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Not music I know, but perhaps someone is interested anyway. Included are are seven short stories (official), On the Way to a Smile, taking place between Final Fantasy VII and Advent Children: Case of Denzel, Case of Tifa, Case of Barret, Case of Nanaki, Case of Yuffie, Case of Shinra and Case of Lifestream, plus The Maiden Who Travels the Planet, which is about Aerith's journey through the lifestream.

On the Way to a Smile is written by Kazushige Nojima and The Maiden... by Benny Matsuyama. All credit for the translation goes to LH Yeung, a.k.a Xcomp. I just prefer to have them in PDF-format, so I did some formatting, corrected some errors and made some cover art for each one.

02-23-2010, 05:17 PM
As you said this doesn't belong in the music forum since it's not music, so it'll probably be moved either into most likely the Final Fantasy VII forum...but I appreciate you sharing these. Downloading now!

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Thank you, Mobb ;D!