06-04-2010, 02:19 AM
Duel 4:

Road to Top Duelist � Duel 4: The Mix Up

The Next Morning...

In the Hallway, Kio was walking to Rex's Office for the Daily Stuff, then he saw Kyoya in the Hallway, he walked up to him and said, �Kyoya... Just stop, okay?�

�What?� Kyoya was confused.
�Don't concentrate on it... Okay?� Kio said again.
�I don't know what you are talking about,� Kyoya sighed.
�Don't worry about the whole Signers thing,� Kio put his hand up in concern, he actually was.
�Wh-Why?!� Kyoya almost started shouting.
�He'll tell in time, when we stop asking,� Kio started walking off.
�O-Oh.... I understand....� Kyoya started following him.

Reiki was sitting on the Office floor, like normal. She loved sitting there, she thought that the rug was very soft. She was holding the Synchro Monster, Level 8, Darkenesse Dragon. Then she asked Rex who was looking out the window again, �Hey Rex-kun, how come this card won't respond to me?�

He turned around and said, �Maybe it will in due time.�

Reiki puffed a little and complained, �You always say that. I can feel that this card is like Kyoya's Dynasty Time Dragon. I can feel something in it.�

�It is indeed a Signer Dragon. Like I said, it takes time,� Rex repeated.

�Liar.... I've had this card forever...� Reiki sighed.
�Seventeen years ago...�
�It's been that long?� Reiki sat up and looked over.

Rex turned back to the window and said, �Yea.... Seventeen Years since that happened. The beginning of the Dark Signers....�

�Roman...� Reiki closed her eyes.

At that moment, Kio and Kyoya opened the Office door, they were talking, like they have been. They changed topic from the case at hand, not worrying about it like Kio said to.

�So, what's going on today?� Kio smiled, as he sat next to Reiki on the floor. He was confused at her dazed look.

�Who knows...� Kyoya sat down next to Kio. He started going through his deck.

Rex held his left arm up and asked, �How about we try this again?�

�NEVER!!� Reiki jumped up from the floor with her finger out.

�Sure... Why not...? Right, Reiki?� Kio hit Reiki with his elbow and said, �We've got nothing else to do today, right? Right?? Right?!�

�Sh-Shut the hell up!� Reiki pushed Kio over on the floor, he was just cracking up with laughter.

�H-Hey, sorry to be off-topic, but, why is the fan going?� Kyoya asked with his hand up.

�No apparent reason,� Reiki shrugged.

�There never is, is there?� Kio sighed.

�I said shut up, you!� Reiki complained.

Kio was laughing at her again and Kyoya couldn't help but trying to laugh at the two of them. He covered his mouth up.

�We mine as well as try again...� Rex opened up his Duel Disk like before. Kio and Kyoya were curious since they had never really seen it before. Only Reiki had seen it, or anyone else downstairs helping with the Duel Disk, which wasn't many others. Then Rex put his Deck into the Duel Disk. Reiki had her Deck sitting on his desk.

He tried starting up the Automatic Shuffle again and then Cards went shooting again.

�See?!� Reiki covered her head up and sat in the chair, and turned around, towards the window, away from the flying cards. One of the Cards hit her Deck and it went flying all over too.

�Wh-What the hell, dammit?! You hit my Deck now!!� Reiki jumped out of the chair and yelled. �Come on you two! Help grab his cards, I've got mine!�

She reached down to the floor grabbing cards. But, on accident, she grabbed Flight Sky Dragon, Rex's Dragon Synchro Monster, which had flown over there. Reiki didn't realize that she grabbed the Dragon and put it in her pile of Cards and quickly put others over it.

Rex was eventually on the floor picking up cards and grabbed Reiki's Darkenesse Dragon, not realizing that he grabbed it, either. Neither Kio nor Kyoya noticed their Dragons got mixed up either, Kio was busy helping Reiki and Kyoya was busy helping Rex with his Cards.

After they picked them all up, with now help of the fan.... Reiki sat down on the desk with a sigh. She fell over on it and Rex sat down in the chair, staring at her. She giggled and put her Deck away.

After all of that, Kio stretched a bit and said, �I'm gonna go work on my D-Wheeler. See you guys later.� He waved to them and Reiki said happily, �See ya later, Kio!�

He walked out of the room and closed the door.

Kyoya sat down on the floor and said, �I still wonder where mine is...�

Reiki sat up, still on the desk and said, �Didn't I see it in the basement this morning? And no, I am not lying!�

�R-Really?!� Kyoya didn't wait for an answer and dashed out of the room, leaving a cloud of dust.

