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Duel 7:

Road to Top Duelist � Duel 7: Dark Sign, Roman Goodwin

�I'm opening the Pipeline to ride to the Satellite! Is that okay?!� Reiki yelled, as she ran to the gate systems for the pipelines leading to the Satellite.

�Open it now!� Rex jumped back on his D-Wheeler. Decorated in a slick red and black. The wings were neatly folded into the bottom of it

Reiki switched the flip open and got on her D-Wheeler. The D-Wheeler's wings folded backwards as Reiki started up the engine for it. Kio and Kyoya started their D-Wheelers up and followed Reiki and Rex down the pipeline. Reiki felt something and decided to ride against the wall. Kyoya stared at her, very confused. He was the only non confirmed Signer of the group.

�What is he doing...?� Reiki asked, generically.
�Who, Roman?� Kio shouted over to her.
�Yea...� Reiki looked down from steering her D-Wheeler.
�I don't know what he's up to... We need to know,� Kyoya said, quietly.

�Brother... What are you doing...?!� Rex flew down the pipeline, in front of everyone else. Reiki closely came up behind him. She was worried.

At the end of the pipeline, Rex came flying out, with Reiki behind him. Then Kio and Kyoya came out of the pipe, shortly after the other two.

Reiki shot down the road, straight to the area where they saw the Dark Marks.
�Is it up here?!� Kyoya yelled as he followed on down the road.
�I'm positive!� Reiki shouted backwards.
�Here comes the clearing...� Kio said to himself.
�Round the corner!!� Rex exclaimed.

The four of them rounded a corner in the road... They reached a wide, open area where the mark was.
Reiki circled around the area, investigating every little inch of it...
There was a screech that both Reiki and Rex heard; it came from Darkenesse Dragon and Flight Sky Dragon... Kyoya turned around behind him and saw a figure running off.
�Get back here!� Kio immediately started up again and followed.
�Come on, Reiki!� Rex took off after them. He was shortly followed by Kyoya and Reiki.

The figure rounded another corner and then Reiki surprised him. She jumped off of her D-Wheeler and said, �Who are you?!�

�It's been a long time...� The figure spoke.

Rex joined up with the two, followed by Kio and Kyoya, and said, �Seventeen Years.... If that is really you...�

�Roman,� Reiki said, speechless.
�What's going on?!� Rex demanded.
If the figure was indeed Roman, he was keeping himself covered with his black and red cloak. And then he said, �The Dark Signs...�

�Dark Signs?� Kio asked quickly.
�Sign of the Dark Signers...� He continued.
�Dark Signers?� Kyoya then asked.
�The Earthbound will rise again...�
�Tch... Stop trying to cause another Zero Reverse to happen!!� Reiki screamed as loud as she could.
�The world will be 'save', Reiki...� He grinned.
�What are those patterns?!� Kio yelled.
�The Nazca Lines... Our signal of Power...�
�Who?!� Kyoya asked.
�The time will come...� He immediately disappeared without a trace that he was ever there...

�R-Roman... You freaking idiot....!!� Reiki yelled as loud as she could this time...
�Who is this 'Roman'?� Kyoya turned around and asked Reiki.
�I'll explain when we get back....� Rex looked down at the ground.
�Let's go, then... I want to know as soon as possible!� Kio already rode off down the rode; back to the open pipeline.

The other three jumped back on their D-Wheelers and quickly followed him down the rode. Reiki looked back a little, very curious, and continued to ride forward.

Back at the Public Security Maintenance Bureau, or Sector Security, Building....

�We are going to discuss this in my room,� Reiki said as they walked out of the elevator on the top floor of the building.

�Why?� Kio simply asked.
�So no one would over hear, like they would if we were in the office,� Rex walked down the hallway, standing next to Reiki.

�That makes sense,� Kyoya shrugged as he and Kio walked behind the other two.

They got to Reiki's Room and she quickly unlocked the door.

�Explain, now,� Kio sat down in a chair in the corner.
�Yea... I an way too curious.....� Kyoya sat down on the bed.

Reiki sat down near the top of the bed, Rex sat down right next to her.

Then he started.... �Who we had seen... That was.... Roman Goodwin....�

�What?!� Both Kio and Kyoya had already jumped up of where they were sitting. The two of them were overwhelmed by those words that had just heard...

�Sit down!� Reiki demanded.
�Sorry...� The both sat down, to Reiki's orders.

