03-16-2010, 02:25 PM
In FF13 gil is not so easy acquired as it is in the earlier games.

Part way through the game there is definately a way to earn some gil through gathering incentive chips/credit chips from psicom. However once you get through the game the gil seems to dry up somewhat. Besides some of the hunts or items found through digging on a chocobo.

There is but a way that you can nab yourself high amounts of gil and you do not have to be of an extremely high level.

You will notice in the main area of gran pulse that there are giant walking turtle looking things called the oretoise species or something.

There are basically three types, the ones that do not have chains around there ankles are quite easy to defeat, but these ones are not who you want to take down.

The two larger adamantoise or adamantortoise (I think that is wat they are called) drop an item called a platinum ingot. These sell for 150K each!

So how do you take down these monsters at a low level?

There is a slight bit of luck involved but it is possible..

You will need to have your party consisting of:
Venille, Snow and Hope

The paradigms you will want to use are:
Sabatour, Sentinel, Synergist
Sabatour, Sentinel, Medic
Medic, Sentinel, Medic

Now you basically want to spam the Death spell which is Venille's special ability in her Sabatour role.

If you are of a low level then you will want to use your summon as soon as the battle starts, this will take out the legs without you even doing anything, then use gestalt mode and use your ultimate move on him straight up. It wont do much damage to him but the point is that you want to get your party up against him before he gets back on his feet.

Use this time to buff up ur characters with ur Synergist and start spamming death.

Now you can equip Venille's weapon which improves debuffing, the weapon can be bought from the weapon shop for about 30K i think. If you like you may also upgrade this weapon once as its second teir will have "improved buffing 2". I tried some battles with and without this weapon and here were my results.

1st battle - Without weapon - 14mins in death took him down
2nd battle - Without weapon - 22mins
3rd battle - With weapon - 1 min 23 sec
4th battle - With weapon - 2 min 29 sec
5th battle - With weapon - 14 min
6th battle - With weapon - 2 min 19 sec
7th battle - With weapon - 8 min 55 sec
8th battle - With weapon - 12 min 13 sec

With the weapon you can see that i did manage to take him down a lot faster, besides the 14 min and 12 min battle...

Also you will want to have the Collector Catalog equiped onto one of your characters (still have to try the difference with having it on more than one player)

You should grab a platinum ingot every couple of battles. It may seem tedious but 150000 gil in 15mins to half an hour is a lot in this game.

After the 8 battles i have 4 ingots. Totalling 600000 gil in a little over an hour.

Good luck with it.

03-16-2010, 03:04 PM
12 battles, no platinum ingots and no trapezohedrons.
i guess this is just bad luck ;[ (i have both drop increasing accessories equipped btw)

03-16-2010, 05:14 PM
I tried the same thing.. take off ur rare drop increasing one..

for some reason i had it on for four battles and received nothing..

In my last 6 battles i have picked up 2 ingots and one trapezohedron, my first one of the game, and i only had one collectors catalog equiped...

Plus my players are now good enough to take them on without death.. however it took me about 16 minutes to take one down.. death is usually quicker than that.

03-16-2010, 07:26 PM
Any gil earning secrets before this?? I just finished the cut scene with Sazh

03-16-2010, 07:38 PM
before this you just have to be at that spot where you can farm credit chips and incentive chips.

03-18-2010, 03:43 PM
Just some additional information on earning some gil..

Mission 63 is taking down an adamantortoise.. The first time you take him down you get a genji glove. But everytime after that you get a gold nugget. which means 60K.. Plus it is another adamantortoise to take down from platinum ingots. Although at least you are definately going to get 60K each time you beat him..

The mission is at the place where you meet the fish Falcie. It is the place you go to right before the big tower annoying fucking part of the game.. I have no idea what missions you have to do in order to unlock this one, so just do a few and see if it is up. There is also an easy mission to do in this area which you can use to teleport back to the "calm lands" as i call the area with all of the oretoise.

This way it will add another oretoise to the map and he is just as easily defeated.

I now have picked up 3 traps, and a lot of platinum ingots. I have been able to completely upgrade one weapon, and half way through a second.

03-23-2010, 12:28 PM
i found that alot of the treasures that you dig up while riding the chocobo are Gold Nuggets and Gold Dust, which sell for 60k and 10k each i think. also alot of Plush Cactaurs which sell for 12k i think.

also i seemed to have 2 Platinum Ingots in my inventory previous to ariving at the Steppe, i hadnt beat any Admantoise by this time. where did i actually aquire them? i figure they must have been from a boss at some point.