Emanuel Mendiola
03-28-2010, 11:35 PM
In Final Fantasy Dissidia, how do you beat level 110 Chaos?

Darth Revan
03-29-2010, 12:57 AM
Level grind: Get your level as high as you can. Increased level = increase to all stats, helping you to deal out damage, as well as increase to your HP.

Equipment: Get the best equipment possible as well as summons and other such items.

Luck: Even with the highest level character you have, with the best equipment/spells/etc, luck still plays a big role.

03-29-2010, 07:24 AM
Even with all that you still need some skill to beat him. He can still pretty much two-hit KO you. So you gotta be careful.

04-19-2010, 04:51 PM
(If you're trying this under lvl100 then theres something wrong). But if not.

Use Gabranth with instant full EX-gauge (using accessories from the shop), You should be able to rush in and break him with ease.

The instant EX will be replenished for each stage of the fight.

If ya wanna be cheap that is...

Galad�n Nimcelithil
09-02-2010, 02:20 AM
Very simple. If you are not level 100 it is next to impossible to beat Chaos at level 110.

If you have characters that are level 100 then it better be Sephiroth you are fighting with because he is the fastest dodger, blocker and attacker.
I have given detailed instructions to a strategy that I found worked very well. However this strategy is unique to Sephiroth and will not work fully with any other character. I haven't perfected a strategy for them yet, but I'm getting there with Cloud and Terra.

Bravery and Attacking Abilities: These are your bread and butter really and putting the right commands in the right slot is vital. Of course you should put them in whatever slot suits you, however this is the combination that I find works best.

Ground Bravery abilities:
O- Reaper
O and forward- Fervent Blow

Air Bravery abilities:
O- God speed
O and up- Oblivion
O and down- Sudden Cruelty

Ground Attack abilities:

Square button- Octaslash
Square button and forward- Scintilla (this is not really necessary but it can be used to break up a cycle of combat and catch Chaos off guard)
Don't bother with Black Materia, there isn't enough time to activate it.

Air Attack Abilities
Square button- Octaslash
Square and up- Heaven's Light
Square and Down- Hell's Gate

Other abilities.
The most important abilities to have on (besides the ones you have had to use at the very start like Aerial Dodge, Ground Block, Aerial Block and all that) are Speed Boost+++, Jump Boost+++ (Jump Boost++ works too depending on the amount of CP you can spare- but obviously the bigger the better), Control Recovery and Omni Air Dash. No other abilities in this section is really needed except for the very basic ones used for dodging and blocking. Take off Air Dash too to save CP it isn't much use in The Edge of Maddness. You can also put on Jump Times Boost if you have enough CP at the end of activating ALL the necessary abilities.

Take off Always Target Indicator to save CP. Chaos is huge you'll know where he is.
You'll definitely need Ex Core Lock on so make sure you have it activated.
Other handy abilities to have on in this section is, Auto Recovery, Auto Ex Command Omega (if you have it- if you don't try and learn Auto Ex Command to learn this ability) and Auto Ex Defense Omega (the same goes for this ability as the last). These abilities give you a break in the fight and peace of mind that you don't have to worry about getting that aspect right.

These are not COMPLETELY necessary but they WILL make your life a lot easier to achieve critical hits.
What I would recommend is:
Ex Critical Boost, Precision Jump, Counter Attack (only if you have a lot of CP), Cat Nip and Exp to HP (this one is absolutely necessary don't go in there without it)
Riposte is nice to have but if you want to equip it familarise yourself with which of Chaos's moves you can block first. Sneak Attack is also a good ability to use but make sure you are quick to exploit his weakness when his back is too you. I personally don't think that this happens enough times to warrent it.

Now we will look at your equipment. You may want to equip strong wepons that you have brought from the shop or got as Artifacts. However I find that having a full Ex Gauge really saves you in a tight spot. So using the equipment that gives the extra perameters of Imp's Blessing will give you an Ex Force intake range of a whopping 15m. The wepons you need to equip to give you Imp's Blessing are, (sword)- Impartisan, (shield)- Turtoise Shield, (helmet)- Saucer and (armour)- Reed Cloak. You can get these in the Duel Colosseum in the Lunar Whale course.

