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This is a VOCALOID FanFiction sorts that I created using VOCALOID characters and my own. =D

VOCALOID of Eternia � Song 1: Thoughts in the Sky

Reiki sat looking out the window of the plane, the Academy of Singing is on an island far off from the main city and the main continent back behind.

She reminisced back on the day she had, and meeting up with her friends at the airport in the city, surprised to see them off to the Academy as well.

Reiki walked into the airport with her bags, she got out of her Limo. She walked up to a line and waited, with a piece of paper in her hand. It was a note from Rex Goodwin, it read, �Reiki, I recommended you to attend this Academy. I thought it would be something better than a regular school life, since you're a good singer. Wouldn't it be better than a regular school day though....? I heard Kyoya was attending the school by recommendation too, haha! To think he would.... Anyways, there will be a surprise for you at the school. Well, good bye, for now.�

She sighed as she was looking at it. Reiki didn't mind attending the school, but it bothered her that she would have to live in a dorm with a bunch of strangers, people from around the world she doesn't even know! And that it was so far away, on an island really far away from the main city, she didn't want to go but, but decided to go to the school.

Reiki folded her arms and when it was finally her turn in line, she sighed. She was also mad that the school had a slight Uniform Code. Your regular School Outfit, since the school had regular studies by standards, and then a Singing Outfit, one the singer bases off of the original, depending if you are a girl or a guy.

The attendant in that line stood straight in uniform, bowed, and said to Reiki with a smile, �Hello, there Miss. Ticket?�

�Here you go,� Reiki said a little softly, handing the Uniformed Lady her ticket. It was straight from the Academy and was filled out to every little detail.

�Alright,� the Lady bowed again, then said, �Okay. Let me take your things now.�

�Sure,� Reiki picked up all of her things and helped the lady with them.

�Gate C01. Your Gate is way down there, with a bunch of Shops by it. Look up near the ceiling for the numbers and letter.� She bowed one more time.
�Thanks you,� Reiki said as she walked off with her hand bag.

The airport was lined with hundreds of souvenir shops, fast food restaurants, dine-in restaurants, and any other store you could thing of. Gates were in Letter order, reversed. The first gates near the entrance were the E Gates. Before any of the gates, there was a check-in line to check for any drugs or anything that might be bad to others.

Reiki walked through it, put the things from her back, the bag, and shoes, along with her bracelet and necklace on the special cart and walked through. She was checked out okay like always and grabbed all of her things again. She thought those gates were annoying. She was obviously an innocent girl who had a high positioned friend in the city, in fact, he was a very close friend of hers. They had known each other for a really long time.

Reiki walked down the hundreds of shops, she saw a bunch of doubles together, she thought it was stupid. Then she glanced over at a bunch of other people waiting at a D Gate. She hadn't realized she walked that much already, or the place was a lot smaller than she thought....

Before going into the C Gates, Reiki walked into a Burger Restaurant and grabbed something to drink. She walked over to her gate and looked at the ceiling, the letters read �C01�. This was her gate. Reiki sat down on the closest seat to the Entrance to the walkway to the plane. She sighed and took out her Communicator, there was a message from the Headmaster of the Academy?! She freaked out and almost spilled her pop, then opened the message. It read, �Hello there, Miss Reiki Shutuagi. We have reviewed your Application from the Test Sing earlier. After positive reviews from our Judges that day, we have placed you in the Purple Dorm, the most Talented Dorm. You should know this is a very rare feat for First Year Students. We will enjoy to see at the Academy this year. Signed Headmaster of the Academy of Singing, Kaito Shion.� Reiki was surprised to see this and looked at the ceiling.

�Hey there!� A voice suddenly shouted into Reiki's ear.

�AHHHH!!� Reiki screamed and fell against the wall.

�You should see your face....� The boy that said that was cracking up hard.

Reiki stood up and glared at him. Then she said, �What is THAT supposed to mean?! Well, Kyoya Otori?!

�Don't need to call me by my Surname! Anyways, you should see this. He said you forgot to pick it up this morning before you left,� Kyoya handed Reiki a folded piece of paper.

Reiki blinked at it and asked, �What are you talking about?�

Kyoya sighed and said with a grin, �I read it. Rex-san said you forgot to pick it up this morning. I stepped by to see if you had left yet before coming here.�

�Huh?!� Reiki quickly grabbed the note and opened it very quickly. She stared at the writing on it and fell into her chair. She put her head in her fists and yelled, �So he is coming to the Academy?!?!!? That's crazy!!�

�Yea. Turns out Rex-san is an old friend of Shion-sama.� Kyoya shrugged his arms out.

�When did this happen?! Wouldn't have I known about it?!� Reiki stared at Kyoya, who still had a huge grin on his mouth.

�Who knows,� He stopped grinning and sat next to Reiki.

Reiki was wearing her Purple Stardust Dorm Uniform. She was wearing the boy's outfit, she didn't like the girl's outfit. She was glaring at Kyoya Otori, a friend of her's. He was wearing the Green Moonlight Outfit, the second highest Ranking Outfit at the Academy. Reiki was surprised at this and said to him, �You're in the Green Dorm?�

�Yea!� He gave her a thumbs up.

�You're crazy....� She sighed.
�I can't believe you are in the Purple Dorm. Crazy... I didn't think you were a good singer!� Kyoya folded his arms in a glare.

�Coming from the guy who sounded like a yak,� She glared back.
�WHAT DID YOU SAY YOU LITTLE JERK?!?!?� Kyoya screamed.
�Wow. You can said things louder than I thought. Didn't know you could sing high octave,� Reiki shrugged again.

�I'm going to kill you,� Kyoya put his hand into a fist.

Reiki stopped and said, �Who else is attending this Academy? I didn't pay attention yesterday. I was busy...�

�I don't know either....� Kyoya shrugged.

Reiki sat back in her seat and said, �I guess we'll just have to wait and find out. I hope someone I actually I know is in my Dorm. I don't want to be with a bunch of strangers.�

�You're highest ranked. Best taken care of you know,� Kyoya put his finger up, and sat back down.

�I really don't care,� she sighed.
�That's you,� He folded his arms together.
�Shuddup,� She hit him.
�H-Hey!� He yelled.
�That didn't hurt,� She moaned.
�I know,� He fixed his hair from before.

Reiki waited for the Plane coming announcement to be made, it was a boring time waiting. The airport was loud and noisy, she hated it to hell. She hated all of the loud stuff as much as she hated regular school studies, which is why she agreed to attend the Academy, it's a Singing-based school.

Kyoya messed around on his Communicator...

Back to on the Plane, on the way to the Academy of Singing. Reiki was looking out the window, and started thinking of the day they had their tests....