�Are you lying?� Rex asked Reiki.
�Actually, no. I could of sworn I had seen it this morning,� She put her palm up to her mouth.

Reiki looked out the window, and started seeing small glints of red light in the distance. She blinked, confused. Then turned back around and yawned a little. She was tired from her dragging around of the previous night. But then Reiki felt something come to her, she clutched her ears in a pain. Then she shouted, �Wh-What's going on?!�

�Reiki! What's wrong?!� Rex immediately jumped out of his chair.
�I d-don't know! M-My ears are hurting!� Little flashes of red were flashing as Reiki was holding her ears.

�....Reiki....� Rex let go of Reiki's shoulders. She stopped and the flashes disappeared... She had no idea at what was going on. The pain had suddenly gone away, left her. She was very confused at what was going on.

�I... I'm going outside... I need some air....� Reiki said as she started to the Office door.
�A-Alright...� Rex sat back down, eyes to the window as usual. He knew something was wrong.

Reiki walked outside of the Sector Security Main Building, she was confused as she ever will be in her entire life. She didn't mind the smell of the Satellite as many people would complain, but she really liked the smell of the outside and trees in Neo Domino City. She loved sitting under trees, like in the park, and that's where she headed, in deep thought.

Elsewhere, in the Sector Security Main Building, Kyoya was looking around in the basement level where the vehicles out. Then he saw his D-Wheeler. He was so surprised and then ran straight to it. He said to himself, �I-It is here! Reiki was actually correct! What is it doing here when it wasn't here yesterday....?! What in the world IS going on here....?!�

He jumped on his D-Wheeler, he really wanted to go out for a ride. Then Kyoya saw Kio walking towards him with a big smile on his face.

�I see you did find it,� Kio cheered.
�You knew?� Kyoya asked.
�Actually, no. I'm surprised too.�
�Let's have a race!� Kio grinned.
�Alright!� Kyoya raised his hand to the air.

Kio went over to his D-Wheeler and jumped on and got next to Kyoya. He opened the gates and then they said at the same time, �Three... Two... One... Acceleration! Let's go!!�

They rode off down the streets of Neo Domino City.

Reiki was in the Neo Domino Park and started going through her Deck. She saw Sky Flight Dragon in there and freaked out that it was Rex's Card in her Deck! Then her Birthmark lit up...

06-04-2010, 02:19 AM
Road to Top Duelist � Duel 5: Synchro Summon, Flight Sky Dragon!

Reiki was sitting in the park on a bench, surprised as she ever really could that she had Rex's Flight Sky Dragon Synchro Monster in her hand. It's effects and detail of the card glimmered in the sunlight's glow. The intense rays raining down and reflection... Reiki examined it.

A little boy approached Reiki and said, �Hey lady... What's that card you're holding?�

�I-It's a friend's,� Reiki said, confused why the kid asked and even where he came from. He just seemed to come from nowhere.

�It looks so cool!� The boy cheered, looking at the Card.

Reiki blinked and then thought, Man... If just some kid touches this card...! Rex-kun is so gonna murder me! I'll be dead in a second! Wait a sec! Does Rex-kun have my Darkenesse Dragon then?! Grr... I'm gonna kill him then!

�Hey lady,� the little boy said quietly.
�Hm, yea?� Reiki asked.
�Can we Duel? I have my own Duel Disk,� He cheered.
�A-Alright....� Reiki agreed, hesitantly.

Reiki and the little boy backed up and he said, �The name is Kyu, by the way.�
�Got it,� Reiki nodded.

Then they said at the same time, �Let's Duel!�

�I'll go first!� The Little Boy drew a card from his Deck.

-Reiki Shutuagi: 4000 Life Points, Kyu (now going): 4000 Life Points-

Kyu looked over his hand and then said, �I'll play Mean Bean in Defense Mode and play a face-down. I activate the Field Spell: Green Lands! All Plant Monsters get a 1000 Attack Point bonus!�

-Mean Bean, 1000 ATK to 2000 ATK-

Then he said, �I end my turn!�

Reiki Drew a Card and shouted, �My go!�

-Reiki Shutuagi (now going): 4000 Life Points, Kyu: 4000 Life Points-

She placed a monster in face-down position and then said, �I play a Face-down monster and then play Denso! I use his Special Ability and change his type to Insect! That means a 1000 Attack Point boost.�

Denso: 1300 ATK Points to 2300 ATK Points

Kyu almost choked and said, �How did you play him?! You already played a Monster!�

Reiki put her hand to her head and said, �Oops... I forgot Denso's second ability. As long as he's out, I can play one other monster in face-down position. Sorry about that! Now... Denso, attack!�

Kyu: Loses 300 Life Points

Reiki then put a card up, �I use Flare Shot. I give you 700 Life Points of damage to you.�
Kyu backed up and grunted, �Ngh....�

Kyu: Loses 700 Life Points.

