07-18-2009, 10:09 AM
214_Alpha_11: �Look around you man, what the hell makes you and me so different?�

723_Kypt_32: �I agree, but only on a physical level dude, the overlords could look at us and would never be able to see our individual potential through this sea of faces, but isn�t that what it�s about�individuality..I mean who�s to say that greatness is not a part of my destiny.�

214_Alpha_11: �Yea yea�you�re going to be an astronaut, nah...better yet you�re going to map the genome code.�

723_Kypt_32: �That�s been done dude... but that�s not the point. I mean, life hasn�t even started for us yet man�while starting out, we�re pretty much on the same platform, but tomorrow you could be there man, like a CEO of some big-ass company or climbing Everest and stuff and I�well I could very well be a �never �was�, it�s like we�re shaping our own destiny man."

214_Alpha_11: �You think we really stand a chance? What I�m trying to say is, let�s look at our current predicament...here we are, two friends on the verge of giving direction to our lives right�but to get to that edge, we need to beat all these people around us. It�s like science and stuff man�all about the odds, one in a million makes it�how can you be sure it�s going to be you�.and if it is you�does that mean that I don�t make it?�

723_Kypt_32: �Man�you really are a sceptic ain�t you? Look�I�m not sure how the complexities of life pan out�but all you gotta do is believe. With belief, you could well beat the odds�screw the one in a million concept�maybe both of us get outta here and achieve greatness. Come on..you know it..it�s been known to happen.�

214_Alpha_11: �But that�s like an aberration man, its happens like once in a while...What I'm worried about is all this competition. Its like those Olympic games�dude those swimmers are something else yea? But one of those Chinese fuckers gets the gold and the rest just sink into darkness�I mean how many silver medal types would you know?�

723_Kypt_32: �I�ve just heard of these games fella, never had a chance to see em but yea I know what you mean�but isn�t that the deal�you remember the swimmer as he gets the gold..but do you know what he does 2 weeks later�do you remember him 2 years later? He lives his life and makes his shit work�that�s how its got to be.�

214_Alpha_11: �Dude�Im not even concerned bout the gold medalist. Don�t you get it..that�s not me�I�m not a good swimmer�how the hell am I supposed to make it if I don�t get Gold? Do I make it at all?�

723_Kypt_32: �It�s all about that one race�you and me are friends right�but when the whistle blows and the race begins, you can be sure I�ll be swimming my ass off�if at the end of the race there�s gold, why should someone else get it..i mean no offence but why should you�I play with that focus..i need to get it and im pretty sure I will�and my friend, that�s what you need, to start believing �

214_Alpha_11: �Nah man�I get your point�I mean there�s nothing new in what you�re telling me�.I guess its just performance blues�

723_Kypt_32: �Screw the performance blues man�you make it through this rat-race and the world�s your oyster�

214_Alpha_11: �You sound so sure�What do you know about the world?�

723_Kypt_32: �Enough to make it through man...I�m a survivor�always have been�once I cross the chequered flags, dude�the world won�t believe the force that�s hit em.�

214_Alpha_11: �God, I wish I had your kinda confidence. I�d make my parents so proud�

723_Kypt_32: �My parents, your parents�dude that�s just relations�doesn�t make a difference..Its all about you�.Its all about me��I� power man�all bout I, Me Myself�

214_Alpha_11: �I, Me, Myself�gotta remember that."

723_Kypt_32: �It�s a winning mantra my friend�imagine you�re in the matrix�bullet time and all that shit...keep your target in focus, let the world around you become a blur.�

214_Alpha_11: �Hahaha�ironic aint it�even in the matrix, Neo was the One!�

723_Kypt_32: �For crying out loud man�get over the �one� bit..I mean look at that fellow over there..quite the stud aint he..buffing up and shit�I guarantee you he�s never gonna make it�too much muscle, too little brain�you on the other hand are quite a smart cookie, you got nothing to worry bout�except me of course�

214_Alpha_11: �Oh God the nervousness is killing me�anyways have you decided what you wanna do when you leave this place and start life in the real world?�

723_Kypt_32: �Been thinking about it�for some reason all this so called education here seems to be very myopic..I think I�m more musically inclined..probably head in that direction.�

214_Alpha_11: �Wow�that�s a bold choice�I guess I�d be a lot more traditional�Work as an accountant or in marketing maybe.�

723_Kypt_32: �Hey, that�s where the moolah is my man�good for you�


214_Alpha_11: �Oye, do you hear that, the warning bell is going off�

723_Kypt_32: �Oh shit, this is unexpected�isn�t this a bit off schedule?�

214_Alpha_11: �Damn�these sudden changes in plan throw me off�.God I wish everything�s all right�

723_Kypt_32: �Quit cribbing and fall in brother�this is what it all comes down to.�

214_Alpha_11: �Can I stand next to you, please hold my hand in case it becomes too much to take!�

723_Kypt_32: �Don�t worry bout it, here come stand right here�Here we go.�


214_Alpha_11: �Ahhh�Ummm what the fuck happened?�

723_Kypt_32: �It�s over my friend�all our dreams are gone.�

214_Alpha_11: �What�what do you mean?�

723_Kypt_32: �All our career plans, you an accountant, me a world famous musician�all gone down the drain.�

214_Alpha_11: �I don�t understand�.where are we�.whats happening to me?�

723_Kypt_32: �Oh you�re so na�ve�.what�s happening to you is that you�re drying up on a damn sock. What�s happened is our so called to-be-father couldn�t resist temptation. For a few seconds of self induced pleasure, he has successfully ruined our chances of a life and career.
We got shagged, my brother. We got shagged.�



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