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Duel 1:

Road to Top Duelist � Duel 1: Director and the Assistant

Reiki Shutuagi was wandering around the halls of the top floor of the Main Building of Sector Security. She was just wandering around for no particular reason, just because she was bored, the usual when there was no tournament planning or going on. Reiki always loved participating in Duels and Turbo Duels and Tournaments, even though she isn't told to. But she always seemed to get caught, but never yelled at.

That's because the Director and Head of Sector Security, Rex Goodwin, is one of her best friends and a long time friend. Along with Kyoya Otori of the famed Family in Neo Domino City, and Kio Takura, a famous Duelist among people of the city in both Regular Duels and Turbo Duels.

Reiki walked down the hallway and finally decided to go up to a door. She opened it and walked into Rex Goodwin's Office. She was tired but decided to stay awake. Reiki fell on the floor, which she usually does there anyways, and no one ever seemed to mind it, probably because they know she does it all of the time. She looked at the ceiling and the spinning fan. Then she finally talked and said, �I wonder where Rex-kun is.... He said he'd be up here soon.... He's late.... sigh....�

Just as she was saying that, the door opened and someone walked in. Reiki stared and loudly said, �You're so late!!� He put his hand to his head and sighed, �Sorry, sorry.�

�Where have you been at least?!� Reiki stood up, she jumped to her feet from the floor.
�Doing what?�
�That it?!�

Reiki put her hands together and shouted, �Was it something Duel-Related?!�
�Maybe....� He stared back at the door.
�What was it, then?� Reiki asked.
He put his arm out and said, �I'd have to show you.�

�What?� She stared and then he said again, �There's still an issue though....�
�What is it?� Reiki asked.

�What is it Rex-kun?�
�Someone like you would find it funny, heh....�
�Come on....�

A Duel Disk folded out of his left arm and said, �Good thing I Duel with the Disk on my left arm...�
�Whoa.... You're crazy.... hah!� Reiki started laughing a little.
�This is what you'll laugh at... The Deck Zone needs to be fixed still....� He put his Deck in the Slot and said, �You will laugh.....�

Reiki folded her arms and then he started the automatic shuffle and then cards went flying everywhere.... Reiki fell over to the floor again and burst out laughing. She tried saying, �Th-That's just too funny!!�
�I knew you'd laugh.... Now help pick up!� He got down to the floor and started picking up cards.

Reiki was reaching into the air and grabbing some cards that were falling down that flew up high into the air. When she thought she collected them all she put them together neatly and gave them back. Then she said, �Is that all of them.�

Rex started going through his deck and then exclaimed, �Where is Flight Sky Dragon.....?!�

Reiki looked around the room and then up at the ceiling. She saw a silver card near the fan and shouted while pointing upwards, �Is that it?!�
�Y-Yea! Reiki, go shut the fan off!� Rex said.

Reiki ran over to the fan switch and turned it off. The fan stopped moving and the card started falling from the air that was keeping it up. Rex reached into the air and caught the card.

When she walked over, she asked a question, �What's that card again....?�
Rex put the card back in his Deck and said when folding his Duel Disk back up, �Flight Sky Dragon. Synchro Monster. Requires a Light-Tuner Monster and one other Dragon Card.�
Reiki looked at her left arm and said, �Is it tied to these Marks?� She held it up.
�Actually, I think it is. Every time single time it's activated along with another certain card, an Unknown Card, the Marks light up.� He explained.
�Interesting....� Reiki said quietly.

She pulled a card from her deck that was in her pouch. It was Darkenesse Dragon. A Dark-Type Synchro Monster. Requires one Dark-Type Tuner Monster and one other Monster to summon.

Reiki turned and looked out of the window and into the city, it was a a bright sight during the night. There were light far below them of people on the street, this was a common thing in Neo Domino City when there are no Tournaments going on during the time. People stay out in the streets to shop and stuff, since the people of Neo Domino are wealthy people. The streets below are lined with shops and all could be seen from the top floor of the Sector Security Building, where they are...

She turned to look at a clock in the room and said with a yawn, �It's getting a bit late. I'm so tired.... Going to my room, 'kay?�

Rex waved to her and said, �Alright. Good night, Reiki.�
�Night!� Reiki waved back as she closed the door.

