07-05-2009, 06:44 PM
Okay, well I've been an FFX addict for years, but I've only just started using this site. I've pretty much completed the game to the best of my knowledge. I've got max stats, all secret aeons, completed the monster arena, beaten all the dark aeons and Penance, defeated Omega Weapon, got all the celestial weapons powered up, completed the various mini games, and exhausted the fun that can be gained from Blitzball.

However, call me greedy, but I still want more out of it. I love finding little known extra scenes that can easily be missed in a normal play through of the game, after you've beaten Sin, but before completing the game, obviously. I've run into a few and wondered if there are any more to be found out there, just by travelling to different parts of Spira.

From memory, the ones that I've seen include:

- Going back to Gagazet and talking to Maechen, who talks about the history of Spira.
- Finding and seeing all ten Jecht spheres about Braska's pilgrimage.
- Going to all the Chambers of the Fayth (except Bevelle and Zanarkand I think) and speaking to the fayth.
- Speaking to Clasko on one of the SS ferries, when he talks about becoming a chocobo breeder.
- Going back to the Besaid Crusaders hut and talking to Luzzu/Gatta (whoever survived Operation Mi'ihen)
- Talking to Isaaru's guardians on Highbridge, who stop you going into Bevelle (grrr!)
- Going back to Djose temple and speaking to Donna, who has quit her pilgrimage and is planning on going back to Kilika.
- Speaking to the easily missable figure at the top of Calm Lands, near the gorge, who talks about how the gorge was formed.
- Running into O'aka XXIII in the Luca theatre, he's recently been freed and talks about his ex-summoner sister.

That's about all I can remember, but I'm sure there's more, does anyone know of any others that I haven't mentioned?

They're not really important in completing the game, but us FFX lovers enjoy seeing these little cut scenes which add to the world of Spira.

Yu Kiyo
08-21-2009, 02:40 PM
I'm surprised you went back to Besaid and collected all of Auron's spheres. I can't do that because of that damn Dark Aeon, Dark Valefor.