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Tales of the Otherworld � Chapter 5: The Kendo Team

It was after school and Hubert saw a lot of students heading to their after school clubs. It seemed like almost everyone at the school was in some kind of school. He looked around a little and then saw some others dressed in Kendo Uniforms. They seemed to be from the Kendo Team. Hubert was still a little surprised at what had happened already that day and then just wanted to go to sleep in bed in the comfort of the Dorm. On his way out of the school, a girl with brown hair came running up to him. Hubert turned around and then was completely shocked that it was the girl that gave him an attitude from earlier. She was smiling this time, grabbed Hubert's hand, and then dragged him down the hallway yelling, �Come with me!�

�Wh-What?!� Hubert yelled as the girl ran down the hallway. Hubert noticed the uniform that she was wearing. She was wearing a Kendo Team Outfit and Hubert recognized the gear she had on immediately... But, he was curious that this was the same girl from before. He noticed her features on her face.

The girl dragged Hubert to the gym where they hold Kendo Team Practice and Matches. She opened the door and called over, �Hey!! I brought the boy from earlier today!!�

A boy looked over and said, �Come on over here, then!�

Hubert looked up from the ground, worn out, he saw the boy coming into view as the girl dragged Hubert over to him. He was the boy with long, dark blue hair. The boy had his arms folded and was wearing the Kendo Team uniform, as well. He looked at Hubert and said, �Reiki... You sure it is him...? Just doesn't seem like it...�

�Are you deaf?!� The girl yelled and the said, �Of course it is!!�
�I still don't see it...� He said with his eyes closed.
�I-I am! I remember seeing you two earlier!� Hubert suddenly shouted.
�Talkative? You weren't earlier. What's up with you know?� The girl asked.
�If that's the case... Then it is you,� The boy concluded.
�Sh-Shut up...� Hubert turn away.

�Then... Captain! Come here! We have a new recruit for the Team!� The girl shouted as she called over for the Kendo Team Captain to come over.

The boy who was Captain came over and said, �He looks capable. Let's test him. Reiki! You fight him! You're the one that wanted him to join.�

�Tch... F-Fine!� The girl complained as she grabbed a Kendo Stick. She took another one and threw it over to Hubert and said, �Come on!�

Hubert hardly caught as he freaked out and gripped it. He then said, �Do I have to?!�

�Yes!� The Captain had a grin on his face.

�I guess I have to!� Hubert came charging after the girl all out.

She stepped over to the side and let down a slash. In instinct, Hubert held his stick out in front of him, guarding the girl's attack. He then gripped the stick and attacked to the girl's feet.

The stick struck her ankles and she fell over immediately. She landed hard and yelled, �Th-That's not fair! We weren't even wearing the correct armor!!�

�Umm... I forgot...� The Captain sighed. He then waved for a Student Nurse and said, �Estelle! Come here and treat to her ankles. What is the damage?�

�Oh no! This is so bad!!� The girl observed the girl's legs and continued, �The right one is broken. The left one is severely injured. It's bone seems out of place when I place my fingers there to feel.�

�This is your fault for hitting so hard!� The girl complained to Hubert.
�J-Just introduce yourselves!� Hubert shouted back to her.
�F-Fine...� The girl complained again. �Reiki Shutuagi. Second-in-Command Captain. Highest ranking member on Scaliene High School Kendo Team! The person you oh so injured!!�

�R-Reiki Shutuagi?!� Hubert backed up a little. He backed up into the blue-haired boy and then said, �Who are you?�

The boy glared at him and said stern, �Takuma Saiou. Third-in-Command Captain of the Scaliene High School Kendo Team. Head of the Defense Training on the Team. Most people call me Saiou. Now, what's with hurting Reiki like that?! Do you know that there is a Match next week?! Reiki won't heal before then!!�

�I-I'm sorry! God...� Hubert turned away. He then looked up at the Captain of the Team and asked, �Who are you, then?�

The Captain stood in a stance and reported to Hubert as response, �Cress Albane, Captain of the Scaliene High School Kendo Team. In charge of the Offense Training on the Team.� Cress Albane pointed to the Student Nurse and said, �This is Estellise Sidos Heurassein. She is the team's nurse for injuries and stuff. But... Reiki's is very serious. There is no way that she can participate! We need a city doctor immediately.�

Cress Albane called for a student to call for the City Hospital to take Reiki and treat both of her ankles.

Estelle got down to Reiki and asked, �Can you stand?�
�As if...� Reiki turned her head away.

Saiou sat down next to Reiki and complained to Hubert again, �Well?! What are you going to do about her injury?! It's not going to heal before our match! We need our Triumph Card for that match! Who do you think it is?!�

�I'm sorry!! How many times do I have to say?!� Hubert yelled.
�A million won't do anything...� Reiki kept her head turned away.
�How about this...� Captain Cress walked up to Hubert and said, �...You, Mister Hubert Ozwell, are a replacement for our member Reiki Shutuagi!!�

�WHAT?!?!� Both Hubert and Reiki yelled. Reiki tried standing up and complained, �I'd rather fight with an injury!!�

�Sit down! You will make it even worse than it is! Want both of your Ankles broken?!� Saiou yelled to Reiki.

�Sh-Shut the hell up...!!� Reiki turned her head away from the group again.

�How stubborn...� Saiou sighed as he stood up. He took his Kendo Stick and whipped it as hard as he could at Hubert. Hubert put his hand out and caught it with his eyes closed. He thought something �bad� might have happened because of how hard Saiou through it.

�Saiou-kun! Stop it!� Cress complained as he took the Stick from Hubert's hands. He turned back to him and asked, �Will you help our Kendo Team? It will only be until Reiki over there recovers.�

�I can still hear you!!� Reiki shouted over to them.
�I don't think he was trying to hide that he had said it,� Saiou shrugged.
�I said shut up!� Reiki folded her arms and turned away again.

�Umm... I guess I will accept the offer... It is my fault that it happened... I feel guilty,� Hubert turned his head away. He usually wasn't one to turn down something when he was the cause of it...

�That's great!� Estelle and Cress cheered.
�Jerk...� Reiki moaned this time.
�Now practice! I don't care that you even took out Reiki! Could have been Beginner's Luck! Get your armor on and get going!� Saiou commanded.

�O-Okay!� Hubert ran to change into his clothes.

By the time he came out, Reiki fell asleep waiting to be taken to the Hospital... Hubert came out dressed and Estelle cheered again, �That looks so good on you!�

�Th-Thanks...� Hubert turned away. He was blushing a little but thought, This is just great... I didn't wanna get tied up in any of this Club or Team Business... Now I'm filling in for the best member of the school's Kendo Team!! What in the world could happen next...?!