" Said Sarina cheerfully.

"I hope so furball. For your sake I really hope so." Said Queeny as she lounged over rubbing her forehead. Suddenly the girls hear the bell at the front deck ring. Queeny and Sarina stand up and head to the front decks to see whom it is.

As they entered the lobby the girls see a tall-cloaked elf man standing at the front desks. He wore a thin scarf around his neck covering is mouth, A navy blue shirt with the sleeves torn off, fingerless gloves as black as the starless night sky, and long black baggy pants made from what looked liked the finest of silk, and tall black boots covering most of his pant legs with a golden trim around the sides of the sols. He had a pale light skin complexion, sapphire blue eyes, and short silver hair.

"Good evening Sarina and Queeny. I would like to request your services." Said the Elf.

"Sure what is it?" Asked Sarina happy to see a customer.

"And your name is?" Asked Queeny also happy to see a customer.

"Forgive my manners but I don't quite have a name. If you must call me something then call me Dantz." Replied Dantz as he bowed before them.

"You see a gang of werewolves has token over Dawn Park. It seems they have made it there how you say... home turf?" He continued elegantly.

"No problem leave it to us! We'll take care of those big bad wolves!" Yell Sarina excited to get her first job request. " Come on Queeny not a moment to lose!" she continued running out side.

Sarina and Queeny arrive at Dawn Park (a public park located at the center of Midnight town). While walking through the park the girls come across the twilight fountain (a large mystical fountain famous for it's beauty and crystal clear water). As they gaze at the beautiful fountain and loud howl echoes through the park. Sarina and Queeny turn around to find them selves surrounded by werewolves. Amongst them was a rather buff large werewolf. He seemed to be there pack leader.

"Well what do we have here? A couple a little girls who got lost in the park." Said the larger werewolf. The other werewolves laugh with him as they gave the girls an intimidating stare. "My name is Wolf - Man, and this is my gang." The large werewolf continued as he pointed towards the large pack of werewolves behind him.

"Don't you two know it's dangerous for two little hotties like you selves to be out here at night. Guys like us might be tempted to do some fun things to both of you." He continued licking his lips as he and the rest of his gang surround the girls.

"Hey boss get load of this one. She's a itsy bitsy bee." Said one of the werewolf gangsters as he made fun of Queeny. Queeny gave him a harsh glare as she raised her wings and stinger.

"And look at that retractable bow staff! What are you Gambit!" Said another werewolf gangster eyeing Queeny from behind.

"Oh an X-men joke very funny!" Said Queeny as she grinds her teeth hovering off the ground a little.

"And take look at miss sailor moon next to her! What are ya gonna do, throw your hat at me huh! You gonna dance around and hit me with magical moon dust! Ha, ha, ha!" Yelled Wolf man has he and his gang laughed at them.

Sarina didn't flinch an inch, she still stood there smiling. She looked over at Wolf man's right shoulder and spotted a MOM tattoo on his arm. She grinned before responding to Wolf man's insults.

"What's the matter wolffy poo to afraid to attack us! What would your poor ugly, flea infested mom think of her dirt ragged baby boy if she saw him cracking jokes 10 ft away from me? She'd be a shamed!" Said Sarina with a smart tone. Wolf man and his gang stopped laughing. Wolf man's cocky smile turned into a frown as he started to growl at her.

"No one's ever cracked on Wolf man's mom and got away with it! Chalk up 1 dead kitten!" Yelled one of the werewolves. Wolf man backhand him aside before turning his attention toward Sarina.

"I'll take care the big one, you can beat up the puppies." Said Sarina to Queeny before turning toward Wolf man with a smirk on her face. Queeny looked towards the werewolf that made fun of her and smiled as she rose up into the air.

"No body... NO BODY! Makes fun of my momma!" Exclaimed Wolf man as bared his fangs and claws.

"Well? Are you going to do something about it or are you gonna cry like a baby! Come on big boy I'm right here!" Yelled Sarina a she bent down patted her thighs mocking him.