�I end my turn, now,� Reiki said.

Kyu drew a card and said, �My go!�

-Reiki Shutuagi: 4000 Life Points, Kyu (now going): 3000 Life Points-

Kyoya and Kio were on their bikes riding around Neo Domino City. Kyoya shouted back to him, �Do you know where Reiki is?�

�No idea!� Kio shouted back to Kyoya.

They rounded a corner that lead to the Park. They drove by the Park and saw Reiki and Kyu Dueling. Kyoya yelled during Kyu's Turn, �Reiki! What are you doing?�

Reiki saw them and almost fell over in a freak out. �What?!�

Kio ran by next to Kyoya, they both stopped their D-Wheelers and got off to Reiki. Kio then said, �What are you doing?�

�This kid wanted to Duel me,� Reiki pointed to Kyu.

�Hey! We're still dueling here! I'm playing Mighty Bug Warrior to the Field!� Kyu shouted.

�H-Huh...?!� Reiki shouted to him.

Mighty Bug Warrior: 2000 ATK Points to 3000 ATK Points

Then Kyu put another card up and yelled, �I use Mighty Stand! I power up Mighty Bug Warrior by another 1000 Attack Points at the Price of 500 Life Points! I now attack your monster!�

-Reiki: 4000 Life Points to 1300 Life Points (2700 LP Damage), Kyu: 2500 Life Points-
-Mighty Bug Warrior: 4000 Attack Points-

Kyu finally said, �That's my turn!�

Kyoya was standing next to Kio and said, �Youch! That's quite some damage there....�
�No kidding....� Kio folded his arms together, waiting for what Reiki's Reverse Plan was going to be this time around.

Reiki drew a card and shouted, �My Turn!�

-Reiki Shutuagi (now going): 1300 Life Points, Kyu: 2500 Life Points-

She looked at the card she drew, it was Flight Sky Dragon... She then used a Spell Card and said, �I use Tuner Flight! I summon one tuner monster and send one monster in my graveyard to the out of play and destroy your monster over there!�

�D-Darn it!� Kyu started pouting.

�Now I Tune Flying Tuner and this monster to summon...� Reiki started.

Kyoya and Kio stared in awe. Kyoya's Birthmark lit up and red streaks of lighting went flying. The ground started glowing around Reiki....

�From the Eternally Dawned Life.... Heaven's Lights are Commanding Upon the Brand New Dawn. I Synchro Summon! Take to the Skies, Flight Sky Dragon!

-Flight Sky Dragon: 2900 Attack Points, 2800 Defense Points-

I-It responded?! This isn't Darkenesse Dragon, that card couldn't respond to me!! Reiki was freaking out with thoughts.

Kyu stepped back and shouted, �Th-That can't be! It'll destroy me! I'll run out of Life Points.�

�Flight Sky Dragon.... Attack him directly!� Reiki pointed to Kyu.

�GAHHHH!!� Kyu fell over to the sand ground below.

Kyu: 0 Life Points

Flight Sky Dragon faded away from the field and Reiki looked at it's card. Her Birthmark's Light disappeared from her arm. She freaked out a little and put her arm down again and closed up her Duel Disk.

Kyu got up and smiled, �I guess I got to witness that card there,� He pointed to Flight Sky Dragon, which was in Reiki's hand.

�I-I... umm... guess....� She mumbled.

Kyoya and Kio walked up to her, Kyoya's birthmark disappeared once again, too. Kio was completely confused at was going, not that either Kyoya nor Reiki knew either. Reiki put Flight Sky Dragon back in her deck and ran straight to the Security Section Main Building. She needed to know Rex was going on and if Darkenesse Dragon was responding to him.

The other two were looking at her running off then looked at where Kyu was, the kid had disappeared?! Then they decided to take off after Reiki to the Sector Security Building. They got on their D-Wheelers and shot down the road. Reiki was a lot faster than they thought...

