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Tales of the Otherworld � Chapter 7: Not to Welcoming

�Wait a second?! Isn't that girl, Reiki Shutuagi, going to be coming here?!?!� Hubert yelled as he sat up in his bed. He then looked around and then yelled again, �Why is everyone in my room?!�

�Of course she is,� Saiou said who was sitting in a chair in Hubert's room and continued, �There is a lot about us you know nothing about.�

�I bet so...� Hubert sighed as he looked away.

Then a cell phone's ringing went off. Hubert looked at his phone and it wasn't even set to ring. His was set to rumbling. He turned to Saiou and asked, �Is that your phone going off?�

�Probably,� Saiou reached into his pocket and pulled out his phone. The ring obviously got louder as the phone game out. Saiou opened it up and put it next to his year and said, �Saiou here.�

The voice on the end was so loud that Hubert heard it... �SAIOU YOU DUMMY!!! I THOUGHT YOU SAID YOU WERE COMING TO THE HOSPITAL!!!!�

Saiou took the phone away from his ear and yelled right back into the speaker, �You said no such thing!!�

�LIAR!!! I TOLD YOU THAT THEY WERE GOING TO HAVE SURGURY ON MY ANKLES AND NOW I CAN'T HAVE IT UNTIL YOU COME!!!� The voice on the other side screamed. Hubert easily recognized it as Reiki Shutuagi's voice. He just sat down on the bed as the conversation went on with yelling...

�What are you talking about?!� Saiou yelled back again.
�YOU IDIOT!!� Another scream went off, �I TOLD YOU THAT YOU HAVE TO BE HERE FOR IT!!!�

�WHAT?!� Saiou shouted, �What about Rex?! Can't he do it?!�
�Don't you remember that he is out of town?!� Reiki was about to start raising her voice again.
�Oops...� Saiou dropped the phone far from his here as the screaming went off:


It was so loud that Hubert said, �I think I'm going to have hearing issues for the rest of my life...�

Saiou forgot that he had accidentally put his phone on speaker and Reiki screamed again, �YOU ARE THE IDIOT THAT DID THIS TO ME!!!�

Hubert sighed and walked out of the room downstairs. Saiou fell to the floor as he stopped the call. He knew that Reiki was going to be mad, but it wasn't worth losing his hearing for life. On his way down the stairs, Hubert reached into his pocket and pulled out the Tarot Card. It was the Tarot Card of the Fool... Hubert was confused on how this Card would represent himself... He stuck the Card back into his pocket when he felt something behind him. But, Hubert closed his eyes and tried walking forward. But then a voice spoke to him, �You represent the fool. You represent infinite possibilities and power.�

It was Saiou's voice and Hubert turned around to find him with Hubert's Tarot Card. Hubert snatched the card away and asked, �What are you talking about?!�

�Have you've ever heard of reading the future using the Arcana and Tarot Cards?� Saiou asked.
�Fortune Telling...?�
�I've heard of it. I don't believe in any of it.�
�You're fate lies inside of this Card from the first Summoning,� Saiou pointed to the Card.
�What is this card?� Hubert asked again.

�Like I said. They are the Tarot Cards that control our Destiny. Each of the Chosen Few have a Tarot Card and can Summon their true Spirits, their Persona,� Saiou turned to Hubert and pulled out a Tarot Card similar to Hubert's. He then continued, �You have the Card: 'Arcana 0: The Fool'. This is 'Arcana XV: The Devil'. Or known to some as 'Arcana Fifteen: The Fiend'. The corruption of this world... Destiny lies within the cards and out Persona...�

Saiou walked to the front door of the Dorm and said back to Hubert, �Don't lose that.�
�Wh-Where are you going?� Hubert almost shouted.
�Getting my things, of course,� He said with a grin as he walked out of the door.
�Right...� Hubert sighed. He walked over and sat down on a couch in the room.

Rutee came down the stairs and saw Hubert sitting down. She blushed a little as she next down to him on the couch and said, �H-Hubert... Thanks for... earlier...�

�Don't think of it as anything too big... okay...?� Hubert asked her.
�B-But it was something big... You save my life...!� Rutee retorted.
�I guess so... Thanks for reminding me...� Hubert smiled a little and continued, �A person's life is one of the most important things of all....�

Rutee giggle a little and then said in a serious way, �What is that thing you summoned when you did?�

�It's... complicated... I'm sorry....� Hubert tried to joke and get away from the conversation.
�I see... I'd think you'd have to summon yourself in order to understand it. Then... Hopefully I'll be able to summon!!� Rutee jumped off of the couch.

Hubert smiled and said, �I hope so, too.�
�Hehe, thanks!� Rutee grabbed a hold of Hubert.
�Ow! That hurts... Remember I passed out after that?� Hubert complained.
�Oops! I'm sorry!� Rutee was shaking her hands around a lot.
�It's okay...� Hubert sighed.

There was knocking at the front door...
Then a voice came out loud, �Hey Hubert! My hands are full!�

�O-Oh! Saiou!!� Hubert ran to the door and opened. Saiou was on the other side with two sets of bags with him.

Hubert was confused and asked, �Wh-Why do you have two sets of bags?�

�Reiki's,� Saiou said as he patted one of them.
�Did you have to bring her's now?!� Hubert shouted as he closed the door and locked it up again.
�She made me,� Saiou sighed.
�That was still fast...� Hubert said to himself.

Then Saiou's phone went off again and he opened it. �What do you want this time?!�

�Did you bring my things to the Dorm?!� The voice on the other side screamed. It was obviously Reiki again.

�Yes, yes! Pick your own room and unload yourself when you get here! I'm not doing it alone!� Saiou yelled back.

�JUST GO DROP MY THINGS OFF AT MY ROOM AND GO TO YOURS!! Is it that freaking hard?!� Reiki screamed again.

�Tch...� Saiou closed his phone and asked Hubert, �Can you help me with my things? I have to carry Reiki's...�

�Alright. Why is Reiki like that, anyways?� Hubert asked as he waved Rutee off as she went up the stairs to her room.

�That's just classic Reiki when something happens...� Saiou said.
�I guess so...� Hubert said as they walked up the stairs.
�Hey Hubert...� Saiou started.
�Take this,� Saiou handed a sleeve to Hubert.
�What is it for?� Hubert asked.
�It conceals your power so others can't think of something because they can feel the power of your Tarot Card,� Saiou explained.

�Oh! Thanks!� Hubert nodded.

Hubert felt something inside of him and continued walking up the stairs. He felt into his pocket and felt something that seemed to be a key... He wondered how it got there... He turned to Saiou and said, �Reiki's not a welcoming person, is she?�

�Um... Not when she's mad...� Saiou sighed.

�Then we should try to make not so welcoming for her,� Hubert grinned.
�That's... Not a good idea...� Saiou put his head down.
�Now that I think of it... You're right, heh,� Hubert tried joking again...

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