01-25-2010, 05:41 AM
It's a recently completed FF game mod I enjoyed and this is a FF community, so I figured I should post this here.

Basics of LFT:

- Completely rebalances classes, skills and equipment. The original FFT balance was questionable at best - after more than a year of finetuning the game has a whole new layer of interesting tactical decisions to make.
- Monsters are appropriately buffed and made much more viable as player characters.
- Both of the above apply to the enemies fought as well, of course. Story battles have been carefully tuned to provide varied types of challenges - difficulty is generally on the high end of vanilla FFT scale, but not overly so.
- Chapter 4 Beowulf Sidequest and Deep Dungeon now contain very powerful optional fights for those desiring a greater challenge.
- Various measures have been taken to make facets of gameplay more accessible: Every class has innate Gained JP UP, advanced classes have reduced unlocking requirements, poaching is no longer divided into common and rare items, you do not need Secret Hunt active to enter a fur shop, among others.

LFT Patch (
Patcher program (
Patch homepage - contains complete changelog and reference documents. (