�It is only true... Roman Goodwin is my older brother...� Rex continued on. �Seventeen Years Ago, when we were working with other scientists, including Reiki, on the R.D.D. Project... Work for the Planetary Particle... Roman was placed in charge, had followed the Path of Darkness... You see, Roman is a Signer.�

�He is?!� Kio yelled.
�That's another one then?!� Kyoya shouted.

�Stop... Please,� Reiki pleaded.
�S-Sorry, Reiki....� The two sighed again.

�...He's had his Birthmark of the Crimson Dragon since his Birth. Unlike me, I got mine sometime after Birth. Reiki has had her's since Birth as well, though,� Rex continued on explaining their back story and details, �Roman was convinced by the organization known as Yliaster to become what is named, A Dark Signer. He caused the Zero Reverse Incident, killing himself in the process.�

�Question!� Kio raised his hand into the air.
�What?� Reiki asked.
�How many people survived?� That was Kio's question.
�The only known... Me and Rex-kun...� Reiki looked down, grief over those who had died in the the explosion.

�O-Oh...� Kio looked down too.

�After the Zero Reverse, Roman was reborn, as a being known as a Dark Signer. Chosen by what is called an Earthbound Immortal to come back to life with new powers. He has the powers of the Spider, to my knowledge... And their power, the Earthbound Immortals, are sealed within the Nazca Lines by the Signers. Roman Goodwin was chosen by two 'Gods'. The Crimson Dragon, or the Light, and the Earthbound Immortals, the Dark. He cannot control both though... He is in pain... That's as much as I know...� Rex looked down at the floor, too. Lost in thought.

�I wanna save Roman, know that I know he is still out there!� Reiki jumped off of her bed.
�Yea! As long as he still exists!� Kio jumped up off of the chair too.
�I'm in this too! We will...� Kyoya got up off of the bed, too...

�You guys... You don't have to... It's his fault that Neo Domino City and the Satellite were separated in the first place... So much misery...� Rex looked at the three of them, standing together.

�No! Rex-kun... We will rescue your Older Brother, Roman Goodwin! I don't care what gets in out way, I will make sure that he returns safely!!� Reiki yelled. �That is a promise!!�

�We are a part of this too! Signers have to stick together, don't we?!� Kio nodded.

�Got that right. Family is family, does not matter what happens, you always will be. And you can't turn down on saving a family member!� Kyoya shouted.

�Thanks... You guys....� Rex got up to join them. Then he continued, �We are going to get this tournament done first. Once the Signers are together, we will go rescue Roman! And that is a promise! Right?!�

At the same time... The four of them put there hands in the air and all shouted, �It is a promise!�

*LOL, I like using the actual 5D's Back stories a little here. And like I said before on the Dark Signers and Tournament. :3

06-04-2010, 02:21 AM
Road to Top Duelist � Duel 8: Hikari's Stand!

In a part of the B.A.D. Area of the Satellite...

This is a lawless part... Even the guys at the Public Safety Maintenance Bureau will not mess with this area... I'm surprised Rex or Reiki aren't messing with it... Even they know how dangerous it is here. But... Why the hell am I here, doing their business?!

A tall man walked down the many run down buildings in the Satellite. Every single person in this area of the place, had a Criminal Mark... Meaning, they committed some kind of crime.

Grr... I'll kill those two for telling me off all people to come here!! Damn... So, though.... I guess I have to go pick up a D-Wheeler part for Reiki. I still wonder why it isn't available in Neo Domino though.... Too strange. It seems like a top of the line part, too, at least according to Reiki's description.

Then a rumble sound went off from his pocket.
He quickly opened up his communicator; the message was from Reiki.

It read: �Hey Hikari! I forgot to tell you! There is some kind of strange thing going on in that area of the Satellite! I am not lying this time! So, umm, Good luck!!�

I will never understand that girl! She tells me to go out here and forgot to warn me about any dangers?! So help me... Someone is gonna have to stop me before I get her!

He walked a little further in and then sighed. Then... He saw another figure appear around the corner. It was the same person the others; Reiki, Rex, Kio, and Kyoya; had seen... It was Roman Goodwin... But, he was not aware of Roman's Current Condition, he thought he was dead like the others did before meeting him again...

�Hikari Gojyou! There you are,� A voice out of nowhere spoke.
�What?!� Hikari quickly turned around, looking for the speaker.
�It's been a long time...� The voice spoke again.
�Say what?� Hikari asked.
�Hmph... You haven't noticed?� The figure flew by Hikari; giving Hikari enough time to see his face.
�R-Roman?!� Hikari fell backwards, in utter shock at who he had just seen. Then he yelled, �Aren't you supposed to be dead?! There were only two survivors of the Zero Reverse Incident!!�

�You have yet to understand... 'Our' Power... In due time, you will know. Till then... Hikari Gojyou...� Roman vanished from Hikari's sight in an instant. HE turned around and there was nothing.

