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Tales of the Otherworld � Chapter 8: The Devil Social Link

The next day on the way to school from the Dorm... Hubert was walking with his bag over his shoulder like he usually carries it. He just wanted today to be normal... There was no Kendo Team Practice today, either. He just didn't know where time went yesterday... But, as he was walking to the school's entrance, he saw Saiou running up to him. He panted as he walked up to Hubert and said, �W-Wait... Next time... When Reiki comes... to the Dorm... You're dead if you don't wait...�

�Umm... Thanks...� Hubert was about to walk up the stairs to get to Class.

�Umm... Hubert...!� Saiou put his hand out.
�Yes?� Hubert asked as he turned around.
�Do you want to do something after school? I'm not being dragged around by Reiki for a bit, so this might be a small change...� Saiou asked as he scratched his head a little. He was afraid that he would get turned down. It really was a small chance, Reiki always wants to go everywhere and takes Saiou with her.

�Alright then, after school,� Hubert continued to walk up the stairs after he smiled to Saiou.
�Okay,� Saiou said as he walked up the stairs a bit behind Hubert.

In class...

The School day was about to begin. Hubert noticed that Yuri and Flynn weren't there. Then he remembered that they said they were going to stay in the Dorm to try to recover from their injuries...

Hubert pulled out his calender to see if anything is coming up. It was the eighth of April today, a Tuesday... As soon as the school bell rang Hubert put his phone back into his pocket. At least he remembered Cress and Rutee coming to school today... As soon as he remembered Cress he remembered the Kendo Team. He now wished that he didn't take up the offer and hurt Reiki... Hubert was now alone in the back of the room, sort of.

When the Homeroom Teacher came into the Classroom, Raven Oltorain, he came up to Hubert and said, �Hubert. There is a new exchange student coming to the School today. Is it okay that this Student can live in your Dorm? I know you guys have a lot of space open, but no one just lives that close to school.�

�Umm... I guess so... you should know that we got two new students yesterday,� Hubert said with his head on his desk. He almost accidentally pushed his glasses off, too.

�Really? Who?� Raven asked.
�Takuma Saiou and Reiki Shutuagi from Class 3-B.�
�Is that so. I still think you guys have space. I'm putting the student right here, okay?� Raven walked to the desk to Hubert's right and tapped it.
�Okay... I'll help later-� Hubert cut himself off and remembered that he had plans with Saiou. He then continued, �I'll get Cress to help the student with their room, okay? I sort of had something planned.�

�As long as someone in your Dorm helps them out and shows to where their room would be,� Raven said as he walked back to the front of the classroom. He put his folder of things to work on for the day on the podium and the Classroom door opened up. Raven looked over to the door and held his hand out and said, �This is our new Exchange Student, Class. And your name is?� Raven turned over to him.

�R-Ruca Milda...� The boy answered.
�And where are you from?� Raven asked.
�...I'm from a country town... I think it'll be hard here...� Ruca shrugged.
�Okay then. Do you see that blue-haired boy in the back of the room?� Raven pointed Hubert.
�Sit next to him, 'kay?�
�Okay,� Ruca carried his bag and walked to the back of the room.

He sat down next to Hubert as told and didn't say anything. Hubert was surprised and thought, He's even shyer than when I first came to this city... Strange...

Ruca didn't say anything and Hubert said as he handed Ruca a picture of Cress, �This is Cress Albane. You'll be living in our Dorm this year. He'll tell you what to do and where to go. Okay?�

�Um, okay,� Ruca took the picture and put it in his pocket.

Later at the end of the School day...

�Hey Hubert... Are you in Cress's Dorm...?� Ruca asked as the day neared an end.
�Um, yea, why?� Hubert asked.
�I was just asking...� Ruca said as school day concluded. He walked out of the classroom.

Hubert sighed as he got up to stretch. He picked up his bag and left the classroom. As soon as he left he saw Saiou standing next to the Classroom's Door and almost shouted, �G-God! Don't scare me like that!�

�Alright, we gonna go?� Saiou asked as he got ready to walk down the stairs.
�Go where?� Hubert questioned.
�I don't know. Where do you want to go?�
�Hmm... Let's just go get some ramen. I don't feel like doing anything today,� Hubert said as he started down the stairs.
�Okay then, I'll pay,� Saiou said as he followed Hubert down the stairs.

