12-15-2009, 03:49 PM
Megatone album Total Sensory Void now released on netlabel Time Theory. The album is released with a fragment of a science-ficton-mystical story by Marcel Gherman, added below.

Album �Total Sensory Void� is about experiments with sensory deprivation. Technoshamanism is a domain that explores visionary voyages, altered states of consciousness and hypnotic trance induced by technological means. There have been conducted experiments in which a subject was introduced in a water tank, with eyes covered and a breathing mask, isolating him from all sensory signals. During the first 15 minutes the subject�s mind was dominated by residual thoughts. After that came a period of discomfort and panic, which, if overcome, was followed by a series of unbelievable visions. Avicena stated in a text that if a person would be suspended in void, with no sensory impulses, that person would still be conscious of his self and of the fact that he exists.
The album is a single morphing repetitive pulse generated out of a sine. It is inspired by a short story in progress by Marcel Gherman. An excerpt from this story follows:

He woke up in an endless ocean of void. He was suspended in nothingness, surrounded by a monolith of absolute darkness and silence. There was no up or down. His mind tried in vain to grasp a point of orientation.
There was no memory. Only the conscience of his self and the awareness that he existed. He felt his breath inhaling slowly an air without scent. Then he became aware of the silent pulse of his heart, beating monotonously in the rhythm of a muffled drum. So a few long moments passed by.
Gradually the walls of darkness began to close in on him. He felt a discomfort that turned into panic. His limbs started shaking, his muscles were contracting in violent spasms. Flashes of tremendous pain were piercing throughout his body. His perception drifted in chaos.
Then the tormenting pain dissipated like a fading storm, passing into a state of absolute calm. A profound feeling of bliss took over him. He breathed slowly.
Suddenly he saw a faint light in the distance. He wasn�t sure if it was real or just a mirage. Then he understood that it wasn�t his natural eyes, but the eye of his mind that was watching it. The light became closer and he saw a gigantic luminescent medusa floating in void towards him.