Now for Accessories. The important things to keep in mind here are your Ex Gauge, Attack Force and CP. So here is a list of accessories you shoul equip ranging from very important to not so important. Make sure you have all 10 accessory slots.
1. Champion Belt- Very Important for boosting up Sephiroth's attacking strength.
2. Muscle Belt x2/ x1 (depending on slot space)- again this boosts attacking strength
3. Gravity Orb- Very Important for Ex Gauge especially if you don't have Imp's Blessing. This has an Ex Force intake of 3m.
4. Attract Orb- Not really important at all if you have Imp's Blessing equiped.
5. Pearl Necklace- Very Important for Ex Gauge. This gives an Ex Force + 30% bonus.
6. Ivory Choker x2- Important but space prohibative if you have decided for 2 Muscle Belts instead. It gives an Ex Force + 15% bonus.
7. White Gem- This gives an Ex Force + 20% bonus. I recommend to equip this instead of 2 Ivory Chokers.
8. Close to You- Not very important but it helps if you have the space for it. It has saved my life once or twice. It draws in Ex Force while you are attacking and being attacked to fill up your Ex Gauge.
9. Arcane Resin- Full Ex Gauge at the start of fights. Very Important.
10. Hero's Spirit x2- Very Important if you do not have enough CP to equip the abilities I have mentioned above. It gives a CP +20 bonus.
11. Hero's Essence- CP +40 bonus
12. Golden Hour Glass- Not very important but usefull in prolonging your Ex Mode duration. (there is also a Silver Hour Glass which can be equiped also, but that depends on space. It isn't as effective as the Golden Hour Glass.)

So there is the list of accessories I would use. There are more Special accessories that can be useful like Strum und Drang but I don't have them yet so it just goes to show that this method works without them. Don't waste space on booster equipment when fighting Chaos I find they never work out. There are also accessories that you can use to make your initial bravery higher at the start of the fights but again I have never used them.
So what I have actually equiped in the past would be:
1. Gravity Orb
2. Pearl Necklace
3. Champion Belt
4. Muscle Belt
5. Muscle Belt
6. Golden Hourglass
7. White gem
8. Close to You
9. Hero's Essence
10. Arcane Resin

Last note on abilities and accessories. The more abilities you have mastered the less space you have to use to equip Hero's Spirits and Hero's Essences. Which means more space for attacking or Ex Gauge accessories. The quick way to master abilities is to fight a whole bunch of low leveled characters with the accessories Diamond Ring and Beckoning Cat equipped. This is best done on a Bonus day or an AP day.

There are only five summons that are usefull against Chaos and I have a method for each.

Magic Pot: This comes in handy if you find that he just keeps breaking you. Copy bravery at 9999 and try to kill him with a quick HP move (preferrably Heaven's Light) or you can let Chaos hit you with a move that you can block and make him stagger when you activate your Ex Burst (obviously you quickly follow it up with an Octaslash) DON'T press square and use up your Ex Gauge. You don't need too as you've already defeated him in that stage with a 9999 HP move (This is actually easy to forget in the heat of the moment. I'm not being condensending). However, if you have Arcane Resin equipped it fills your Ex Gauge full for the next stage so you may use your Ex Mode to recover HP. This tactic should only be used as a last resort, preferrably at the Last Stage. It may save your life but it may also cost it.

Shiva: This freezes his bravery growth. The best time to use this is either before he reaps in a lot of Bravery Points or after he has hit you with a HP hit. If you use it before he has much bravery make sure you have a full Ex Gauge as you may be able to keep him broken long enough to kill him. The Ex Mode will hopefully break him and after wards use the chase method (that I'll explain later) to keep his bravery in check. However, if you use it to freeze his bravery after he hits you (hopefully with a small HP hit) you can break him without the use of Ex Gauge and use the chase method again to keep his bravery in check. This way you can keep the Ex Burst for a more desperate situation. It all depends on his bravery and your judgment.

