03-20-2010, 04:07 PM
what is the best way?

so what are the best methods of gaining large sums of CP in the fastest and easiest way possible?

what i mean is which battles earn you the largest amounts of CP with the least effort involved?

anyone found any good training methods?

best i can find is to fight everything on the western edge of the steppe which gives about 100k cp in half an hour.

but sureely there must be better ways?

03-20-2010, 09:28 PM
Best place by far is 'Maw of the Abyss', just past the Steppes when you arrive in Pulse's main area. It's the tunnel with the fork that leads to the Juggernaut.

The baddies in this area take seconds to beat (Hoplites mechs and those floating D20 bombs). And they net you BIG amounts of CPs for no effort at all.

This remains the easiest way to gather CPs for most of the game. When you're really, really tough later on, you'll probably want to grind in the last dungeon (The Tessaracts).

Seriously, just walk backwards and forwards beating the enemies in Maw of the Abyss for 3 quarters of an hour or so and you'll be maxed on your standard tracks, no problem.

Doing this does make the rest of the game a bit of a joke though.

03-20-2010, 10:52 PM
well i completed it, just gone back to finish the last few hunts. I will take a looksy at the Maw then cheers.

what i have been doing is killing the scrapping Behemoth king and 'big wolf thing' (megiosopod or something) near the entrance to the caves, get a fast 6600cp (less then a minute) stroll up to the chocobo and back and they will have respawned. i did get about 700k in 2hours...

hope this maw place is better then that though! :D i will check soon

edit: okay i checked. tis indeed a good way but i prefere my way tbh! my way is to have snow-light-fang in com-com-com (cerberus) walk into the said fighting beasts, get the pre-emt, whack whack whack, 6600cp thank you, walk to the chocobo and back, they have respawned. lava, rinse, repeat. for couple hours. i timed it. takes 50 seconds to kill them, then walk up the hill, and down again. so approx 6600cp per minute.

it takes about 700k to get from a lv4 to lv5 on the crystal grid. so about 2hrs work. but to get everyone maxed out? can only guess it will take millions of cp... days work! no no no.

but there must be a better way?? any completed D or C rank hunts that dish 10k+ cp that require minimal effort? by minimal effort i mean not having to switch parajisums during fight time.

03-21-2010, 05:45 AM
Unfortunately the best way to get CP is the way you just mentioned. Pre-empting the behomoth and big wolf thing.

However you may want to chuck on your growth egg in order to gain 13200 CP per battle.

Once your players are good enough you should start taking down the adamantortoise, adamantoise (the battles are enjoyable and with the right tactic should last for about 3 minutes) 80000 CP per battle with your growth egg on. And a chance to grab yourself platinum ingots which sell for 150000 gil and possibly some trapazehodrons or however you spell that, which are used to upgrade to third tier weapons. This is how i maxed out my roles and how i got the gil for upgrading to 3rd tier weapons.

Note that if you complete mission 56-62 then you will have awaken the long gui and they are no easy battle, they will replace most of your adamantoise in the 'calm lands' or steppe whatever its called.

If you haven't got the growth egg you need to take down the neochu i think it is called in mission 55.. The Cieth stone is in Oerba Village, Towards the end of the village there is a house, the stone is on top of that house. If your players are under levelled and you want to take out the neochu the easiest way is to spam him with death as he is susceptible to it. But first take out his little minions. And do not waste ur TP because you will need to use dispelga in the battle when he uses his pollen move.

03-21-2010, 07:48 PM

thanks for the growth egg tip. dont know how i missed that 'fayth' or c'ieth stone whatever its called. still cant manage to kill an admontoise though... think i need a good tactic!

so the long guis are even hard when your fully maxed out? they give off good amounts of gil or items or anythin??

03-26-2010, 03:32 AM
the items they give are the same as there counter parts in the adamantoise. The CP they give will not be of any use to you because by the time you are fighting them it is most likely that all your players will be maxed out.

Yes they are hard with fully maxed out players. although with the right strategy they can go down pretty quick.