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Speaking of Louis Vuitton's classic article, I believe we first thought on? * Eight signs styles introduced a luxury brand bags to avoid the embarrassment of not being hit by packages of big well-known classic leather bags LV-old flower what is material Fendi Lover Day Forever Rose French handbag brand handbag Lanvin bags introduced the New Year in early spring big red bag recommends eight luxury brand purse bag signature style introduced to avoid the embarrassment of not being hit by the big well-known classic LV bag what is an old flower skin Valentine's Day Forever Rose Material Fendi handbag handbag brand Lanvin France introduced the New Year in early spring with red bag big bag recommendation is Speedy series. LV's Speedy since its birth to the present day has been 70 years of history, but the limelight not diminished, but also increasingly become an essential handbag party who shall oh. In 1930, Louis Vuitton ( bag speedy birth of the first paragraph, it is a compact, yet stylish fashion style immediately attracted the vast majority of people's attention. As more and more people to love, it also became a successful transformation of people's everyday handbag, Speedy large space, practicality, just adapt to the fast-paced attitude towards life can be called moving storage boxes, and women of all would like to install the next dream is inside. Speedy is still used in the classic Monogram canvas LV series, the arc shape to make room for more spacious handbag. In addition to the classic LV ( outside the old pattern, Speedy Check there are the classic chess, of course, on some limited models also make use of leather and patent leather material. Speedy is currently a total of four size, respectively, 25, 30, 35 and 40. In general, Speedy 30 the size of the most suitable for use as an everyday handbag, 35 and 40, more like a travel bag, while 25 of the Speedy, was in 1965, Audrey Hepburn asked Henri-Louis Vuitton for her scheduled make a trumpet of the Speedy bag, from, Speedy 25 was born. In general, Speedy 30 handbag will be able to meet daily needs on the 25th too small, while the 35 and 40 closer to the bag, all if you want to invest in a classic Speedy long-term use, the best choice on the 30th or the Oh. Of course, if you want to have a distinctive Speedy, there are many limited edition models to choose from, such as Takashi Murakami in 2005 in cooperation with the LV cherry bag, as well as fluorescent graffiti models introduced this year is absolutely the perfect combination of fashion and classic Oh.。

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