Demon Wall: This ensures that he doesn't deplete your bravery or break you for a length of time. This is best used as a back up plan if he is one break away from killing you. Don't wait until he is two or three bravery moves from a KO HP hit. This is tough to gauge but with practice it becomes easier.

Death Gaze: This breaks him if his bravery is a multiple of 5. You will have to gauge yourself when it is best to use this summon as it does really depend on the fight itself. Sorry about that. If I were to give any advice it would to be ro use it on the last stage.

Carbuncle: Copies your bravery to his. The best use for this is straight after you've hit him with a HP move. Try to break him then. However if you find that he has either just too much bravery too your liking or that he has a chance for victory use it then as well. Good Luck, as this again depends on your judgement.

There are other summons that may suit your fighting style better, but again these are the ones I would recommend. For me Magic Pot works the best to give me the victory chance I need.

Last of all, the method in which to fight Chaos using Sephiroth.

Firstly you MUST have Speed Boost+++ (for added agility), Sudden Cruelty and Octaslash equipped for this to work.
Secondly, take the time out to read the in game battle tips on how to gauge Chaos's moves. This will help you know what you can or can't block and dodge and thus give you an insight on when to attack and use the Ex Burst.
Thirdly, practice Chase until you are a pro.

99.99% of the time (well there is always a first) Chaos's first move is an easily dodgable bravery move. Try to get close to him just before he starts his second move and press O and down for Sudden Cruelty, then follow up the chase. To start with (and this completely depends on the flow of Chase) try and get enough Bravery so that one Chase bravery move doesn't break you. After you have, say above 1250 Bravery points, break out the HP hit. Place your Chase HP hits (and Bravery hits) so that you Wall Rush him close to where you are. This pins him to the stage for a second or two which gives you enough time to immediately follow in with another Sudden Cruelty and subsequently with another Chase. If he blocks before you get a chance to use Sudden Cruelty quickly activate your Ex Burst to stagger him before HE has the chance to hit you. Then go in for the kill with a HP move. Depending on where you are in the fight and what you have equipped you can activate Ex Mode then or not, again it's up to your judgement.
So basically you'll be going around the Edge of Maddness locked in Chase after Chase with Chaos. This method stops him from using his REALLY onfair HP and Bravery moves against you and makes the playing field a lot more even. Now what to do if you Wall Rush Chaos too far away from you to use Sudden Cruelty in time. First off, don't loose the head and go rushing in to start up a new Chase, this might get you killed. Wait for him to do his next move. If he's broken you can be very sure it will be a Bravery attack but if not it may be a Bravery or HP attack. If it is a Bravery attack just dodge quickly out of his way (the abilities I've mentioned above will serve you beautifully here) and go in then to start up another Chase sequence. If it is a HP attack you will either have to get to hit him quickly with a God Speed (because you'll probably be in the air), or you'll have to dodge like crazy or even activate an Ex Burst (again Ex Mode depends on circumstances). This is where Selphie's battle tips against Chaos comes in handy. You'll be able to know what move he's doing and act accordingly. After HP move start the Chase again.
As you know Wall Rush also takes HP away but always leaves 1HP behind. Therefore you cannot kill Chaos with a Chase (when in a Chase mode Chaos will always dodge your HP hit if you have a chance for victory, ie. Bravery is Blue). So this is how you finish him off without worrying about his unfair moves destroying all your work. Get him in the Chase sequence with Sudddn Cruelty, like you have been doing, and hit with bravery moves (99.99% of the time he won't dodge these because he is programed to dodge HP attacks). On your last Bravery move BE SURE to Wall Rush him. While he is pinned to the wall follow on with an Octaslash. Even if he blocks in time, Octaslash will crush his defences leaving you the victor! If the first Chase sequence doesn't bring this around try again in another. Remember you have the upper hand and you have also a summon to call on too not to mention the fact that your Ex Gauge fills up in no time, especially with all those Chases. Your abilities are strengthening you at the same time eg. Exp to HP so relax and take it easy.

