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Chapter 2

Tales of the Otherworld � Chapter 2: The Last Night

The next day...

Hubert was still kind of scared, but got up out of bed early, he wanted to get to school early, even though their Dorm was extremely close to the School in the first place.

Hubert Ozwell had been attending Scaliene High School for two previous years, as a First Year then Second Year, now he there for his Third Year and Final Year at the school...

He got out of bed and walked over to the closet and looked into it, looking for his School Uniform... He finally reached in and grabbed his uniform, it was a jacket and a regular undershirt of the student's choosing. Hubert's undershirt was blue, which was his favorite color. He put his shirt on and then was interrupted at the door. He heard who was on the other side knocking and heard a question, �Hubert! Let me in, now.�

�Y-Yuri?� Hubert asked, he didn't recognize that it was Yuri Lowell at the door. He had a hard trouble getting to things, he was still tied over on what happened the previous night.

�Who do you think it is?!� Yuri got snotty to Hubert, he was mad that Hubert didn't recognize him.

�O-Oh.... Come in,� Hubert said, not very steady at the moment. He was still shivering and shaking around, still scared...

�Alright. So, what happened last night?� Yuri walked into Hubert's Room, he was completely dressed, ready to go to school. Hubert was freaked out because Yuri was almost always late and wouldn't be dressed at the time, because he would always do it on purpose.

�N-Nothing!� Hubert shouted. Then Flynn walked into the room.

�Nothing? Yea right!� Yuri shouted.

�I... I'll explain on the way to school....� Hubert said quietly, then he said, pushing Yuri and Flynn out of his room, �Can I get dressed now?!�

�Let's go,� Flynn sighed, picking up Yuri in a comical style and left Hubert's Room, Hubert quickly shut the door and leaned on it, sighing.

He decided to get dressed all the way and put his Jacket on along with his gloves, he decided he was ready for the first day of school, of the new year...

Hubert walked out of his room and locked the door, still putting his Jacket on. He ran down the stairs quickly and quietly, then he saw Yuri and Flynn on the couch, watching the television. Hubert saw an opportunity to sneak out and got ready, with his bag, and shoes on. He started going, hiding behind anything and then ran to the door as quiet as possible, Yuri and Flynn didn't notice a single thing. Hubert, quiet as possible, opened the door and shut it quickly.

Outside on the street, Hubert prepared himself and then dashed down the street, running as fast as he could to the School. He hoped that Yuri and Flynn, who were also High School Third Years like Hubert, weren't in the same class as him this Year, like the previous two Years at Scaliene High School.

He walked the rest of the way to the school, looking at the trees. They seemed completely different then last night when he was there... The trees were so bright that day, but last night... It was so dark, the scenery was nothing but the pitch black and the wind. But this day was bright and sunny, and happy and cheerful... Hubert found in so weird compared to what had happened the previous night...

Then he ran into the school as fast as possible and went to the bulletin board, where he knew where classes were posted. He saw that he was in Class 3-A, or Third Year, Class A. As soon as Hubert saw that, he immediately ran to the fourth floor. The school was layed out as extra rooms and office rooms on the first floor, First Year Rooms on the second floor, Second Years on the third floor, Third Years on the fourth floor, and lastly the roof.

As soon as Hubert came to his classroom for the year, he immediately walked in and sat down in a corner near the window, he was still freaked out. Then he was hoping that Yuri and Flynn weren't in his class this year still and then sighed with his head to the desk.

Yuri and Flynn finally noticed that Hubert left the Dorm and took off down the road to the School, in the same way Hubert did when he took off down that way. They got to the school entrance with Hubert in no sight and decided to go check what class their in.

Unfortunately for Hubert.... BOTH Yuri and Flynn were in Class 3-A with Hubert. When they were checking, Flynn noticed Hubert was in Class 3-A and snickered to Yuri, �Hey Yuri... Hubert is in Class 3-A too....�

Yuri jumped into the air and said, �That's great! Now I get to go ask him some questions! Let's go!�

Flynn smiled a more of a grin and said, �Let's go!�

They charged off down the hallway, up the stairs, and right into Class 3-A.

Hubert saw Yuri and Flynn burst through the doors to the classroom and almost started crying with the thought, NO!! Why are they here?! There's no way they're in my class!!! That's just crazy!! There's really only one more thing to make this worse except for them asking about last night!!

Yuri decided to sit right in front of Hubert, next to the window like him. Flynn sat in front of Yuri for some reason, he wasn't really the person to go ahead a bung someone like Yuri is. His personality is far different than that.

The school bell was about to ring when Yuri turned around to Hubert and gave him a big grin and said, �I'm here. For the year you know! I know our Homeroom Teacher and I know he won't bother changing the seats! Guess that's why Reiki's personality is so near and close to his.... But not her attitude... But certainly her habits, you know!�

Flynn turned around and smiled to Yuri, who grinned back. Hubert slammed his head on his desk, he didn't know who their Homeroom Teacher is, he wondered how Yuri of all people knew. Not like Yuri wanted to be at school at all, he hates it. But since he's forced, mine as well as have some fun with his time there. He still didn't what he was going to do with his life after School was over with for him... He already knew he was going to go to the University, College, because he wanted to mess around on campus with Flynn for awhile more, as long as possible.

Hubert was so mad at the two but was not ready for another surprise...

But be ready, Hubert....

The teacher that walked into the classroom was....

*note: ya ya ya, I said it was supposed to be Tales of... Only, but I just had to put in more characters to make it a LITTLE more interesting, XD, that's featured in the next chapter.... sorta...?



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