01-22-2010, 04:14 AM
...who knows how to work with/draw/animate layered sprites and images (such as what you would see in Photoshop, or Fireworks, or Gimp, etc.). I need someone who is willing to work diligently with my indie-game development team via internet, and someone who is willing to do this for free (but will be credited, and may have his or her work/website/information linked to from our website when it launches with this game in October). My team and I plan to release this first game as a freeware project, but we are going to have all future projects and media be purchasable. At the moment, I am supplying all of the game's writing, music, graphics, and animation. The game is 2D, and is a side-scrolling adventure game. However, I need help with animating, or at all possible, drawing sprites in general. If you opt to draw sprites for us, I'll need to see how well you adapt to the game's art style before I just blatantly let you go at it. I am generally not very skilled with animation, and there is a lot of animating to be done if we want this game to come out the way we're planning for it to. If you have an account with an instant messaging program such as AIM, or MSN, that would be very, very helpful. We plan to release the game before October of this year, so we need help asap. Apologies if this is asking too much for a free project, but if anyone has the time and is bored enough to do it, we'd be in your debt.

For more information on the project and the "job", please contact me through one of the following:

My AIM username is: ProgFragile
My MSN username is:
My Skype account is: ProgMoog

If you do not have any of these, replying here is better than e-mailing me. I'd prefer to work with someone I can instant message, however.

Thanks FFS!