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Tales of the Otherworld � Chapter 4: Awaken

Hubert was walking back to the Classroom... He was trailing slowly behind everyone else. For some reason, he just felt heavy and couldn't walk that easily. He was still tied over because of the last night... He saw Jade Curtiss at the Assembly; even though the figure, the shadow, he saw last night looked exactly like Jade. It even wore his uniform.

Then Hubert felt he had a headache and ran up to his teacher, Raven, and asked, �Can I go to the bathroom.�

Raven smiled and said, �Go on right ahead.�

Hubert walked slowly on his way to the bathroom. Every student on the the floor had gone back to their Classrooms. This was a Third Year only floor, obviously... The school had four floors. The bottom one was for extra curricular rooms, special classrooms, offices, and the cafeteria and Auditorium, etc... The second floor was for First Year Classrooms. The third floor was for the Second Year Classrooms. The fourth floor was for Third Year Classrooms. And lastly, there was a roof for anyone wanting to go up there or see a view.

But then, he saw two students in the hallway. One was a girl who was wearing a boy's uniform for some reason. She had long, dark brown hair. She was wearing a necklace and bracelets. The boy Hubert saw was wearing a normal boy uniform and a necklace. He had long straight blue hair and silver tipped at the top. Hubert was confused so he walked up to them and asked, �Why aren't you guys in class?!�

The girl immediately retaliated, �Why aren't you?�

Hubert froze and thought, H-How can a girl be such a jerk?! Only boys are supposed to... and besides... Why is she wearing a male's uniform...?!

�Well?� She repeated.
�You're being mean,� The boy next to her grinned.
�Sh-Shut it,� The girl pouted.

�I'm-� Hubert was cut off by some kind of rumbling... He ran up the stairs to the roof like he was being controlled. The girl and the boy nodded to each other and followed him up the stairs. When they all got on the roof, there was some kind of shadow creature standing there. The wind was blowing hard now. The girl folded her arms and went towards the doorway. She called for the boy and he came over and asked, �What are you doing...?�

�Leaving him there,� She said sternly.
�Wh-Why?!� He almost shouted.
�I had a feeling about that boy. I feel something about him,� She observed Hubert who was just standing there.

�I can feel a power hiding inside of him.�
�Let's go...� The girl walked down the stairs again and continued, �Just leave him.�
�Um... Alright...� The boy followed her back to their Classroom.

�What in the world is this thing?!� Hubert backed up a little at the fear of the Shadow Creature... He then remembered last night with the Shadow of Jade Curtiss...

The Shadow came towards Hubert and then pulled out a shadowed Ax and swung at Hubert.

�A-Ahhh!!� Hubert screamed...

In Hubert's vision... There was a slash in the Shadow. Someone dug a sword and ax slash right through it. Hubert could see a faded figure holding a sword and ax with Crimson around him. The figure had another Spirit-type figure floating above him. That Spirit vanished from above him along with the two weapons that he was holding. The Shadow fell to the ground and the boy walked towards Hubert... Who was sitting on the ground from fear. Hubert looked up and asked, �...Wh-Who... are-�

He immediately noticed that the figure was none other than Richter Abend, the Student Council President, when he came into Hubert's clear as day view. He was smiling and asked, �Are you okay?�

�I.. th-think so...� Hubert sat up. Everything was still a little dazed to him.

�That's good,� Richter let out his hand to help Hubert out. The Shadow that Richter slashed was rising again from behind him. Richter didn't noticed and Hubert freaked out. Richter turned his head and asked, �What's wrong?�

Before Hubert could say anything, as scared as he was, the Shadow attacked Richter in the back. There was blood everywhere. Hubert then screamed, �R-Richter-san!!�

�You... h-have to be stronger... In order to protect those you love or your friends.... Awaken... Your... Power...� Richter passed out on the spot.