06-04-2010, 02:20 AM
Road to Top Duelist � Duel 6: Not Plan Time...

Reiki was still very confused as she ran to the Sector Security Building. When she got inside, she didn't even bother taking the elevator, she took the stairs up to the top floor.... And there are a lot of floors in that building... Many Employees were wondering what in the world the Director's Assistant was doing or why she taking the stairs instead of the elevator.

On her way up, she saw one of the other Assistants caring a bunch of papers, she was curious why he was taking the stairs... But, the thing is she saw that he was holding posters.... For a tournament?! Reiki saw that and stopped running and asked, �Hey Lazar, what's with the Tournament Papers....?!�

�It's for an upcoming tournament. Oh yea, Director Goodwin wants you,� He smirked, and walked up slowly.

�Huh?� Reiki blinked and then continued running up the stairs to get to the top floor. As soon as she opened the door leading to the stairs on the top floor of the building, Reiki dashed to Rex's Office and just slammed the door open. She immediately yelled, �What Tournament are you planning?!�

�Haha! I knew you were going to yell something like that. Yea, it's a tournament in the planning. It's Plan Time,� Rex clapped his hands together with a big grin on his face.

Reiki flopped down on the floor and said with her arms folded, �Can I participate?!�

�Of course you want to... I planned on gathering Turbo Duelists,� Rex said with a smile.

�For what?� Reiki asked, head tilted.
�To awaken the Crimson Dragon,� He stopped smiling, suddenly serious.
�How?!� Reiki jumped up again.
�I'm trying to find Signers.�
�You mean with Birthmarks?� Reiki held her left arm up, where her Birthmark was.
�How many are there?�
�I don't know.�
�How many do you think?�
�Around 6 or 7... But, I'm not completely sure, as of yet....�
�I see....� Reiki sat back down and then said, �I guess I won't participate then!�
�So be it...� Rex turned around in his chair.

Reiki looked at the fan, her back on the ground. She sighed and then said, �Why?�

�Why what?� Rex asked, looking back to her.
�Why are you collecting Signers?� Reiki followed the flow of the fan go by and by...
�Oh. To do what Roman said...� Rex closed his eyes.
�Shortly before the original Ener-D Reactor went off.... Roman told me to gather the beings known as Signers... Which he was once a part of, and summon the Crimson Dragon...� Rex explained.
�To do what?�
�To stop the threat... Known as the Dark Signers.... To stop them from ending this world's very existence... They will be the end of the world as we know it...�
�I still don't really understand....� Reiki closed her eyes, in thought.
�It is complicated... But....�
�But, what?�
�I think if we stop the Dark Signers... We might be able to save Roman from his 'fate'...�
�His fate?�
�Let's stop this...� Rex stood up, staring out of the window.
�What?� Reiki sat up.
�Stop talking about this... It'll be explained at another time, once the time comes...�
�Yea... I guess....� Reiki opened her eyes.

She looked at her Birthmark on her left arm. It was a Tail, to her knowledge... Reiki wasn't too good at picking things out or identifying them.

�So...� Reiki started, �How many participants and rounds?�

�Around seven rounds, ten matches in the first round. So, about twenty participants from around the Satellite and Neo Domino City,� Rex shrugged as he turned back to Reiki.

�That sounds like a long tournament...� Reiki moaned, �Too much watching...�

�Haha, it does seem like it, doesn't it. But, it shall be a good show, right?� Rex smiled.

�Y-Yea!� Reiki jumped up from the floor. She landed perfectly on her feet. Then she said, �How can we pick the participants?�

�Anyone who has had serious duels, happenings, or streaks from both Satellite and Neo Domino.�
�I see!� Reiki put her hands together.
�Mina, Jack, Lazar, Kio, and Kyoya will be joining us to watch. Or Michiri or anyone else if they want...� Rex shrugged.

�Lazar?!� Reiki yelled.
�Yes. Stop acting like Mina, she hates him more than you, you know,� Rex grinned.
�She does?� Reiki asked.
�Yep. It's kinda obvious.�
�Not to me...� She then moaned.

Reiki put her head back up and then said, �What about Tetsu-kun?�
�I forgot. I remember him saying that he'll be with us, too.�
�Heh, he's gonna fall head over heels for Mina again,� Reiki grinned.

Then, finally, the Office Door flew open again. Kyoya and Kio were in the doorway and ran into the room. They ran to Reiki, who was still sitting on the floor.