Reiki walked down the hallway to her room in the building and took her key out to open it up. When she opened it, she fell on her bed, but then she moaned. She forgot she had left her Duel Disk there that morning. She put the Disk on the floor, not bothering to get up and took her Deck Pouch off of her belt and put in on the small table next to her.

She stared at the ceiling with hands behind her head, relaxing on some of the pillows on her bed, while some of them were sitting on the bed on both sides. She didn't bother picking them up.

Her thoughts were filled with events of the past before being Assistant to the Director of Sector Security. Rex-kun.... That time ago, I couldn't believe we were wanted by the Sector Security... Haha! And now you're the Director of the whole thing with me as your Assistant.... This world will never make any kind of sense to me.... No one can help me think of it to make any sense at all. Is it just me, or is it anyone else...? Sometimes, I think it's just me. But, the time ago.... I wonder, Rex-kun, do you ever think you'll see your brother, Roman Goodwin, ever again....? He just vanished after that accident... I have the question, will he ever appear to us again?

At the moment, Reiki got a message on her Communicator. She opened it up and looked at the text, it was from Kyoya Otori, one of her good friends. The message read, �Reiki! Do you have any idea where my D-Wheeler?! I have no idea where it is!�

Reiki stared for a moment and then replied, �What are you talking about?! Haven't seen it. Ask Kio. He might know, because I don't. Oh yea, don't ask Rex-kun either, he doesn't know either.�

In about another second, Reiki got another text from Kyoya, it said, �Fine! I'll go ask Kio. I hope it wasn't stolen... sigh... Talk to you later...�

Reiki turned her communicator off and fell asleep sitting on her bed, she slowly put her communicator on the small table next to her Dueling Deck. She then put her Turbo Duel Deck there, since she forgot that it was still on her belt, she sighed and rolled up herself in her bed sheets.

She closed her eyes slept quietly...

06-04-2010, 02:17 AM
Road to Top Duelist � Duel 2: Kyoya's Stolen D-Wheeler

Kyoya tried texting Kio on what was going on, but it didn't go through. He was extremely confused and wish Reiki would help him. He decided to go look for Kio, by trying any place where Kio Takura might be... Kyoya decided to try the D-Wheeler construction area and ran down the hallway to where it is in the building, in the basement. Kyoya decided to not take the elevator and flew down the stairs and the railing. When he got to the bottom, he almost fell off of the railing and quickly opened the door. He wanted to go as fast to find Kio as fast as possible.

He ran into the D-Wheeler construction and improvement area and started looking around. There was hardly anyone there since it was pretty late at night with no tournament going on, so many of the workers would be shopping and stuff, or getting ready for the next day at work and helping protect the people of Neo Domino City.

The area was very dark because no one seemed to be there and almost all of the lights were out... Kyoya put his hands to his mouth and shouted, �Kio!! Are you in here?!�

It was echoing a little in the silence of the darkness then Kyoya could of sworn he saw a shadowy figure appear in a little glint of light. He backed up a little as the figure started approaching him more. Then he said a little frantically, �Wh-Who is there....?�

The figure laughed and said, �Stop freaking out Kyoya. It's just me!�

�K-Kio!! Do not, ever, ever, EVER freak me out like that!! Never again!!� Kyoya screamed at him, �Seriously! I thought you were some freaky infiltrator that snuck into the building!!�

Kio burst out laughing and tried to say, �S-Sorry about that! But you should really see your face! It looks so funny in the small light! I guess I really freaked you out big time!! Hahaha!�

�Shut up...� Kyoya moaned.
Kio folded his arms and said, �So, what do you want, anyways?�

�Right,� Kyoya scratched his head, �Do you have any idea where my D-Wheeler is?�
�No, why?�

�Well.... It's missing, I had it locked up in HERE when I was working on it earlier, and now it's gone!� Kyoya explained.

�I have no idea. I was actually outside most of the night before coming back into the building through this room.� Kio said.

�Dammit! Who the hell took my D-Wheeler?! I need to figure out.... Kio, can you help me?� Kyoya turned back to him after looking around the room.

�Sure,� Kio said, �But, where are we going to go....?�

Kyoya sighed, �I um.... Have no idea.... What kind of help is there?�
�What about Reiki?� Kio asked.
�Rex-san?� Kio tilted his head.
Kyoya looked back a little at the ceiling and said, �Maybe.�

Kio started to the elevator and said, � I guess, come on.�

�Alright.... I guess we'll go ask Rex-san....� He walked into the elevator with Kio.