�Roman Goodwin.... How in the hell are you still alive?! �Now.... I have to go get that piece...� Hikari yelled as he ran off to the destroyed and dump area.

�Now, where is it?� Hikari started looking around the area.

�Now! What do we have here?!� A voice said, standing on top of a mound of junk.
�The hell?!� Hikari quickly turned around to face him. Then he said, �Ren...?! I know you, I remember seeing a report on you in the Building!! Ren Strikesen!!�

�How nice, you know who I am,� He grinned.
�Give me that damn piece!� Hikari pointed to a D-Wheeler part on the ground.

Ren jumped down and pulled out a Duel Disk and said, �Duel for it, then!!�

�F-Fine!!� Hikari pulled out his Duel Disk too and started it up. He put his Deck in and the two shouted, �Let's Duel!!�

�I'll go first!� Ren drew a card from his Deck.

Hikari Gojyou: 4000 Life Points, Ren Strikesen (now going): 4000 Life Points

�I use Sin Forbidder and summon a tuner and a dark-type monster to the Field! Sin Tuner and Dark Hidden come to the Field!� Ren yelled.

Sin Tuner: 100 Attack, 1000 Defense and Dark Hidden: 1300 Attack, 1100 Defense.

�I Tune Dark Hidden with Sin Tuner and pay 1000 Life Points to Tune them and now...� Ren started.

�Damn...� Hikari said to himself.

�Thou that stand alone. Take into the Darkness and accept it! Synchro Summon, Dark Forbidder!!� Ren chanted.

Dark Forbidder: 3000 Attack, 4000 Defense, Level 8

�D-Dammit!� Hikari yelled.

�I end my turn with a face-down,� Ren placed a card in the Spell and Traps Zone.

�My turn!!� Hikari drew a card, then.

Hikari Gojyou (now going): 4000 Life Points, Ren Strikesen: 3000 Life Points

�I play two face-downs and summon Carry Soldier. With his effect, he gains 200 Attack Points for each face-down on the field!� Hikari declared.

Carry Soldier: 1000 to 1600 Attack Points, Level 4

�Now with this card from my hand, Call Force, I can sacrifice one Tuner and Carry Soldier and Synchro Summon!� Hikari yelled.


Soldier Tuner (Level 4) and Carry Soldier (Level 4)

�Scatter across the forbidden grounds... Reach for the new heavens, I Synchro Summon! Sealed Soldier!!�

The Soldier landed in the field in front of Hikari.

Sealed Soldier: 2500 Attack, 3000 Defense, Level 8.

�I activate his Special Ability!� Hikari commanded, �For every Level of the monsters in my graveyard, this card can gain 100 Attack Points. That's 800 Attack Points!�

Sealed Soldier, 2500 to 3300 Attack Points.

�Now... Sealed Soldier! Destroy his Dark Forbidder, Sealed Slasher!!� Hikari pointed to the Dark Forbidder on Ren's Field.

�D-Damn....� Ren said to himself.

Ren: 3000 to 2700 Life Points.

�I end my turn!� Hikari yelled.

�Tch... I will end you, my turn!!� Ren drew a card from his Deck.

Hikari Gojyou: 4000 Life Points, Ren Strikesen (now going): 2700 Life Points

Ren then placed a card down and yelled, �I play Sin Soldier in attack mode and use Face of Dark and increase his attack by 1500!!�

Sin Soldier: 1700 Attack to 3200 Attack

�I now activate his Special Ability and gain 500 more Attack points!� Ren yelled. �Attack his Soldier!�

�Mirror Force!� Hikari raised one of his trap cards.

�N-No!!� Ren yelled and continued, �I end my turn...�

Hikari drew a card and said, �Sealed Soldier.... End this Duel!! Attack him directly!!�

�GAHHHH!!!� Ren fell to the ground.

Hikari walked up and grabbed the part he was looking for and said, �I win. You were too careless in your dueling and messed up along the way. You probably should have been able to predict that Mirror Force was one of my face-downs.�

�Go to hell... Hikari Gojyou... I will destroy you, another time!� Ren felt the dirt of the ground and passed out. Hikari just left him there, with no pity for him.

As he walked away, a Dark Shadow came around Ren, and he disappeared from the spot...

