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I've often heard it said that Tactics takes place a long time after FFXII. I can't really explain that, though, based on the fact I always thought it took place a long time before FFXII. Based solely on the fact that the Tactics world seems to be less technologically advanced, or at least what I've seen of it is.

Then again, I haven't even played past the first chapter yet - maybe I'll be able to form better ideas once I do so. I'm working on it now, but I have so little time to play...

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I presumed FFXII takes place thousands of years before FF Tactics, for several reasons that are mentioned in FFT. The most obvious, is the fact that moogles and all the other myriad races of Ivalice shown in FFXII, do not exist in FFT's time.

A clue to this is actually given when clicking on one of the location points on FFT's World Map (I can't remember which place it is), mentions that 'now extinct moogles once lived here.' So, it's assumed that the moogles and other races like the viera, bangaa etc have long since died out, only leaving humans as the sole race of Ivalice.

Another hint at FFT being set in the far future of FFXII is the many references in FFT to a past civilization that once existed in Ivalice, which had been highly advanced from a technological standpoint (building amongst other things, airships and robotic technology), but was eventually destroyed in a cataclysm at least a thousand years before (the same one that apparently leveled the Murond temple). Relics from this civilization are gradually being unearthed at Goug Machine City by engineers like Mustadio, and reused in the current era; firearms in particular.

It should also go without saying that FFT's final dungeon, the Graveyard of Airships, also shows that FFXII is set in Ivalice's distant past.

That's just what I presume though - the whole 'Ivalice' canon is rather confusing personally, mainly owing to the fact when FFT was first developed, the developers never considered it that it would later be part of a much larger continuity, so most of this has been retroactively applied.

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That makes sense - like I say, I haven't played very far into FFT yet, so I've yet to see all this evidence. Should be interesting when I get there...

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I would seem the whole Ivalice thing as Chronicles in alternatives ways of perspective & paralel storylines rather than timeline continuity storyline, I enjoy a lot the FFT, XII & Vagrant Story from the Ivalice lore, TA & the other titles don't get my attention because they don't have the level of maturity as the other ones that I've mentioned. (I think I even hate them)

If you wanna put the pieces together you may find things that they're not going to match, but if you see it the way I see it you will find yourself enjoying a masterpiece trilogy. Storylines with emphasis on different things yet with many references to other elements that you enjoy a lot.

If you wanna see it as a timeline, XII - FFT - Vagrant Story, but things won't fit together perfectly.

XII - Genesis of the World of Ivalice (in terms of storyline not in game development because we all know the real genesis would be FFT), lot's of magic, many races, etc..

FFT - The transition of Ivalice from purely colourful magic to a darker one little by little & the start of a Dark Age.

Vagrant Story - The complete fall of the magic, the Dark Ages, the magic is a hidden aspect of the world, only humans are alive & mystic creatures are just things from the books.

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Back to the FFXII and FF Tactics, I would say that they are not necessarily set in the same time line. I believe that the "Ivalice Alliance" simply means that the games are using the same names for characters and locations and such, not that they go together as Part 1, Part 2, etc... If you look, the Lucavi in Tactics are demons, but they are the same characters as the espers from FFXII (Belias, Ultima, Zalera). Speaking of summons, Tactics had Shiva, Ifrit, Ramuh, and the like while FFXII had Belias, Ultima, and Zalera, and the others from that group. The only time the "classic" summons were mentioned in FFXII was in the airship names. Also, in the remake of Tactics (The War of the Lions), Balthier from FFXII is a "hidden" character. That throws any 1000 year gap between the two out of the question unless they somehow found a way to travel through time.

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Yeah I think there is no time line like wolfmaster said. Its just a couple of games on the same continent

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