04-07-2010, 01:28 PM
Maybe this is interesting to some of you here :) (I hope so). First things first: All albums of the following musician are available for free at his homepage, or more concrete: on his website he has linked all his albums on upload platforms (russian ones but they are pretty easy to understand, type the captcha field and hit a link, that's it - no need to understand russian language ;) )

The russian musician SENMUTH is one which offers a very broad variety of genres in his music. We find ethnic (indian, asian, mayan, etc.), electronic, ambient, industrial, slightly metal and tons of other influences on his albums.
Most albums are completely instrumental and as such have a strong soundtrcak-like character and are very great in creating imagineries in your mind!
It may sound very strange but he has released about 60 (!!!) albums from 2004 up to now.

Having discovered his works just a few weeks ago, it is obvious that I haven't listened to all of these albums yet.
So, here's a very helpful link where someone listed most of his albums with a short info for each album's overall style:

My recommendations so far would be:
"Great Opposition of Mars" - very fine synth ambient with some droning/industrial guitars, offering a dark space atmosphere
"Kemet High Tech. Part I: Artefacts" & "Kemet High Tech. Part II: History Illusions" - both albums merging great space-like ambiance with ethnic sounds and some very little guitar parts, coming along as a strange version of what I would call "indian/asian version of a Blade Runner setting".

Anyway - take a look at the link for more infos about each albums and then head over to where you will find the download links!

Enjoy! :)

04-20-2010, 08:12 PM
Glad to see another Senmuth fan on the forums.

Found his album "Kami-No-Miti" years ago on Soulseek, I think, and decided to venture further. Most of his stuff is nothing special in my opinion but the speed he releases stuff is an honorable feat indeed. Still there are too many better ethnoambient artists for me to have the interest to check his latest album every 2 weeks.

Path of Satiam, Bark of Ra and RXG-242-11 would be my pics, though I have not listened to his newer stuff at all.