Back in the Public Safety Maintenance Bureau Building...

�I got the piece, Reiki!!� Hikari ran into Rex's Office carrying the part he just got from the Satellite Sector.

�Yay! You got it, I knew you would!!� Reiki ran up to Hikari and jumped and gave a huge hug.

�I don't think I should have done that...� Hikari sighed to himself.

�WHAT WAS THAT?!� Reiki screamed.

�WAAAAAHH!!!!!� Hikari dashed out of the Office and down the hallway.

�Get back here, HIKARI!!!!!!!!� Reiki ran down the hallway, chasing after him.

�Those two....� Rex slammed his head on his desk, sighing.

�Come on Hikari!! Come back here and accept your punishment, dammit!!!� Reiki screamed down the hallway.

�N-Never!! Stop it, stop chasing me!!!� Hikari ran down the staircase.

Reiki ran into the staircase room and chased Hikari down the stairs. �WAH?!� Reiki tripped over a stair. Hikari came back up and laughed at her. Reiki immediately jumped up and chased him some more down the stairs.

�S-Seriously!!� Hikari yelled as he ran down the stairs.

�I shall never until you accept your hug!!!!!� Reiki yelled.



The two continued on chasing each other on down the staircase.

Rex could hear them from his office and said to himself, �They are way too freaking loud... They sound like damned maniacs....�

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Road to Top Duelist � Duel 9: Triple Dragons, Old Tale of Fate

Kio was walking around in the parking lot area; on his way upstairs and... He saw a Duel Monsters Card on the ground below him. Kio got down and reached for the card and said to himself, �What the hell...? Flanked Dragon's Wind...? What kind of hell of card is this?!�

His Birthmark lit up and Kio took off his left glove. He stared at it, the bright red shining in his eyes. The Claw Birthmark was glowing very brightly...

�Is this Dragon-?!� Kio stared at the card. He then quickly put his glove back on and dashed for the elevator. �I have go to show the others!�

On the top floor, Reiki was staring at the streets below. The bright and glowing sun of the day's noon shown bright and clear... Then she said, �Sigh... I am so bored...�

She actually thought, I actually... Really... Wanna see Roman-kun... I wonder.... What Rex-kun thinks about this.... About Roman being alive... My Rex-kun...

Rex was in deep... Deep thought. He was turned away from the window for once. He didn't want to see the shining light, it disturbed his thinking. Roman... Brother... What is going on...? What are you trying? Why are you alive...?! Didn't the Zero Reverse Incident kill you? Only me and Reiki lived it... There weren't any other traces of others living. I thought you, my only living family, was dead... Why I tired building Daedalus Bridge... More than just reconnecting the two lands... Reiki had the same goal and mind as me. I wanted to reach you... I thought you were gone... If you really... Really are back... I want to, no, I will.... I promise... I will save you from what has tricked you into the darkness! I want to save you from what is controlling you!!

Reiki glanced back at Rex a little.

Just then, Kio slammed the door open wide.

Kyoya and Hikari, who were just playing cards in the room, looked at Kio; confused.

�What's up?� Reiki asked as she got up off the floor and stretched.

�Look at this card!!� Kio held up Flanked Dragon's Wind. Kio's Birthmark was still glowing as he held it up to the others.

The others in the room looked up at him. Reiki and Rex's Birthmarks lit up as well. The right wing of Rex and the tail of Reiki.

�It's a....!� Hikari had started to say as he looked back at Reiki and Rex. He noticed their Birthmarks glowing through their clothes.

�Is it a Signer Dragon?!� Kyoya yelled.

�It has to be... Otherwise our Birthmarks would not be lighting up...� Rex explained. He had his eyes closed, thinking.

�Summon it...!� Reiki sort of commanded.

�Y-Yea...� Kio closed his eyes and opened his Duel Disk up. He placed the card on a Monster Slot and light shot through the air.

�From the Skies of Brilliant Eternia... Take down those in my way. I Synchro Summon!� Kio opened his eyes up. His bright teal eyes shining, �Now Fly, Flanked Dragon's Wind!!�

The Dragon scattered around the room as it was summoned. Kyoya and Hikari's cards flew around the room; around and around in circles. The Dragon flew and landed right in front of Kio, who quickly closed the Office Door.

�I'll summon Flight Sky Dragon then! Since you really do know that Dragon's Chant...� Reiki took out the card and put it on her Duel Disk after she folded it out. The card's light shine around the room, too.

