Darth Revan
10-08-2009, 01:30 PM

I've been stuck on some missions, well members of my linkshell as well, and we're finding it difficult to get volunteers to assist. Hence why I'm posting here, to see if anyone would be willing to help out.

I'm on Midgardsormr, and the missions we're currently stuck are:

Rise of the Zilart- Ark Angels
Reason why we did Ark Angels instead of Divine Might, is due to how hard it's been to ask 13 other people to join us in a full alliance to take on all five Crystal Warriors at once. We 'did' defeat Ark Angel Tarutaru, Ark Angel Mithra and Ark Angel Hume fairly quickly in a row. Just... Ark Angel Elvaan is the one we're stuck on atm. Currently our party setup for these runs are: 75DRK/SAM (me), 75WAR/NIN, 75WHM/SMN, 75MNK/WAR, 75BLU/NIN and we managed to recruit a 75PLD/WAR to help, but even after 3 tries, we were unable to defeat the Ark Angel.

Chains of Promathis- Ancient Vows
Unfortunately we weren't even able to get anywhere near Monarch Linn, due to a member inadvertently pulling hate from the Wyvern-type and Hippogryph-type mobs... repeatedly iirc. Also I do think our pt setup at the time wasn't optimal...

A Crystalline Prophecy- Ode of Life Bestowing
I've tried this battle 5 times now, as DRK/RDM to help the RDM in the party stun the crystal and to kill the Seed Thralls, and each time failed due to having to get into melee range to inflict damage on the Seed Crystal. However I have heard of people doing a 6 SMN pt against it on Windday with Garuda's Predator claws inflicting 600-800 dmg per bloodpact: rage. I've also heard of the 'ranged attack' strategy, building TP with ranged attacks, run down, weaponskill the Seed Crystal, then run back out of attack range. Suffice to say, being stuck on the final battle for so long is starting to REALLY IRRITATE me.

A Moogle Kupo d'Etat- Roar! A Cat Burglar Bares Her Fangs
Just finished the quest before this, running around Quicksand Caves etc. Any help for the following BCNM and the rest of the mini expansion would be gratefully appreciated.