07-18-2009, 10:08 AM
There remain those who don't conform. We resist the cerebrum swipe. We hide in the darkness of the shadow. And we run into the night. And yet our tribe shortens every day. Those that seek to control are winning the battles, while the wars have already been won. And yet, we run.

Wasn't like this always. No Sir. But it started after the holy war. And its end will come with ours. The one defining moment you ask. It's hard to point out. My memories cannot be trusted anymore for they may be corrupted by the system. Bits and bytes of information, zeros and ones, hacking their way into my brain, erasing, deleting, creating. Conflicts that were never there, and love which never existed. And I've tried to fight it. Yes I have, But I fail, i fail for I am human too...barely.

But I have spoken. I have spoken to those who refuse to conform. Those that resisted that cerebrum swipe and they tell me it was after the holy war. the 'with us or against us' moment. When the world united in the cause of the gods. When the gods watched from above, eating microwave popcorn with some draught beer as lesser mortals set out to destroy that was. And destroy they did.

And the world as we knew it, wasn't the same anymore. Confetti of arms and legs, like the broken pieces of a pi�ata, You couldn't walk without stepping over some brain matter, or slipping over the stomach tract of what was once a person. And the smell. That rotting smell. Millions of tons of organic matter rotting. The puke didn't make it better. Till Axe Corporation decided to step in.

Was that the turning point? Could be, I wouldn't know. But I have heard from those who didn't conform. They told me about the planes that took off. The advisory to stay indoors. And the smell. The mass spraying of Earth with the flavors of Dark Chocolate. The bodies didn't matter no more. The limbs would be gone soon enough, but the smell. The aphrodisiac sense of hope. And for a brief moment, a comma in history, there was a sense of optimism . It was short-lived but it was there nonetheless.

The Big Six led by Google met underground. The Big Six didn't care about the system. They didn't care whether the leader of the free world was a black man. they didn't care whether his heir apparent was a woman. The graph was tumbling, and that they did care about. And then came the overthrow. the coup d'�tat. And then the over kill. They took to the world map with a pair of scales and scissors. And we all got new countries.

The first act passed was the aroma act. That sweet smell, renewed every three moon cycles came at a price. The cost of breathing. Soon enough everything was legislated. Facebook Corp and Twitter Corp regulated socializing. Bus full of those who conformed were driven to massive sections, wired to help the populi interact. They couldn't speak to each other, but scrapping was acceptable. Within those four walls, you couldn't look into the eyes of the female species but you could scribble sweet nothings on her wall. Life was twittering away, with each breath came cost.

For entertainment, drive ins were created. From between the bars that separated the male and the female of our species, an eye darting away from the screen could invoke the MedPhar Act, volunteering body parts and tissue for medical advancement. Within 20 minutes of eye-contact, a small gurney would ship the citizen, only to be seen again in forms of small flesh, packed and laminated and labelled in small blue plastic bags.

Copulation though necessary for a constant work-force was brought in under the Reproductive Facilities Act. The best of DNA was matched to create a perfect worker in accordance to the Big Six HR requirement. Test Tube manufacturers were given a tax break for their special services to the Pfizer run Reproductive Facilities.

I was born in a test-tube too. But with a genetic anomaly. And the nurse who brought me into this world hadn't conformed fully. I was smuggled out and told about the world that was. And how to run into the night.

Information was hard to get by, for Google held a copyright claim. Books were burnt after being scanned, and the printed word had to be paid for in form of services. Clocks were banned as was color. But that was ok. For then came the cerebrum wipe. A Google labs product, each of the Big 6 paid a royalty for each subject to be conformed. And they did. Airwaves stinging individuals, converting them fully into a mechanized citizen, from the bottom of the heart to the depths of the soul into a subject of the countries of the Big 6.

We resisted, for we were different.
But everyday our tribe reduces.
And one day we will be gone. And no one will know the difference.