06-03-2010, 10:11 PM
The first one to Tales of the Otherworld: The Answer... Features Hubert Ozwell as the MC... (I'll just make it into different threads BECAUSE people reviewing and blah blah blah would get in the way of more chapters.)

Tales of the Otherworld � Chapter 1: What Goes On At Night

Hubert Ozwell was walking around the School Campus of Scaliene High School... He was a seemingly regular High School third year, at the normal age of seventeen...

Today, he was wearing his normal outside of School Outfit, fit for the Spring Time weather.... It was March and School was in session for another year tomorrow. His Outfit had short, white pants and a blue jacket. Hubert wore square glasses and had short, blue hair. He was wearing his white leather-type gloves and belt.

But, it was late at night really... Hubert didn't have the patience of sleeping at the moment, and that his Selected Dorm is only down the street from the school. Before leaving, Hubert remembered his only Male Dorm Mates, Yuri Lowell, Flynn Scifo, and Cress Albane, telling him not to go out. There had been rumors of strangers appearing at night and killing Students near the school. Hubert didn't believe in any of those �bogus� rumors. He just wanted to look at the campus before school the next day.

Hubert walked around for awhile, then he felt something behind him. He turned around quickly and found that nothing was there. Then he thought, Come down Hubert! There is nothing there! This is not like all that time seven years ago! Asbel isn't here right now... Sophie isn't here either... It's nothing related to that and none of it is true!

He started walking around some more, getting kind of scared at what might pop up behind him, in front of him, to his side, above him?! Or below him... He had his arms together, he wish he had a weapon or something to make himself feel safer.

Hubert walked to a tree and leaned up against there, with a long and heavy sigh. He thought that he should have listened to the other three and stayed in the Dorm! But then he kept telling himself that the rumors are nothing but a piece of crappy lies to him.

Another tree's leaves rustled. Hubert was curious, there was no wind blowing until a minute after the tree rustled. He felt a cold wind go down his back, he was getting very scared.

Then a shadow appeared in front of him.

�Who are you?� The Shadow asked, Hubert couldn't make out the Shadow's Shape/

�What are you?!� Hubert yelled as loud as he could. The wind was picking up like crazy now, blowing around the Shadow. It was revealed that the Shadow had long hair and a seemingly shape of a cape now. Hubert was getting curious now, at the same time as being scared of the Shadow figure.

�All will be revealed in due time...� The Shadow turned away, then a glimmer of red came from where the Shadow's eyes would be. Hubert freaked out huge at this and backed up some more, towards the school's gates.

�In due time?� Hubert asked in a very scared voice. The Shadow could tell he was scared and then answered...

�If you aren't dead before the time comes....� The Shadow said and started laughing a very evil and mysterious laugh. Before Hubert could say anything else, the Shadow disappeared into the Midnight's Shallow Moon....

�Wh-Who in the world was that...?! Or WHAT in the world was that?!� Hubert said to himself, and ran as fast as he could, with his head down and ran straight to the Dorm.

To their usual habit, Yuri Lowell and Flynn Scifo were still awake, they would always stay up late, but today, they were waiting for Hubert to come back. Cress had already gone to bed with the girls like an obedient student that he was.

Hubert tried opening the Dorm's Door, not bothering to get his keys out, shouted to the inside occupants, �Let me in, dammit!!�

Yuri heard his voice, as loud as it was, and got up to unlock the door. He put his ear up to it and said, �Who goes there?!�

�Yuri! I am not playing here!� Hubert shouted in a panic, �Let me in there at this damn moment!�

�Is that you there, Hubert?� Yuri asked, even though he already knew it was Hubert at the Dorm Door.

�Dammit Yuri!! Let me in there right now! And of course it's Hubert, you little dip shit!� Hubert yelled.

�Just let him in, I'm going to bed,� That was Flynn's excuse to get away from Yuri and Hubert's yelling. He stretched and walked up the store.

�Fine, fine,� Yuri opened the door in a complaint. As soon as he opened the door, Hubert flew into the room and up the stairs, and even passed up Flynn on his way to his room. Hubert's Room was at the end of the hallway, Flynn's was next to his, then it was Yuri's next to Flynn. Those were the only three male rooms in the Dorm. There were a lot more girls on the Third Story of the building.

�Wh-What the hell....?� Yuri scratched his head in a weird way, he was completely confused at anything that was going on. Then he decided to lock the bed and go to bed for the night.

In Hubert's Room, Hubert had a hard time going to bed. He was actually scared for once at what was going on. He hadn't been so scared since the time that happened seven years ago. He was shivering in his bed, freaked out...

After so much time being scared, he eventually went to bed, still scared out of his mind. For once out of his entire life... Hubert Ozwell, did not want to go to school in the morning.... But... He had the thought of the Shadowy Guy that he had an encounter with, he had nightmares all night long. He tried remembering the shape of the Shadow, he looked in the shape of one of the Second Year Teachers, one he had last year.... Jade Curtiss.... He was overcome with curiosity of what in the world was going on at school. Maybe, that made him want to go to school in the morning, and ask if anyone knew what in the world was going on!!



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