01-06-2010, 02:29 PM
Alright so I looked for a code to set my party's Hp permanantly to 9999 in late 2008, could never find one that worked for my PAL(UK) version of the game.
Mainly because everyone seems to only submit North American codes for that stuff.
I got tired of searching for so long & played through it normally in the end, but I've finished it now & want to finally replay with those codes, but again I've been searching for a long time & haven't found a thing.

I have the Xploder V5 & the codes I've been playing about with (that work) have been using this Master code, if it's of any importance:

76000960 00000000
983BD7A5 78222193

So if anybody could please tell me a working code that edits the HP permenantly to 9999 for the party AND is savable, for PAL(UK) region please.
Thanks for any help. :)