�R... Richter... san...� Hubert stood up with his arms shaking. He then held his fists out and yelled to the Shadow, �Come at me with all you got!!�

The Shadow charged right after Hubert and hit him and Hubert crashed right against the wall with a thud. The door to the staircase was closed... Blood was coming from Hubert and the Shadow walked back towards Richter. Hubert got up again and yelled, �Get away from Richter-san!!!�

Furious, the Shadow tuned back over to Hubert and let out a screech and hit him again. This time, there was a protection field blocking the attack from hitting Hubert. Hubert looked up and saw some kind of Spirit blocking the attack. The Spirit looked like the one that was floating right above Richter's head... In fact, it was the same type of being. Hubert grasped his arms and hands together and said slowly, �...This... This is what they meant.... C-Come to me...! Come to me! Spirit Awakening!! My Other-self! My Shadow!�

A double-edged blade appeared in Hubert's hands. He held it tight as the Spirit above him talked: �I am your other-self. I am your Shadow. I continue to exist no matter what... As long other Shadows continue exist. They are the evil of this world. Thou are me and I am thou... I will exist as long as you exist. We shall become one... You have my power and I have your will. Bound together...�

Hubert grinned as he took the blades and tore them apart into two pistol guns. He held them to the Shadow and yelled, �I said leave Richter-san alone! Pay for your existence!!�

He shot bullets and flew towards the Shadow. The Spirit of his came after the Shadow and sliced right through it.

The Shadow vanished from the spot and Hubert ran up to Richter and said, �Richter-san! Are you okay...?!�

�I... Think I will... b-be...� Richter said unsteady as he slowly woke up.

�Thank you...� Hubert turned to the Spirit and said, �I don't know how I know your name. You didn't tell me... But... It's Frucious... Isn't it...?�

The Spirit nodded and vanished off with words, �Yes... I am... I will continue to stand by your side... As long as your existence continues...�

Hubert stood up and picked Richter up. Richter looked at him and said, �I'll be okay... The Principle knows everything. Just take me to his Office. I'll be okay from then.� He smiled as he and Hubert walked down the staircase and went to the Principle's Office.

�Th-Thank you, Hubert... Go to class now,� Richter pointed up the staircase.
�Alright. Keep okay!� Hubert ran up the Staircase to the fourth floor. He was headed to class with the thoughts, What in the world just happened...? Apparently Richter-san knows all about what just happens... I need to ask him... He just seems to know... And... How in the world would the Principle know what was going on?!

Inside the Principle's Office...

�Report?� The Principle Van Grants was turned around in his chair.

�Hubert is definitely a Spirit User. I saw the entire Awakening myself. Boy thought I was unconscious like I planned on so. His weapon sports as a double-edged sword that can turn into dual pistols when split apart. The Spirit's Name is Frucious... And like always, he knew what he was doing even though it was the very first time ever. What circumstances do you think happened in his past?� Richter asked as he finished his report.

�Last night... A Shadow was shown on Radars near the Dorms near the of the School. On this Island. According to Surveillance Cameras, the boy appeared on screen to be Hubert Ozwell. Do you know what the Shadow we picked up looked like?� The Principle turned around to face Richter.

�Yes. I heard around the Building this morning... It was the Shadow of Jade Curtiss... Was it not?� Richter said as he fixed his glasses.

�That is correct... Jade is experiencing something now. Causing a Shadow of himself to appear and act on it's own... We will leave this to Hubert Ozwell to take care of... And... The two boys he is room mates in that Dorm with... They both... Are capable of using Spirits... That need to awaken...� The Principle closed his eyes.

Richter was surprised and thought to himself... Yuri Lowell and Flynn Scifo are Spirit Users...?! What an interesting Dorm... He turned to Principle Grants and shouted, �Do I have permission to move in with the three and be a loot out?!�

�I don't see why not,� The Principle had a grin on his face and continued, �That is good. Move in after school tonight. I have a feeling it will be good.�

�Y-Yes sir!!� Richter yelled as he ran down the hallway and up the stairs back to his classroom...



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