Kyoya was so mad with thought, Grr.... Who in the freaking world took my D-Wheeler....?! Whoever it was, they are so gonna pay with their life!! Rex-san better know or anyone else, or I'm so gonna tear this place apart!

When they arrived on the last floor, Kyoya walked out of the elevator, closely followed by Kio. Quite a few amount of lights in the Building were out because many of the employees were in the streets below, as it was a normal day in the city. Kyoya then ran down the hallway to Rex's Office and tried opening the door. It was locked or completely jammed. Kyoya tried as hard as he could but it wouldn't open. He put his hands together and said, �How come the freaking door is locked?!?! I know Rex NEVER keeps his door locked! Even at night when he is STILL here!!� Kyoya started banging on the door and shouted, �Rex!! I know you're in there! I need to ask you something!!�

�Ummm, Kyoya.... Maybe he doesn't want to be disturbed....?� Kio said in Kyoya's shouting.
�That jerk never keeps his door locked! And I know he's in there!� Kyoya banged some more on the door.

Reiki was down the hallway in her room half asleep and heard Kyoya's shouting and banging, as most people would, if there was anyone else left on the floor... She got up out of bed and walked out of her room to Kyoya. When he was shouting she snuck up on him and screamed in his heard extremely loud, �KYOYA!!! STOP IT!�

Kyoya fell against the door in extreme shock and stared at Reiki, who was actually still dressed, she had never bothered to change her clothes.

Kio smiled and said in her stare, �Hi Reiki-chan.�
�Hey Kio. Now.... What are you doing, Kyoya?!� She turned to glare at Kyoya, who was on the floor and against the door.

�You-know-who doesn't have any ears apparently! I'm trying to get him!� Kyoya pat his hand against the door and sighed.

�What? That isn't like Rex...� Reiki backed off from Kyoya.
He stood up ad said, �The door is locked. You know why?�
�Nope. There's gotta be something wrong.� Reiki folded her arms out with a sigh.
�Like Kyoya said I guess....� Kio shrugged.
Reiki got down on the floor and tried looking underneath the door. She couldn't see much except a small red light started shining brightly. She said slowly, �What.... In the world....? What's going on....?�

�What's wrong, Reiki?� Kyoya said when she was looking.
�I don't know.... There's just a red light, that's all I can see.... It's coming from the center of the room, or the ceiling....� Reiki said, trying to observe.

�Strange.� Kio folded his arms.

�Then let's go somewhere else to find information, since Rex-san doesn't seem to want us to see.� He started walking down the hallway. He looked back and said, �You guys coming?�

�Y-Yea,� They both nodded and followed Kyoya.

�So where are we going?� Kio asked.
�Ummm.... Let's go try the Garage.� Kyoya walked to the door leading to the staircase.
�Why the stairs again?� Kio said, with his eyes closed.
�Faster than then the stairs,� Kyoya opened the door.
�Oh,� Kio shrugged and Reiki followed the two down the stairs.

They walked into an area leading to the garage and Kyoya said, �Why is it so dark...? Of all places, this one would actually be light because there would be Officers and Securities coming back into the building at different times.�

�Somethin's up,� Reiki said, examining the area.
�No kidding.....� Kio sighed, following Reiki.

Kyoya started off and got in front of the two. They walked into the main garage and Kyoya started looking around. Then Reiki shrieked, jumping into Kio's arms. �Wh-What's wrong, Reiki-chan...?� Kio said, unsure of what in the world was going on with her.
She pointed to a darker shadow than the entire area, then she said softly, �Th-That thing....�
�What is it?� Kyoya asked.

The figure walked forward to them and said, �Who goes there?�
�We should be asking that question!� Kio shouted back to the Shadow.
�Is that now?� It walked closer.
�We work and live in this building. We have rights to all areas. Who area you?!� Reiki snorted.

The figure walked up to Kyoya and pulled out a Duel Disk. It then said, �Duel.�
�I don't have my Duel Disk though!� Kyoya turned back to Kio and Reiki, while Reiki was still in Kio's arms.