At Scaliene Mall...

�So why did you want to come out here?� Hubert asked as they walked to the restaurant.
�I have something on my mind...� Saiou put his head down.
�What is it, then?� Hubert asked again.
�I'll tell you inside...� Saiou said as he opened the door to enter the restaurant.

It wasn't too crowded inside since it was a weekday. They aren't usually too busy during the regular week unless it's a weekend or a holiday. Or it's one of the school's breaks...

Hubert sat down at the counter and Saiou sat next to him. Hubert turned to Saiou and asked him, �What do you want...?�

�Whatever you're getting. I don't feel like going through the menu,� Saiou answered.

You don't seem like the mood to do anything... Hubert thought as he called the order to the cook. He then asked again, �Now?�

�After we're done... It's a surprising thing so you might lose your appetite if I tell you...� Saiou said just as the food came. He then thought, That was surprisingly fast... I've never been here before... Reiki always takes me somewhere else... I should try to convince her if it's good...

Hubert picked up his chopsticks and started eating. The steam filled the air as Saiou finally picked up his chopsticks. Hubert stuck a piece of meat in his mouth as he stared at Saiou. He must really be out of it today... He seems so lost... Seriously... Did yesterday do something to Saiou or something...?

�I'll explain now since it seems your done,� Saiou just dropped his chopsticks into his bowl and continued, �I figured out something yesterday...�

�And what is that?� Hubert asked.

�I found out that you will be the one to save me... Save me from my Destiny...� Saiou looked up to the ceiling as he spoke.

�Wh-What?!� Hubert almost jumped off of his stool.

�Hubert... You see, I can read the Tarot Cards. I can read the future and predict what will happen... I predict that you will save me from something that will happen in our very future...!� Saiou started speaking in a lower voice, �I am destined to bring upon the end of this world... Only a force can rescue me from my Destiny... That is your force.....!�

�S-Saiou-san...!!� Hubert put his head down and stared at the floor. �...How can I just change someone's fate....?!�

Hubert was loud enough some people almost heard him. Saiou grabbed his arm and jumped off of his chair and said, �Let's go to the Dorm and talk about this...!!�

At the Dorm...

�I don't understand at all, Saiou-san!!� Hubert yelled as soon as they walked into the Dorm.

�It's the Wheel of Fortune. The Tarot predicts our Fates. It's the Wheel of Fate that will predict our Destiny! My Destiny is I will destroy this world with the Power of the Persona. Then I turned over the card: The Fool. It's empty but, yet has infinite possibilities! This stands for you: Hubert Ozwell. Do you accept your Fate to rescue me?!� Saiou explained in a loud voice.

�I... I just don't know...� Hubert was shaking his head back and forth.

Saiou walked up to Hubert. He gripped his hands onto Hubert's shoulders and spoke, �Can I leave my Destiny into your hands...?�

�S-Saiou-san... I accept... I wanna make sure that this world doesn't end, but that I also save you...!� Hubert lifted his head up.

At the very moment, Hubert felt something awaken within him. The time around him froze once again... And a voice spoke:

Thou art I...
Thou of the Infinite...
Thou is endless and empty...
Reform time...
Thou forms the power of the Fifteenth Arcana: The Devil...
I will bestow thou power...

Takuma Saiou has bestowed trust to change his fate into you...

The Devil Arcana has unlocked...

Hubert felt the presence disappear and time returned to normal.

�I'm sorry if I freaked you out in any way,� Saiou said as he dropped his hands down.
�No, it's okay. You know what, though, that's a promise, now! I promise to save you,� Hubert smiled and walked to his Dorm Room.
�Thank you, Hubert...� Saiou said with a smile on his face.


�H-Hubert!!! You jerk!! Why would you leave the new student in my hands?!� Cress shouted into the air as he read the text about the new student from Hubert.

Ruca was staring at Cress as he pulled his bags down on the way to the Dorm.

Author's note: I so wanted Social Links in this. It IS based off of Persona 4!! =)
I also wanted Takuma Saiou to be The Devil Social Link since the Tarot Card in Yu-Gi-Oh! GX �The Devil� (�The Fiend� in the English Version) states that The Devil represents Saiou when he summons �Arcana Force XV: The Devil� in his Duel against Aster.



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