02-10-2010, 09:36 PM
I've figured out Agito's battle system. Watch this (

Near the end of the trailer we see some in-game battle footage. I have surmised the following:

1. The battle system will be a hybrid of real-time and active-time battle. If you look closely you'll see that commands are mapped out to individual buttons, and you use those to attack in real-time.Sort of like Kingdom Hearts except more simple, since it doesn't appear to have sub menus. However, there is also an active-time bar for each character; at first glance they look like health bars but they aren't, as you can see it reloading and it doesn't match with some of the character's health numbers. Apparently we will be able to control multiple characters but have to wait for their bars to reload after use. You probably switch characters using the R and L buttons. The layout of the HUD also looks similar to Crisis Core's and, also in the vain of Crisis Core, you probably "enter battle mode" when you encounter enemies while roaming.

2. It will have a draw/junctioning system. If you can read Japanese, you'd know one of the commands in the character's command menu is blizzard, and it has the number 6 next to it, meaning you have 6 blizzard attacks left in your stock. I personally found FFVIII's draw/junctioning system interesting so I can't wait for this.

So Agito is looking to be really robust in it's gameplay and I can't wait to get my hands on it (hopefully this year, along with The 3rd Birthday). What's interesting is that we had a "leak" not too long ago describing this exact same battle system to a tee, except it was supposedly for Versus and was confirmed to be fake. Maybe the leak wasn't fake but was really referring to Agito's battle system?