Hints and Tips:
Just thought I'ld mention these tiny tips. Even if they are obvious the reminder wouldn't hurt.
1. While fighting Chaos make sure you have the Black Chocobo Play Plan up. This means that your Exp to HP Ability is a lot more effective.
2. Stay above Chaos as a lot of his moves are downward or horizontal moving. There are ecceptions to this rule of course but with Sudden Cruelty on the O and down buttons you may be able to stop him from going above you. If he does get above you though, discourage him with a few Heaven's Lights.
3. Defeating Chaos quickly is the key to this so that he doesn't get to use moves such as Inner Chaos against you.
4. If worse comes to worse remember that Sephiroth has Heartless Angel while in Ex Mode. So say that Chaos gets the better of you and starts to use his Whopper move. While he is all big and carrying out his long and involved move don't just stand there, start Heartless Angel IMMEDIATELY. His bravery turns to 1 and you only get hurt a little bit. There may be other times when you might be able to jump to the upper most reaches of the stage and activate Heartless Angel without him hitting you. Make sure you have a back up plan before you do this though.

That's all I can think of at the moment. If I find out or remember any other usefull tips I'll let you know.
This has been the first time I've given anyone advice so if it has worked or been usefull tell me. Alternatively if it has been too jumbled and confusing let me know as well so that in the future I might beb able to make it a little more coherent.
Thanks! :)

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Sorry, just to fix a stupid mistake I made. For obvious reasons you don't need to equip Auto Ex Defense when fighting Chaos. You probably already spotted this out and didn't waste the CP on it during your fights with Chaos.
I normally have it equipped for other battles but when I was going through the list of abilities in my last post I forgot to exclude it. My appologise.

11-07-2010, 06:06 PM
Well, I've been quite absent from the Shrine for a couple weeks due to vacationing out of state (and of course I missed out on our Halloween event, DAMMIT!) but now I'm back, and with an awesome new game in my library: DISSIDIA.

So it started out rough; I couldn't get the hang of the controls. But within a few battles, I was hackin' and slashin' like a pro. I'm really liking this game so far. I love seeing my favorite characters come to life in full color, voiced and all. So far I've completed four story modes; Warrior of Light, Cecil, Squall, and Tidus. And now, I'm about to delve into Terra's. I'm quite enjoying Arcade Mode and being whomever I desire. Pulverizing Cloud with Zidane and Cecil really hits the spot. I can't pick a favorite character so far, but I can say right now I HATE Exdeath, Kefka and Golbez. If Exdeath were that pathetic in combat in Final Fantasy V, there would've been no story because Bartz's father would've had the SOB dead in a heartbeat. I love playing as Warrior of Light, Cecil, Bartz, Squall, Zidane and Tidus, and as for the villainous entourage, Garland, Emperor, Cloud of Darkness, Jecht and Sephiroth are my forte. The ones not mentioned I either HATE or just don't care for, playing-wise. So, all in all, SE gets another big A+ from me for another awesome game.

11-07-2010, 06:42 PM
Exdeath isn't pathetic. If you know how to use him well, he's probably the strongest one in the entire game. It's just that his style is different, relying more on counters and everything.

11-07-2010, 06:47 PM
Don't get me wrong, I've tried time and again with him. It's gonna take me some serious getting used to, and his slow speed also hinders him quite a bit, but eventually I'm gonna try and master him. It took me by surprise how difficult he is to use, but maybe it's just that he requires a bit more skill than I've got at the moment.

11-07-2010, 10:56 PM
He moves a lot faster if you keep dodging all the time :D

For me, Jecht is the best. He's freaking awesome.

11-08-2010, 04:44 PM
Ah, you've got a point there. The constant shift between slow and fast is just awkward for me, but once I've been at it a while maybe I'll come back to him and try my hand at working him toward an invincible force. As for right now, my own personal favorite would have to be a tie between Squall and Warrior of Light. They both hit hard and drive it home, but there's something so pleasing about knocking the wind out of an opponent's sails with Warrior and then finishing them off with that magnificent Shield of Light that's just a little too satisfying. . . .