�You can use mine,� Kio reached into his bag and pulled out his Duel Disk, and handed it to Kyoya. He then said, �Use you're own Deck though.�

Kyoya grabbed the Duel Disk and said, �I actually DO have my Deck, you know.�

�Haha! It'd be funny if you didn't!� He shrugged.

�You shut the hell up.� Kyoya moaned and put the Duel Disk on and put his Deck in the Duel Disk.

The Shadow man had backed up all the way, ready with his Duel Disk, �Get ready.�

Then they said at the same time, �Let's Duel!�

06-04-2010, 02:18 AM
Road to Top Duelist � Duel 3: First Instant

Kio sighed and shouted to Kyoya, �Good lucky, Kyoya! And don't break my Duel Disk there!�

�Sh-Shut up!� Kyoya shouted back.

The shadow figure put his fingers on his Deck and said, �I'll go first!�

-Kyoya Otori: 4000 Life Points, ??? (now going): 4000 Life Points-

�I play one monster face-down along with one face-down card in the Spell and Trap Zone. Then I'll end my turn,� The Shadow Figure made a very quick and mysterious play there. Kyoya noticed it and was confused on what to do. Then he reached to his deck and said, �F-Fine! My go!�

-Kyoya Otori (now going): 4000 Life Points, ???: 4000 Life Points-

Kyoya played one monster and shouted, �I play Dynasty Warrior to the field!�

-Dynasty Warrior: 1300 ATK Points, 600 DEF Points-

Then Kyoya said, �I use his Special Ability and summon one more Dynasty-named card to the field! I play Dynasty: Flare!�

-Dynasty: Flare: 1500 ATK Points, 1000 DEF Points-

Kio clapped a little and said, �I like Kyoya's Dynasty Method of playing... I like the Style of how it plays....�

Kyoya put his hand up and pointed to the Shadow Guy's monster and said, �Dynasty Warrior attacks! Destroy his monster!�

A flash of light came from the face-down monster and it lifted up, Kyoya freaked out and said, �Wh-What in the world?!?!�

The Shadow put his hands in the air and said, �Behold this power.... Effect! Cross-Counter! I destroy all of your monsters on the Field!�

Dynasty: Flare jumped in the way of the other knight and Kyoya said with a nod, �Nah ah ah there! Dynasty Flare's Special Ability says that all of the monsters on my field can't be destroyed from another monster's Special Effect! Instead, your monster is destroyed!�
He pointed to the Monster Card.

The Shadow backed up and said, �Well played...�

Kio was thinking for a bit, he was too curious, Something is ultimately wrong here... Anyone could predict that play, really... Kyoya got off lucky if this guy he's Dueling is a total retard.... But... That really does not seem like the case here... Something is up here...

Kyoya then said, �I play one face-down and end my turn there... I can't attack after using Dynasty Flare's Special Ability unfortunately...�

The Shadow drew a card and shouted, �Draw!�

-Kyoya Otori: 4000 Life Points, ??? (now going): 4000 Life Points-

�I play a face-down, From Before! I can now summon the monster I summoned from before back to the field. Then I use that monster and tribute to summon Shout Warrior! Now, attack Dynasty Warrior directly!� The Shadow pointed to Kyoya's monster.

Kyoya pointed to his face-down and said, �Activate, Dynasty Calling! At the sacrifice of Dynasty Warrior destroyed, I can now summon Dynasty Tuner to the field at the price of 1000 Life Points.�

Shadow then said, �Fine... I end my turn with a face-down.�

�This is it...� Kyoya said quietly as he Drew a Card.

-Kyoya Otori (now going): 3000 Life Points, ???: 4000 Life Points-

Kyoya glanced at his card and shouted, �That's great! I sacrifice my Dynasty Tuner and Dynasty Flare and Synchro Summon!!�

Kio put his hands together and said, �This is the end... Synchro Summoning if I think I know what it is...�

�Glinting from the Heaven's of time... Soar through the Clouds of Ancient times! Synchro Summon! Take Flight again, Dynasty Time Dragon!!� Kyoya chanted as he Synchro Summoned his Dragon.

�I didn't know.... I did not even know that you had that card, Kyoya! It reminds me of one of the Ancient Dragons from a Myth that Reiki and Rex told me....� Kio closed his eyes, remembering. He remembered that they told him of the Ancient Dragons and the almighty Crimson Dragon, who fought against and sealed away the Earthbound Immortal Monsters....