�I will play Darkenesse Dragon then....� Rex placed his card onto his Duel Disk after Reiki did.

Both Dragons, Darkenesse Dragon and Flight Sky Dragon, let out a screech as they were summoned. Flight Sky Dragon flew behind Reiki like it did last time. Reiki turned around to face the dragon and asked it, �Flight Sky Dragon... What is wrong...?�

Flight Sky Dragon let out another screech and Reiki smiled and said, �It will be okay... They are all safe people. You can trust them. Just like we all trust you... Right?:

�She can speak with Duel Monsters...?!� Kyoya asked Hikari.
�She can speak with Duel Monster Spirits... A very, very rare thing...� Hikari said, and folded his arms together.

Flight Sky Dragon stepped out forward and now stood in front of Reiki. It was standing next to Rex's Darkenesse Dragon. Rex turned to Reiki and said, �I did not know that you could speak with Duel Monsters.�

�I never really acknowledged the ability until now...� Reiki looked at her hand; It was shaking...

�Ngh...� Kyoya fell down to his knees.

�Kyoya! What's wrong?!� Kio sat down on the floor next to him.

�My arm hurts....� Kyoya struggled.

Hikari got down and said, �Which arm is it...?�
�L-Left...� Kyoya closed his eyes.

Reiki and Rex ran over to the other three. Reiki sat down on the floor in front of Kyoya and said, �It can't be... The exposure to the other three Dragons has caused....!�

�A Birthmark Engravement...?!� Rex sat down next to Reiki.

�A-AAAAHHHH!!!!!� Kyoya let out a yell in pain.

�I have never known any Engravement onto the arm to cause any kind of pain...� Reiki said.

�It does... It hurts really bad...� Kio said, pitying himself, as he has felt it.

�Well, we wouldn't know.... I got mine after an accident when we were younger... Maybe because the accident, itself, caused pain to me already...� Rex memorized on the event.

Reiki felt something and just thought about the moment, and only that moment...

-Past years ago... Over Thirty Years Ago...-

There was a flaming building in view... Reiki was inside; the building had been set a flame by someone who was trying to kill Reiki. The man was deranged.... Rex ran into the building yelling, �Reiki!! Where are you?!�

Rex ran up the stairs to the second story and heard a voice, �R... Rex...� Reiki was huddled in a corner; almost passed out from the lack of oxygen because of the smoke.

�Reiki!!� Rex ran directly to Reiki. He was ignoring everything else around him. He even ignored the flames themselves... Rex was not paying attention when there was a crack in the ceiling above him. The wood broke off and came towards Rex.

Reiki looked up, but she couldn't yell...

�Gaahhh!!!� The wood hit Rex on his right arm. Part of the wood... Where there was a nail, had hit Rex! There were suddenly red marks along Rex's right arm, but there was too much blood in the way to make out if they were there or blood. But... Now... There was blood dripping to the floor.

�R-Rex...!!� Reiki tried yelling out. She saw the blood dripping... She was getting even more scared.

Rex ran to her and said, �It's nothing... Now... Come here...!!�

Reiki tried to get up as fast as possible and Rex picked her up. He dashed for the stairs to the first floor, now.

Outside of the building... Roman Goodwin was gazing at the building engulfed in flames. Sparks were flying as he turned to the fireman standing next to him and asked, �Wh-Where are they?!�

�I do not know... But... I pray that they are safe and okay...� The fireman replied to Roman.

�How come you guys can't do anything?!� Roman yelled to the fireman.

�Something is wrong with the water systems. That guy that burned the building knew what he was doing...� The fireman explained.

�D-Dammit.... I'm... I'm just useless...� Roman said to himself. He was about to start crying. Thinking about what would happen if he loss his younger brother and very close friend...

�Let's get out of here!� Rex yelled as he charged down the stars. He now had Reiki on his back.

But, at the entrance, or their exit, the second story was coming down on them.

Both Reiki and Rex freaked out, they were going to die... There was no way in hell that they were going to escape... Part of the building came to where Reiki was. Rex turned around and the piece of wood hit him again. He had been hit by the nail again...

�REX!!!!� Reiki screamed as loud as she could.

�Gaaaaahhh!!!!� Rex let out a yell.

A bunch of blood came from Rex's right arm. It was all dripping to the floor he was standing on. Almost his entire right arm had blood on it.

The rest of the second story was about to come down and there was a Duel Monster Card on the floor near Rex suddenly. The Card lit up and light shot to the floor coming down. Rex was holding Reiki again and the wood stopped from coming down. A Dragon was protecting Rex and Reiki... It was holding the wood up. The Dragon was... Flight... Sky... Dragon.... It moved the wood away and vanished away after one last roar.

