Q-Tip Trepe
01-12-2010, 12:03 AM
Favourite Character
1. Ricard Highwind <3
2. Mateus
3. Leon

Favourite Location
1. Cyclone!
2. Pandaemonium
3. Salamand

Favourite Piece of Music
1. Main Theme...
2. Pandaemonium
3. Revivification :3

Copy & Paste ~

01-12-2010, 12:50 AM
Firion has a message for you. "I feel it in my blood! A world full of wild roses!" (Note: Firion never had a dream full of wild roses. He was dreaming about how Jecht was so hot that even the guys want him.)

AH-hem...on a more serious note...


Firion: Yay, main character, he's cool and stuff
Guy: I always dual-equipped Guy with axes. Whenever he attacked, I would visualize it as Guy leaping at the opponent from above and hurtling down towards them, with two axes spinning rapidly in either hand, an animal roar coming from his mouth, a wild look in his eyes, and just these two axes that Guy is whirling around in his hands so fast that it looks like a solid blur, and he's just getting closer and closer, but the enemy only gets to observe this for a few seconds because after that they are in several pieces.
Mateus: The genius mastermind of Final Fantasy series. Poisoned an entire civilization to get rid of them - before Kefka was even conceived of. Got slaughtered by Firion and co like some weak villain and sent to hell - and killed the Devil and took the frikkin place over as Emperor of frikkin Hell. And he did the same thing with Heaven - except, who did he kill to take over heaven? God himself? I mean, that basically means Kefka, who I thought was the only FF villain to successfully become a god, actually came in second - again. (On the other hand, while FFII came out before FFVI, FFVI came out before Dawn of Rebirth, so maybe Kefka was the first.) For all his lipstick and high heels, Emperor is completely badass. And that isn't even mentioning how he manipulated basically the entire Destiny Odyssey story mode in Dissidia Final Fantasy - with the end result being the death of the Goddess of Harmony herself. As he says to the heroes, "Who do you think led you to your crystals?"

Honorable mention to Leila.

Coming in last are Josef, who is butt-ugly, and Borghen or whatever that asshole's name was, who was a complete asshole jerk traitor etc.

Also, Angel-Mateus needs more love. Where is the fanart? Were there even any references in Dissidia to that form? Does anyone even care about Dawn of Rebirth?

Locations: You spend the first half of the game in Altair, so that really felt like home to me. I was shocked when the cyclone flattened it. I was like, "Everyone from the rebellion fled...but what about the townspeople? What about Tobul the blacksmith?" (I later found him again...in the afterworld in Dawn of Rebirth. Sad.)
Pandemonium: Such a cool place. I loved it!
Jade Passage: It was just...a really cool place. But not as cool as Pandemonium

Honorable mention goes to Mysidia.


Battle 2: You're facing the final boss (Well, I think - I heard that this theme is a regular boss theme in the original NES version?), the personification of Hell itself, the man behind all your suffering, from your adoptive parents dying to your world being practically conquered, and you know if you don't defeat him, nobody else can. You've got Ultima - He's got Starfall. You've got the Blood Sword (I hope, for your own sake...) - He's got the combined power of the underworld itself. And up above in the heavens, your dead comrades are going through the same struggle - and your will to keep going is the only thing that stops them from giving in to the Emperor's offer. You must prevail!
Battle A - A new boss theme for the remakes. It's really, really, good. I think. I might be thinking of Battle B. The one that sounds vaguely arabic and plays during the fight against Borghen is NOT the one I'm talking about. The epic-sounding one that plays during the fight against the Behemoth at the Emperor's arena IS the one I'm talking about.

Let me see...yeah. It's Battle A.
Pandemonium: This is just one of the greatest final dungeon music pieces ever. YES.

Honorable mentions: Rebel Army Theme, Finale (If you don't agree with me, listen to the vocal version, "Love Will Grow"), normal Battle theme, Princess' Seduction (That scene, and Leila's comments on it, was hilarious), Tower of the Magi, Dungeon, Revivification

Musical pieces that I don't like: Main Theme, Imperial Theme, Battle Scene B

Q-Tip Trepe
01-12-2010, 12:54 AM
Also, Guy speak beaver.

Main theme is epic :X

Battle 2 / Final Battle is probably my 4th :3

And I agree Mateus is one of the better villains.

01-12-2010, 10:03 PM
Supposedly Guy was raised by wolves or something. I've alway wondered how that translates into "I understand all other animals, too" or even "I was raised by wolves, so I speak...beaver?" But, as much sense as it didn't make, it was still pretty hilarious.

Main Theme sorta depresses me. I like a more upbeat theme.

01-13-2010, 06:57 AM
Ahh, nice to see FFII get a nice chance in the spotlight for once. One of my fondest FF titles, mainly due to its sheer nostalgic charm. This one is from the days when a game didn't need to look flashy and cool in order to be flashy and cool. All it needed was what it has, and it wound up being great. I think that's what makes the first three so amazing, even with far less focus on story than the later titles. Now, I can only base my choices her off of the Dawn of Souls remake, which is the only version I've played (or intend to play, as every iteration has basically been the same).

Favorite Character
1. Ricard Highwind
2. Firion
3. Minwu

Favourite Location
1. Fynn
2. Bafsk
3. Salamand

Favourite Piece of Music
1. The Rebel Army
2. Town Theme
3. Castle Theme (I think that's what they call it; first heard in Kashuan Keep I believe)