�Yea.... I found it... Now, I activate Dynasty Time Dragon's Special Ability! Time Render!� Kyoya shouted with his hand in the air and then continued, �In addition to Time Dragon's 2600 Attack Points, it gains 400 more Attack Points for each Dynasty-named Card in my Graveyard! That's Warrior, Tuner, Flare, and Calling in the Graveyard of mine. That's 1600 Attack Points, which means a total f 4400 Attack Points! Dynasty Time Dragon... Attack him directly with the help of this Hand Spell, Breakthrough! Now, this is the end!� Kyoya pointed directly to the Shadow.

The Dragon flew straight at him and went right through. The Shadow dropped to the ground.

-Kyoya Otori: 3000 Life Points, ???: 0 Life Points-

Kyoya closed the Duel Disk off and took his Deck out of it.

Then he walked up to the Shadow and yelled, �Where the hell is my D-Wheeler?!�

The Shadow stood up slowly and said, �Come and find us. We'll tell you...�

And he disappeared in an instant... Kyoya turned to Kio and asked, � Who is 'we', or 'us'? You know?�

�Nope,� Kio shrugged, �Now, can I have my Duel Disk back?�

�R-Right,� Kyoya said as he handed it over.

�Who do you think would have an answer to the 'we' that that guy was talking about?� Kio asked as Kyoya handed the Duel Disk back over. Kyoya put his Deck back in his pocket and said, �I don't know... But I think I might know who knows what that dragon is...�

�You didn't know?!� Kio jumped backwards because he didn't know that even Kyoya didn't know what that dragon was.

�N-No. It just appeared when I drew... I never even remember putting it in my deck, and I know my Deck!� Kyoya pointed.

�Who might know then?� Kio asked as he walked back forward.

�O-Oh. Right. I think Rex-san might know....� Kyoya shrugged, because he wasn't completely sure.

�B-� Kio got cut off.
�Reiki might have gotten to him,� Kyoya started for the elevator. He turned back and said, �Coming?�
�R-Right,� Kio nodded and followed him into the elevator.

When they got to the top floor, both Kyoya and Kio felt something inside of them both. The Mark on Kyoya's Right Arm, that he's had for as long as he could remember, lit up a bright red. The two of them ran down the hallway to Rex's Office.

Inside of the Office, Reiki was sitting on the ground, still dressed in her actual outfit, since that's what she fell asleep in.

She sat up and said with a sigh, �So you are telling me that that was the Awakening Ceremony?�

Rex was staring out the window and nodded, saying, �Yes... I feel that another Dragon has found it's Owner and Signer.�

At that second, Kio and Kyoya opened Rex's Office door, surprised to see that it opened this time, and wasn't locked. Kyoya's lit up mark went away then he asked, �Rex-san! What is this card?!�

Kyoya held up Dynasty Time Dragon, it was a Synchro Monster Card. The Card shined in a dark light illuminating from the window.

Reiki jumped up and grabbed the card, and said, �You have one of these Dragons?!�

�Wh-What are you talking about?!� Kyoya yelled, completely confused.

�This is one of the Signer Dragons... I was correct, one has found it's Correct Signer...� Rex said, holding the card in his hand.

�I'm so confused...� Kio put his head down in a sigh.

Reiki fell asleep on the floor, she had gotten bored of their talk and just passed out right there, in the middle of the floor....

�What are you talking about?� Kyoya asked as he grabbed the card back from Rex's Hand.

�I'll explain another time,� Rex said as he turned around to look back out the window.

�I'm going to bed then....� Kio sighed and walked out of the room.
�Yea...� Kyoya followed him.

�Take her back at least. It is your fault she woke up again, Kyoya,� Rex said, pointing to Reiki, who was having a good sleep on the floor.

�Fine....� Kyoya moaned and reached over to pick Reiki up. She was passed out, Reiki didn't even move or twitch to Kyoya picking her up like she would do normally.

Kyoya walked out of the room first, then he was followed by Kio, who then closed the door.

Kio put his head down and said, �How come he always has to hid things from us?�

�Who know. But I think she might know,� Kyoya said, looking at Reiki.

�Maybe... Let's just go to bed...�

They continued down the hallway to Reiki's bedroom to put her to bed again.



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