Wolf man charged towards her and smacks her into a tree like a rag doll. He then darts towards the tree and pins her against it.

"WHERE'S YOUR MOMMA JOKES NOW HUH! HUH!!" Yelled wolf man as he rapidly sliced her limb from limb with his claws.

"Shame on you Wollfy poo!" Said Sarina sitting on one of the tree branches looking down at wolf man. Wolf man looked up toward her confused. "What would your momma say if she saw you playing with dolls!" she yelled smiling down at him.

Wolf man looks at the Sarina that he was attacking only to see that it was just a stuff doll that looked like her. Embarrassed, Wolf man tosses the doll aside and turns his attention towards Sarina and lounges at her! As he's jumping into the tree Sarina hops down right behind him.

As he's looking back (still flying up into the tree) Sarina smirks and says "Gotcha!" She pulls on a string and in mere seconds a spray of silver needles rain from the tree and pin Wolf man to the ground. As he lays there paralyzed from the needles Sarina walks next to him and looks down at him.

" You think you're clever huh? It ant's over yet punk! BOYS!! Sic her!!" Yelled Wolf man. He turns toward where his gang members where standing only to see them all laying in a pile unconscious. Queeny is rubbing her hands after getting her revenge.

"You beat my entire gang? How!" Asked Wolf man, as he lay on the ground helpless. "You're talking about someone with an IQ of 300 who knows multiple forms of martial arts including jujitsu, and can metamorph and change size at will fighting a wanna be gang of misfit werewolves. It was obvious that I would be the victor of such a fight." Said Queeny with a cocky smile. Queeny hears someone coming and turns around readying her bow staff. Dantz and a police officer walk up to the girls.

"Look Queeny It's Dantz" Said Sarina as she ran up to him, Queeny lowered her staff and followed. "Hey Dantz who's the fat cop?" She asked looked at the police officer. The officer wasn't happy with her comment.

"Mr. Dantz here to me everything. Good work girls! Not bad for a rookie guild!" Said the officer ignoring Sarina's rude comment.

"Lets head back to the guild. I'll pay you girls there." Said Dantz as he and the girls leave the park.

[Sarina, Queeny, and Dantz head back to Lumina guild. After arriving and receiving payment, Queeny began to question Dantz.]

"Dantz. How is it that no other guild knew about that little incident but us? And why did you come to us a newly open guild with no experience what so ever instead of asking a larger, more experienced, guild. And just why did you come to us after business hours?" Asked Queeny as she leaned over the front desk.

"The reason why you two where the only ones to know about werewolves is because you two arrived there before they did. I told you both ahead of time that a gang would show up so the two of you would go looking for them when in reality they haven't arrived yet. That's how you two where the only ones to know about that incident because you just happened to be there to stop them before they where able to do anything. As to why I asked you both after business hours, I had to set you both up so that you two would arrive at the park several minute before wolf man and his gang." Explained Dantz.

"In short, you set us up. You knew that those werewolves would be there yet you told no one but us correct? If so then why did you do it?" Asked Queeny as she crossed her arms.

"It's simple. to boost your guild's fame. If people learn that a small guild took care of a few dozen werewolves and their leader on there own with no outside help. They will start to rely on that guild for help and assistance." Dantz explained.

"Why help us? What did you hope to gain in all this?" Queeny asked glaring at him. Sarina (sitting in the chair next to queeny with her feet on the front desk) began to yawn from boredom.

"Who cares? At least now we'll get more quests." Said Sarina as she leaned back tipping her hat over her face.

"That I'm afraid I can't tell you. It's getting late I must take my leave." Said Dantz as he turns around and walks out the guild.

"Wait!! Yelled Queeny as she ran after him.

"Farewell my friends! Tell the day our paths once again cross." Said Dantz as he vanished into the night. Queeny (standing out side the door) looks up into the starry night sky.

"Just who are you?" She asked her self as she walked back inside and closed the door.

[I]___Episode 1 ...fin_|



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