12-06-2009, 06:57 AM
Okay I have been watching anime for about thirteen years now. In all these years I have seen a lot of anime. For those anime I first seen on sci-fi's anime Saturdays, they introduced me to anime, so I have been looking for these anime for a while. For nostalgic reasons. I have most of them yet there are two that keep eluding me. I have searched on ANN but there are to many titles there to search through. So I figured I would describe them here and maybe someone could tell me the titles.

Okay here goes.
The first one takes place on mars. Before humans existed on earth. A colony of humans, (Yes before humans were on Earth they were on Mars in this movie) they lived with in the last city. The rest of Mars was a atmospherless waste land, created by pollution and constant abuse. Enter Dew, yes his name is Dew. A rebel by nature he ends up running from the authorities for some reason. I don't remember. He ends up mistakenly falling into a secret facility under the colony. Here he finds an all girl school for sighkicks (Stupid spelling 0x0) No not a comedy school girl thing more serous.
There he discovers one of the more star pupils, I forgot here name. He then discovers that the goal of this school is to create sighkicks so that one of them could contact a dead sighkick who had saved mars from catastrophe before. Theirs one problem for her though. She was without here knowing it was kidnapped from her folks from above and taken to this academy. Dew being the hero sneaks her to the surface to find her parents. Mean while things go to pot. Greedy officials fearing for there own skin want to leave mars in a ship they created called ark. Needless to say this sets up for the colonies destruction, in the end ark fails and Dew and the girl go the old sighkicks grave were they make contact. There the old sighkick and the girl save the souls of the people of mars sending them to earth sparking evolution, and creating humans on earth.

Now the second one.

For this one, picture the movie The Thing. Trust me it helps. It starts in space, a ship fully crewed by wemen from a world only of wemen is on a mission to propagate the race of wemen. Get it, men don't seem to exist yet. Go fig. How ever the movie starts with the crew in hyper sleep, as they await for the ship to meet is final destination. There goal is to find a way threw a genetic experiment called eve to find a way to survive. But as they near there goal, the ship programed to collect samples on the way picks up a meteorite. The girls are then awakened to an emergency for some reason the ships computer is purging parts of the ship. Needless to say as they investigate and try to protect the experiment one after another the girls a taken. In just the same way as the characters from the movie The Thing, by a monster almost the same. In the end the last character barely survives with the experiment as the ship and the monster is destroyed while entering the earth's atmosphere. The girl taking the experiment now the first mail called Adam. (Ha ha genesis irony) lives happily ever after, wink wink.

Okay so now I place my hopes in you all out there, can you help me find the titles to these obscure animes, it would be vary appreciated.

12-09-2009, 09:58 PM
Sounds like E.Y.E.S. of Mars and Gall Force. Freaky stuff.

12-10-2009, 12:44 AM
Sounds like E.Y.E.S. of Mars and Gall Force. Freaky stuff.

Sweet thanks dude, I have been looking for these for a while.

12-12-2009, 08:20 PM
Heres some additional source for you. You might need it later on.

12-14-2009, 10:15 PM
Heres some additional source for you. You might need it later on.

Thanks good source. You should contribute to the source thread it would be a great contribution.