�It says... I-It promises... To Protect us....?� Reiki said quietly. Her consciousness was slipping away as she spoke. This was the very first time that Reiki could speak with a Duel Monster Spirit.

�What...?� Rex asked, very confused.

�...Let's... Just... G-Get out... of here...� Reiki passed out as Rex held her on his back.

Rex nodded to himself and ran out of the building... He was charging as fast as he could. He was using up all of his energy. Rex could hardly hold Reiki with only his left arm. His right arm was hurting too much to use.

Roman saw them coming out of the building. He freaked out that they were okay but even more when he saw Rex's right arm. Rex didn't realize that his Birthmark appeared... He was already in too much pain from the nail cutting his arm.

Rex got outside in the middle of the road and fell to the ground. He passed out from all of the pain in his arm and the low amount of oxygen in the building. Reiki was sleeping, passed out, on top of him.

�Rex!! Reiki-chan!!� Roman ran up to the two of them with the same fireman behind him.

He sat down next to them and shouted to the fireman, �Get an ambulance!!�

�Got it!� The fireman called for one and it flew down the street to the spot.

The paramedics loaded Rex into the ambulance. Reiki was injured, she was just sleeping now. She had regained oxygen and wasn't in need of an oxygen mask. Roman now had her in his arms.

A tall man was in the area. He saw Roman and Reiki and walked up ti them and asked slowly, �Where are your parents, young man?�

�Dead...� Roman turned away from the man.
�They're dead!� Roman burst out crying.

�Who here is related, then?� The man got down to Roman's height.

�That boy is my brother....� Roman pointed to Rex, as they were still preparing the ambulance.

�Is that so... Who is this girl?�

�A very close friend....� Roman cried on Reiki, she just rested there, sleeping quietly.

�I see... What is that boy's name?� The man pointed to Rex.
�Rex Goodwin,� Roman answered.
�And you?�
�Roman Goodwin.�
�And her?�
�Reiki Shutuagi.�
�And how old are you all?�
�I'm nine years old. Rex and Reiki are five years old.�
�Amazing strength for being so young...�
�Will my brother be okay?� Roman had to ask...

�I'm sure he will,� The man smiled to Roman.

�R...Roman...� Reiki said slowly as she slowly regained consciousness.

�Reiki...!!� Roman yelled.

�....Rex....Wh...What about.... Rex...kun....?�
�I don't know...�
�R-Rex.... Is hurt...�
�....I know...�
�Can we... g-go see.... him....?� Reiki asked.

�Yea....� Roman turned to the man and asked, kind of scared, �Can you drive us to the hospital?�

�Yes. Get in my car.�
�Thank you...�

At the Hospital, Roman ran to Rex's Room with Reiki in his arms. She was awake and wanted to see her Rex... They got to the Room and Roman opened the door quickly.

Reiki got down from Roman's arms and worked her way to sit down in a chair next to Rex's bed. Roman looked at Rex's right arm, the entire arm was bandaged up. Both Reiki and Roman's Birthmarks lit up through their clothes! Those two had their birthmarks since they were born...

�The birthmarks!!� Roman exclaimed.

�What's... going on....?!� Reiki said. She was still too weak to yell very much.

Rex slowly woke up as another Birthmark appeared... It was in the shape of a left wing, and was showing through the bandages on Rex's right arm.

�R-Rex-kun!! ...Y-You're okay...!!� Reiki screamed as loud as she could. It was still quite faint from her being weak.

�I... t-told you.... That I'd.... Protect you.... A.... Promise... I always... l-live up.... to my.... Promises...!� Rex smiled a little.

Roman smiled as the two of them were together.

-Present Day...-

�The first day... I almost my life... And there were two more after that day....� Rex stared at the floor, thinking about the three days.

�I wonder how many more Dragons and Birthmarks there are...� Hikari stared at the three: Reiki, Rex, and Kio.

�Who knows,� Kio smiled to himself.
�There's always more things to discover!� Kyoya tried cheering everyone up.

�That's right!� Reiki cheered.
�Yea...� Rex lifted his head and nodded.

He turned to the window then and thought to himself...

Roman... Brother.... I promise I will save you.... Save you from your Destiny. Your Fate. I promise that...!! And I always make sure to live up to my promises!!! You hear me, Roman?! I will save you!!

*author's note: I feel like, sorta, spinning off the 5D's story line... XD



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