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This Is Not Entertainment. This Is A Story Of True Friendship, Romance, And A Boy With Supernatural Powers. He Journeys From Pennsylvania To California To Start A New Life After His Brother Has Been Tragically Killed. He Tries To Leave Everything Behind But Eventually Learns That It Won't Be That Easy.

Although The Names Are Weird, They Are All Copyright By This Thread.....

Intro -

As I Look Upon My Brother's Grave, I Now Know That Half Of My Life Use To Be Complete And Now He Took Half Of It With Him. I Look Upon What Remains Of My Older Brother Out Of What Used To Be The Triplets... Now Just The One Child In The Family Left.

My First Brother(Stimpinoid) Died In A Car Accident While Coming Back From Working. He Basically Made All These Videos That Made Millions Of Dollars Off The Internet. His Job Was To Make All These Videos By The End Of The Year.... But Never Finished The World Record.

My Other Brother(Dorkinator) Was A Music Producer Who Spent His Whole Life Editing Music. His Work Was To Fulfill Duties With A Famous Rapper. When He Told Me He Was Going To Auditions, He Told Me It Was Going To Be A Couple Of Hours Or So.... But When I Got A Phone Call From The Hospital, My Heart Shattered Into Pieces That Could Never Be Replaced.

That's Their Story, But My Story Is Different. My Name Is Ortega And Between All That What Has Happened In The Last Accidents, I Never Knew How Depressing It Was To Loose Someone. But When I Encountered The Last Accident, I Was Given A Gift, I Survived All The Accidents That Me Or My Brothers Were IN. But The Last Time.... I Was Given Super Powers. I Don't Know, But Somehow, I Got Them.......

Chapter I: To California

As I Drove To The Airport, I Had My Suitcase In The Trunk, My Backpack In The Back Seat Of The Car, A Pack Of CD's To Enjoy While I Drive And A Lot Of Cash From The Safe. I Don't Think I Had Anything To Worry About. I Hope I Got There Safely, Because If Anyone Knows My Secret, I'm Done For.....

As Soon As I Got There, I Was Getting My Rented Car From The Rental Counter. I Go Up There, Ask For A Jeep And The Next Thing I Know, This Girl Comes Right Next To Where I'm At. She Looks At Me And Notices That I Have This Look. A Look That Can Only Tell If You Just Been Somewhere Good Or Not.

"Excuse Me, Sir?" She Asked. I Didn't Know Whether To Talk To Her Or Not, So, I Did What My Soul Told Me To Do. "May I Help You" I Asked Her, Wondering What I Just Did Was Stupid Or Not. "Do You Have Change For A $10?". I Couldn't Believe It, All She Asked For Was Change For A $10. And I Really Thought I Was The Rude One.

"Umm..... Sure, Hold On A Second" I Told Her As She Waited Patiently And Calm. When I Reached Out My Wallet I Accidentally Dropped It While Reaching It Out. "Oops, My Bad," I Said While Everything Fell Out Of The Wallet(Including My ID). The First Thing She Picked Up Was The ID And While She Looked At It, I Can Tell There Was Going To Be Trouble.

"Wait, I Know You," She Told Me In Surprise.Shit, I Thought To Myself Quietly.This Isn't Good. "You Do?" I Asked In A Strange Kind Of Tone. "Yeah," She Added."You're That Ortega Kid From Pennsylvania. Sorry I Didn't Introduce Myself Yet. My Name Is Becca Johnson And It's Very Nice To Meet You Ortega." I Was Stunned That What She Said Was True About Me. I Thought Nobody Ever Knew Me. I Guess I Was Wrong.

As I Walked Her To Her Car, We Were Chatting About How We Ended Up Here. "And Basically," She Told Me, "My Sister Never Saw Me Again... That's Why I'm Here". I Was Amazed That Her Sister Never Came Back(Not Even Call). We Found Her Car After That And I Told Her That I Have To Hunt Mine Down. "Well," I Said To Her, Wondering If I'd See Her Again. "I Guess This Is Goodbye... For Now." She Laughed For Some Odd Reason Then Asked Me How Old I Was. "I'm 18, But Never Finished High School."

She Looked At Me Like I Was High On Something. I Thought For Sure She Could Have Thought It. Anyways, She Told Me The Same Thing Like I Said About My Age. So, After That, We Went On Our Merry Way. And That's When The Weird Shit Begins.....

Chapter II:
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