06-03-2010, 10:29 PM
Tales of the Otherworld � Chapter 3: School Assembly

�R-Raven?!� Hubert jumped from his seat. He didn't realize that his teacher would be none other than Raven Oltorain...

�That is so correct. The Old Man is our Science and Homeroom Teacher. Surprise, surprise. Eh, Hubert?� Yuri had a really big grin on his face as he faced Hubert.

�Y-You can just shut the h-hell up!!� Hubert yelled, frantically.

�Um... You two... You know that Raven is looking right over at us....?� Flynn sighed with his head in his arms. He was just sitting on his desk. He did not feel like hearing the two of them fight... again...

�What?!� Both Yuri and Hubert shouted.

Raven was standing at his stand. He scratched his head and said, confused a little, �Fell free to go for as long as you guys want to... I really don't give a crap...�

H-He is just like Reiki.... Hubert sighed as he thought.

Yuri sighed and then sat down back in his seat and said, �Sorry, sorry. Tch...�

Hubert sat down right behind him and raised his hand into the air.
�Yea?� Raven called on Hubert.
�Can I have my seat changed...?� Hubert moaned.
�No,� Raven said.
�Ngh....!� Hubert slammed his head on his desk and moaned again.

�Alright class... If ado... My name is Raven Oltorain. I am your Homeroom and Science Teacher this year. And, welcome to Class 3-A!!� Raven announced. He then continued, �You guys are at the top. We are getting you all ready for your future or going to College. I've experienced it myself... Didn't like it to much... Oh well... Now I have to teach all of you! Get ready for the School Year!�

Then the intercom went off, �All Third Year Classes report to the Auditorium for the Beginning of Year Assembly. All Third Years to the Auditorium.�

�Okay! Let's go down to the Auditorium!� Raven charged forward and opened the Classroom door. Hubert sighed and moaned all the way to the Auditorium. Yuri and Flynn were standing right next to him. They were just talking... But Yuri had a really big grin on his face. Flynn was kind of sighing at his friend.

In the Auditorium, Hubert looked around. There were the First Years sitting up front and then there were the Second Years after them. The Third Years took their seats behind the Second Years. Hubert was in the very first row of Third Years. Flynn was sitting next to him to block him from Yuri. He was afraid he was going to do something stupid...

�Hey there!� A girl in front of Hubert turned around and yelled.
�What?� Hubert said with his arms folded.
�You must be Hubert Ozwell. Third Year, Class 3-A if I'm not mistaken,� She smiled.

�Y-Yea...� Hubert sighed.
�I knew it!� She cheered to herself.
�Who are you?� Hubert asked her.
�Oh! Michiri Sokozawwa, High School Second Year! Class 2-A!� She chanted.

�Michiri Sokozawwa...? Where have I've heard that name...� Hubert asked himself.

Michiri grinned and then said, �I'm one of Reiki's Friends. I live right next door to her in the City!�

�Th-That's right!� Hubert shouted.

Michiri's Teacher: Jade Curtiss and Raven yelled at the same time, �You two need to quiet down!�

Hubert put his head down and sighed. Yuri glared over at Jade and Raven and thought, Grr! I wanted to get Hubert in trouble! And now that girl went and got me in trouble! God dammit... This is never fair for me... Is it...?

Flynn sat back in his seat and just waited for the School's Principle to come out and speak. And then the Student Council President would speak shortly after wards... Flynn already knew the drill with the Opening Ceremony for the School Year.

Then the Principle came out onto the stage in the Auditorium. He had his hair tied back; similar to how Raven's was. He had a long trench-like coat on and came up to the podium. He then spoke to the students and the teachers, �I would like to welcome all of you to a new school year. I am your principle to those new here. My name is Van Grants. I hope the First Year Students enjoy their first year here and the Third Years enjoy their final year here. Now, I would like to introduce our Student Council President: Richter Abend!�

Van walked off stage again and Hubert wondered to himself, How weird... I will still never understand why the Student Council President has to do all of the work... I'm glad I'm not the President... And talking isn't exactly one of Richter's things... hehe....

The President of the Student Council walked up to the podium and announced, �I am Richter Abend. Member of Class 3-B and your Student Council President this year. I myself would like to introduce you all to the brand new year at School. I know we all will have a good year this year. We can make it the best one if we try! Alright...� Richter trailed off with Hubert not paying attention anymore.

Hubert looked over and heard Yuri and Flynn talking.

Yuri said, �Wow... He's inspirational... One of the best Student Council Presidents of all time...�
Flynn replied, �I;m surprised. You usually don't say anything about anyone.�
�Shut it,� Yuri glared to Flynn.

Hubert sighed and continued to listen to Richter speak now...

...At the end of the speech, Richter said, �Alright everyone... I hope you all have a good rest of the day and an excellent year.�

Richter walked off stage. His crimson red hair blowing behind him. He walked up to a boy with long white hair and curled hair. He was wearing the School's uniform and was holding a clipboard and a pencil. The boy said to President Richter, �I thought you hate these kinds of things.�

�I do... Part of being a President...� Richter sighed.
�Heh, guess so,� The boy scratched his head. He didn't really understand Richter's point.

Richter looked into the crowd of students a little before they left and asked the boy, �Hey, Duke... Did you see that blue-haired boy? First Row of the Third Year Students.�

�Who is he?�
�Hubert Ozwell, High School 3rd Year, Class 3-A. He lives in a Dorm near the School and isn't apparently in any of the Clubs at the School,� The boy said.

�Hubert Ozwell... That's right...!� Richter said a little loudly to himself.
�What is it?� The boy asked.
�N-Nothing...� Richter said as he looked away and thought, He's the boy that I saw last night... With that Shadow...

�Duke... I said it was nothing....� Richter walked off and continued, �Come on. Time for class...�

�I guess sooo...� The boy followed him as they walked down a hallway of the school.



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