06-10-2010, 09:52 PM
The Next Day Me And Becca Hung Out Together In The Choir Room When Nobody Was There(Or So What I Thought).

"Go On," She Said Handing Me A Guitar, "You Said You're Good, Play Me A Song Right Now." She Laughed As I Tried To Sit Down But Landed On My Ass. "Oh Yeah," I Said Teasingly As I Reached For Her Arm To Pull Her With Me. "Gotcha!". As I Pulled Her Down, She Sat On My Lap Just In Case If She Fell Or Not.

"So, What Would You Like To Hear?" I Asked Her. She Got Close And Whispered A Song I've Learned To Play Since I First Heard It. So I Picked Up My Guitar And Started To Play That Song. And While I Played It, I Decided To Sing To It As Well.

"And Hey, Darling, I Hope You're Good Tonight.
And I Know You Don't Feel Right When I'm Leaving..."

Meanwhile, Morgan Was Walking To His Locker With Some Other Kid. His Hair Was Nappy, And It Looked Like He Hasn't Shaved Yet. "So I Told Her, 'Listen, Finish Blowin Me And We'll Talk About This Later'". The Guy Laughed And Told Morgan "That Was The Best Day Ever, Am I Right?" Morgan Looked At Him And Said "Cammie, You're The Funniest Man Alive," He Told Him Sureness. "And I Mean It, Don't Let Anybody Tell You Anything".

When Cammie Was Going To His Locker, He Heard Something That Made His Ears Ring. Cammie Listened Very Closely And Realized It Was Coming From The Choir Room. Cammie Didn't Like To Sing, But When He Heard Me Singing, He Thought Of A Brilliant Idea. Now Cammie Was A Goo Man. His Lack Of Music Was Very Hardcore. His Hero Even Was Frankie Palmeri.

But Cammie Had An Idea To Start A Band One Day. He Told Morgan About It And Morgan Decided To Do It With Him, But The Only Thing Was That They Couldn't Find A Singer. That Gave Cammie An Idea He Wouldn't Regret. So, He Called Morgan And Told Him About What Was Happening And Believe It Or Not, Morgan Showed Up. He Was Dressed In An Emmure Jacket With A Black Shirt And Gray Pants With Holes In The Knees.

"Look At This..." Cammie Told Morgan. As Morgan Looked, He Laughed At Who Was In There. He Saw Me In The Corner, Becca Playing Piano, And Something Else That Made Him Laugh Even Harder. He Saw Beaker The Muppet In The Room.

"Why would Beaker be there ? I thought he was imaginary..." Asked Cammie. Usually TV shows like The Muppets or Sesame Street were imaginary. But seing Beaker there just stunned them in a weird way.

Anyways, Cammie and Morgan watched in shock as they realized that there was their missing piece. They could've done it before, but they found it now.

When I was done with the song, they came in all amazed and stuff. "Wow," Cammie started. "That was amazing bro!!!". Morgan came and patted my back and asked me a question that left me blank for a couple of seconds. "That was really good. Tell me, do you want to join our band?"

I was amazed that Morgan would ask me when nobody has before. So, I agreed and we left. But before I left, I gave Becca a goodbye hug. And that's when band practice began.