12-05-2009, 02:08 AM
I took a look at some pages in this sub forum and didn't notice a thread like this, and was curious:

What particular things did you do during your playthrough (probably refined with multiple playthroughs) that left a 'thumbprint' on the game.

For myself, I also levelled up a few levels in the back of the train tracks when going into the second reactor. If you go back far enough you run into guards that just keep respawning immediately after a battle ends (if you choose to stick around).

Also, I ALWAYS unlock additional/all limit breaks up to lvl 3 at the Mytril Caves after you pass the Midgar Zolom. I give the character that I want to work on Quake-All materia and just constantly battle. In most battles you face up to 5 worms (forgot their names). Always good to have access to limit breaks earlier in the game, especially Aeris'.

I also always kept Lightning and Ice on Cloud until they were mastered. I dont know why, but they were always at the same materia experience, and I always keep them on Cloud only, except when he's not in the party/theyre mastered.

I have more I believe, but I haven't played VII in a long enough time to remember them. Anyone else have any?

Also, please keep the thread related to Final Fantasy VII. :)

12-05-2009, 11:57 AM
Inadvertently getting a fluke in stats that gave Tifa a permanent 'Lucky 7's' effect when she hit level 99, that is sadly unrepeatable. This is because each time a character levels up, the amount of HP that is increased is random. It just happened that as the game progressed, as her HP bonuses added up, in combination with the materia combination I had equipped to her, one of which was a mastered HP Plus materia, made her total HP level at 7777 when she reached level 99.

Equipping the HP Plus materia back on her put her HP at 9999 and MP at 919 (which is how I discovered this in the first place - I was trying to get her MP at maximum as well). Naturally, after each battle I have to heal her up of course, but she indeed keeps the effect from battle to battle. I even used it to leave Emerald Weapon utterly defenseless (she removed over two thirds of his HP before the effect 'wears off' after 7 minutes have passed).

Unfortunately, because this was just one of those happy flukes that happen randomly, this cannot be repeated (I tried on the PC version). Still, it's an interesting thing all the same. ;)

12-05-2009, 05:58 PM
Hahaha yea, I'd call that pretty amazing. Being 99 can make the game a lot easier, but to have constant 7777 effects, crazy! I'll have to actually lvl all of my characters to 99 next playthrough and see if it happens to me, even though its very very rare.