12-08-2009, 02:59 AM
Where the HELL in Final Fantasy V do you find Rajiformes?

I'm currently in the Pyramid. This is supposedly where Rajiformes is found. None of the guides I've read tell me which floor, or which part of which floor, or anything like that. The only clue I've found is a cryptic comment on Gamefaqs about "The Lower Part of the Pyramid". Note: There are NO wild encounters on B1. I've searched for ages on Floor 1, and there aren't any Rajiformes there, either. No enemies on floor 2, no Rajiformes on floor 3, no enemies on floor 4. By floor 5, I wouldn't consider myself on the lower part.

Where is the Rajiformes?

PS: does anyone have a FFV Advance save at the beginning of World 3, before entering Tycoon Castle? If so, can you upload it?

PPS: This game has the best quotes ever!

Edmond Dantes
12-17-2009, 03:11 PM
can't really help ya as I've only played V like, once. good game though. i wouldn't get miffed at it just because of the Bestiary though. try lookin' at gameFAQs, or something like that.