11-22-2009, 08:47 AM
So, in all seriousness, do you think Sony will put Final Fantasy 8 (and possibly even 9) onto the PS3's PlayStation Network like they did with 7?

I've already bought and downloaded FF7 from the network, and it works perfectly! I'm honestly hoping they come to their senses and put it on...

Thoughts? Opinions? Input?

11-24-2009, 12:00 AM
If there's enough of a demand for it, possibly but I don't think so since Vlll Is not as big as Vll.

11-24-2009, 04:30 PM
i think it will. many ppl still play VIII. VII as a game was a bigger success back then. not too much right now. besides VIII was their 3rd bestseller and it would be very easy for them to put it on psn. what have they got to lose? it would surely bring them cash.

11-27-2009, 07:56 PM
Well FF8 is out in japan, so I would say yes.

Awhile back I wanted it on the psn but got impatient and just bought it new off amazon. Got a good deal.

If its in japan, I would say yes itll be coming here too. Wouldnt hurt to petition it though

11-28-2009, 03:05 AM
sweet i seriously hope it does!

12-02-2009, 03:40 AM
Same here, to me it deserves to come back so people can actually play it and not have an excuse.

12-02-2009, 06:49 AM
the main reason i want it is cause i played through it on my PS3, getting like a massively hardcore game up with like 145hrs game play, then it came time to proceed to Disk 4 and i found out that no matter what a PS3 will NOT read FFVIII Disk 4 no matter what version, region, settings, anything!

12-02-2009, 11:01 PM
Really? I knew the PS3 had some reading problems but I didn't know something like this, where did you hear/read it from?