08-18-2009, 06:11 PM
Hello all, I'm new to this forum although not new to Final Fantasy.
I am a knowledgeable rom hacker in the rom hacking community on YouTube and have made several rom hacks over the last year or so.
I've taken a break from rom hacking because of some limits the programs I use have, I'm now going to be using RPG Maker VX.
Here is my YouTube profile which contains all my Final Fantasy VI rom hacks I've created:
(Click the FFVI Playlist button)

This game I'm coming up with will be using the exact same elements that Final Fantasy V had so that it feels and plays similar to Final Fantasy V. When I played through Final Fantasy V for the first time, it honestly felt as if I were playing the sequel to the first game that never was. During the game, the plot starts to unfold and you learn that Bartz father was a Warrior of Dawn who fought along side with Galuf, Kelger, and Xezat to stop Exdeath. You also learn that before the events of Final Fantasy V, an "Ultimate Evil" known as Enuo created a dark power known as the Void and that he was immortal.
Theirs a lot of hidden lore within Final Fantasy V, so much that it seems that Final Fantasy III fits into the same time line that Final Fantasy V is on.
That being so, I've taken it into my own hands to create an extensive RPG that covers a huge gap between Enuo (Year 1?) and Final Fantasy V (1000 years prior to the events of Enuo).

This game will be in "Two Parts".

Time Line:

Part 1.
Long ago, there was a time when there was peace and serenity within the world. Chaos, the God of Discord had become weak because of the purity in the souls of man. Their is a man known as Enuo, he was a White Mage renown around the world for his good deeds. Cosmos granted Enuo immortality so that he may continue his work by keeping the world safe and pure. Chaos being mortally weak, used his lasting power to put a dark influence over Enou. Enou slowly became power hungry and eventually created a dark power known only as the "Void" by trading his immortality for it. He intended to use this dark power to send the world into the Void until Cosmos summoned twelve chosen people from the past, present and future to stop him.

�The world is whole (one world).
�Enuo creates the Void and starts devouring the world with it's dark power.
�Cosmos summons twelve chosen people from the past, present and future to stop the "ultimate evil".
�The twelve "Warriors of Light" cannot defeat Enou so they seal him within the "Great Tree" and the Void within the Interdimensional Rift. After this ritual was complete, the Crystals of the world were split in two thus creating a Light and Dark world.

Part 2.
After Enou was sealed, Cosmos returned the current Warriors of Light back to their respective timelines and their was 500 years of prosperity. The people of the Dark World forgot the story of the ultimate evil Enou and become careless and lazy over the years. Instead of dealing with the evil in the world the traditional way, they would seal it within the Great Forrest of Morre.
[FF3 took place a 50-100 years later I believe]

�Exdeath is created from monsters being sealed within a great tree within the "Forest of Morre."
�Exdeath, being the reincarnation of Enou starts to finish what Enou started.
�Exdeath starts to assemble allies within the Forrest of Morre until he has enough to build a castle on a deserted contentment and lay siege on the other kingdoms.
�Exdeath gets battered down by humanity, he makes a pact with Chaos so that he can fortify his kingdom.
�Exdeath acquires Atamos and it creates a barrier around his castle.
�Exdeath begins to shatter the elemental crystals so that the world would merge and the Void be released from the Interdimensional Rift.
�Warriors of Dawn gain entry to his castle, and force him out.
�Exdeath escapes and leaves for another dimension where he is ultimately defeated (not killed/destroyed) and sealed.
[FF5 takes 20-30 years later after these events]

Please note that the "�" are a short explanations for the story, the story it self will be very long.

12-11-2009, 08:10 PM
Sounds like a good idea, I'm looking forward to seeing it's progress



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