She sighed and asked, �What are you guys doing here?�

�What was with the monster you summoned?!� Kyoya yelled.
�What?� Reiki was confused.
�That dragon,� Kio made some wings with his hands.
�Flight Sky Dragon?� Reiki asked, trying to be a cute, confused girl.
�Y-Yea! That!� Kyoya stomped on the floor.
�You summoned Flight Sky Dragon?!� Rex ran up to Reiki.

She was suddenly surrounded by three boys. Reiki was still sitting on the floor, so they were towering over her.

�Y-Yes. Better than Darkenesse, which wouldn't even respond when I would try!� Reiki folded her arms together.

�Wait!� Rex started going through his Deck and pulled out Darkenesse Dragon. The Dark Synchro Monster...

�See! I don't even have Darkenesse Dragon with me!� Reiki pointed to the card Rex was holding.

She went through her Deck and pulled out the Synchro Monster; Flight Sky Dragon... A Wind-type Dragon Card, a Synchro Monster.

�Was there some kind of mix up...?� Kyoya asked, completely and utterly confused...
�Yea! Isn't Darkenesse Dragon Reiki's Card and Flight Sky Dragon is Rex's Card?!� Kio yelled, just as confused as Kyoya.

�They are!!� Reiki and Rex shouted at the same time, pointing the Cards at the other one.

�But...� Both Kyoya and Kio were having headaches from confusion.

�It was weird... When I was Dueling that one boy... I Synchro Summoned Flight Sky Dragon and it actually responded to me... And I knew it's Summoning Chant... But! I've never used the card before! And it's not like Darkenesse Dragon, that wouldn't ever respond to me!� Reiki explained.

�Same here... Flight Sky Dragon never responded to me,� Rex shrugged and continued, �Should I try Summoning Darkenesse Dragon?!�

�You should!!� Reiki finally jumped up from the floor.

�Alright... But I am not shuffling my Deck....� Rex sighed, he didn't want another Duel Disk Shuffle accident again.... Or go through the risk of almost destroying a Synchro Monster... Again...

�Go!� Reiki jumped.

�What about the Summoning Chant?� Kyoya asked.
�Who knows if he knows it.... It could be like the case with Reiki, where it suddenly comes into the mind...� Kio inferred.

�In the depths of hell... The Darkness of Eternity echoes forever. Take control of the force: Synchro Summon! Rise, Darkenesse Dragon!!�

�He knows the chant!� Reiki cheered as she jumped again.
�See...?� Kio asked.
�I... See...!� Kyoya put his hands together.

The Darkenesse Dragon was standing in front of Rex. It has one piercing red eye and one striking black eye. Kio was overwhelmed by it, he stepped back a little. Kyoya followed him, afraid that the card would turn real and attack them...

�Darkenesse Dragon.... I know it's chant.... It's a Signer Dragon... isn't it?� Rex asked Reiki.
�It has to be...� Reiki put her arms together, kind of afraid of the Dragon.
�Hey, what is Flight Sky Dragon's Chant?� Rex asked again.
�I'll play it then!� Reiki shouted.

She stepped backwards and turned her Duel Disk on. She put Flight Sky Dragon's Card on the Monster Panel and then started...

�The Skies shine the new day. Bring upon the final salvation of the dying lands! Return to the peaceful hearts, Synchro Summon! I play, Flight... Sky... Dragon! Let's end this!�

Flight Sky Dragon soared from the it's intro and flew behind Reiki's back. It let out a roar...

�Flight... Sky... Dragon....� Rex walked up to the Dragon slowly.

�Kinda weird since the Dragon is...Umm.... Shy...� Reiki joked a little.
�It's quite a weird Dragon... I guess.... Darkenesse Dragon...� Rex turned up back to Darkenesse Dragon.

There was a wind growing wild outside and Reiki rushed to the window.
She saw a red and purple glinting from the direction of the Satellite...
�R-Roman...!!� Reiki yelled.
�What?!� Rex ran to the window beside Reiki. Kio and Kyoya were standing behind them.
�It's the lines... Signs of a Dark Signer...� Reiki said, hands moving back and forth.
�Roman's Lines...� Rex said, staring straight to the area of the Lines.

�Should we go...? We have these Dragons,� Kio said.
�Y-Yea... And three Signers...� Kyoya said, unsteady.

Rex nodded and ran to door and yelled, �Come on!�
Here we come... Roman... Reiki thought as they all ran out of the Door.

*yea, yea, I felt like basing it kind of off of the actual 5D's Story, XD



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