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This Is The Continuing Chapter Of 'From Oblivion To Blasphemy'. The Following Content You Are About To Read Is Highly Readable. No One Should Either Copyright, Imitate, Or Follow These Stunts And Languages That Are Put Into This Chapter...

So As I Was Driving To The Apartment, The Craziest Thing Happened. I Ended Up In The Biggest High Speed Pursuit Ever. At First I Was Driving And Ended Up At A Stoplight , The Next, I Became Aware Of The Police Sirens And A Car Racing Out Of The Corner Of The Street. I Couldn't Tell What Was Happening. So I Decided To Mind My Own Business. I Forgot To Mention That When I Left The Airport, I Stopped To Get Breakfast And A Really Hot Coffee.

"Eh, It's None Of My Business..." I Said Trying Not To Pay Attention. Until Finally, Something Broke My Concentration. The Black SUV Passed Me To Turn, But The Police Turned And Hit The Side Of My Car(Which Made The Car Jump A Little), And At That Same Moment, The Coffee Projected From The Cup Holder To My Pants(Tilted Open Side).

I Got So Mad At The Police Because The Cup Was... You Know Where. It Burnt So Badly, I Had To Become A Part Of This. I Got Close To The Police, But When They Both Turned, I Tried To Do The Same, But Somehow(Thank God I Had My Seatbelt On), When I Did, I Felt Like I Flipped The Car And Ended Up In The Front. I Opened My Eyes And They Were Gone. Although They Were Gone, I Could Still Feel That They Were Close. So, I Took A Look In My Review Mirror, And Guess What, They Were Behind Me.

I Was Stunned By The Flip And End Up In The Front Trick And The People Must've Because They Were Laughing Their Heads Off(Including The Police). I Was Amazed On How Stupid That Was Because The People Probably Cleaned The Street With Some Kind Of Liquid Where Cars Would Do That. It Kind Of Puzzled Me At First, But Then I Got The Hang Of It. It Was Like An Unfinished Street About To Be Opened.

After That Whole Accident, I Got To My Apartment(In One Piece) And Went To Bed Cause I Had School In The Morning(Cause It Was Going To Begin). The Next Day Went By Pretty Well, Until Someone Made My Day A Little Turn To The Worse. This Guy Came Up To Me And I Noticed That It Was The Same Guy From The SUV.

"Hey Dude," He Said While He Caught Up To Me. "Sorry About The Other Day. I Hope You Get Better. Tell Me, Is Your Car Damaged?". I Looked At Him In Confusion Like He Just Got Out Of A Health Dept."No, It's Good."I Told Him. We Walked To Class And Talked About Stuff. He Told Me That I Should Stay And Hang With Him And His Friends After School.

I Told Him That I Would Have To Think About It After This Period. But Although I Hung Out With His Crew After School, I Soon Got Better After The Car Accident. Because I Saw An Old Friend That I Haven't Seen Since Forever. After School, Morgan(The Guy From This Morning) Led Me To This Cabin That's About 2 Miles From The School. As Soon As Morgan Walked In, He Said A Name That Puzzled Me At First "Jason!!! We've Got A Visitor" He Said.

The Next Thing I Saw Was A Man With Thin Black Hair, His Body Was Super Tan, And He Always Was Bare Chested. He Stepped Towards Us And There's This Look Upon His Face. His Face Can Tell If He's Seen Someone Before. And As A Matter Of Fact, We've Seen Each Other Before. It Wasn't That Long Until He Noticed Who I Was.

"Well, Well, Well" He Said, "If It Ain't My Good Old Buddy Ortega. How Have You Been Bro? It's Been Forever Since We've Seen Each Other Man". Morgan Looked At Us In Surprise. I Couldn't Believe Jason Still Remembers Me. "Wow Jason, You've Grown Into A Fine.... Man." I Said In Shock. Last Time I Saw Jason, We Were In Pre-K.

This Was The Best Day Ever. I Found Out That My Old Friend Goes Here, I Met A Couple Of New Friends And Becca Saw Me Today. We Chatted A Little And That Was The Offer Of My Day. I Hope Days Like This Never End. But What I Said Just Now, I Soon Regretted The Next Day.