06-22-2009, 06:32 AM
ooo.... I beat Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII and god damn it I hate sad endings!


Zack find this awesome girl who is all sweet to named Aerith. Aerith is afraid of the sky(Point will be made later). Zack had to go on this mission to finally stop Genesis. Well, He stop Genesis but also gets killed because his body was mutated with Sephiroth cells.
Aerith looks into the sky on a rainy day and realizes that Zack is dead. GOD DAMN IT. I was so sad I wanted to throw my PSP and wish I never played this game. Zack was telling Aerith that he'd make it back to visit her again and he'd help her fix her flower wagon. Well.... Zack didn't make it back... FUCK.. I hate endings like this..

So yeah, That was my day. Beating CC:FFVII and writing this. I'm still really bummed about this :(
I'll pray to the god that they'd make a second one and Zack and Aeirth reunite then MAYBEE I won't be so upset about this!



07-01-2009, 08:26 PM

naw, actually, I cried at the ending. :/ But that was like a month after it got released so it was awhile ago xD Gotta replay that *_*

If they made a game that along-goes Aerith and Zack it would be...... weird. There's nothing else to build on.

However, if they made more sequels I wouldn't mind playing. FF-junkie that I am and all... >.>;

07-05-2009, 12:52 AM
what are you talking about?
Zacks dead, aerith is dead. they are in the lifestream together.
Your sequel is FF7
And your sequel for zack and aerith together is FF7: AC
(which i happen to get the completed version at the end of this month with the extra 30mins....woohoo its finally actually the length of a proper movie -_-'......)

Any mods out their that wanna close this pointless topic?